Amita Ka Amit 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 8th March 2013 Written Update

Amit reaches Patel residence to pick up Amita.. A little prank is played on him by her family ..they don a very serious look to give Amit a feel that they are not happy with the outing idea..Amit is fooled by it and later relived to know the family doesnot mind him and Amita meeting or going out together.

Amita tries to tell her friend that she will tell Amit about her diary fiasco before he questions her..Her friends give a big resounding no to the suggestion and ask her to keep mum on the subject.

In the car Amita and Amit start a conversation which is more of a series of miscommunication… As Amit is trying to talk to Amita regarding her weightloss , Amita speaks in an apologetic manner thinking Amit is referring to her diary…

The conversation is cut short

as a phone call comes informing Amita of Kajal’s dad being in the hospital.

Amit and Amita reach the hospital where Kajal’s dad recovering from a mild heart attack asks the duo to get hitched earlier than the 6 month stipulation….Amit being MR. Nice guy obliges and calls up his dad to inform of the sudden turn of events.

We see Amit’s kaka finally making an appearance.He is back from his business trip with gifts for all.
kiritbhai (Amit’s dad) gives his acceptance of an early marriage for his son with Amita which is now destined to happen the next month.

Amit’s mom is very unhappy with the proceedings and makes her displeasure known. Amit’s dad and uncle pacify her stating everyone in the family will pitch to make the wedding preparations smooth.

Amit is also not very happy that he had to oblige with the decision. He remembers the discussion he had with the weightloss centre employee wherein the latter had said that 6 months is a short time to get in shape.

Kajal is caught in a dilemma as to whether she should speak out Amit’s truth or keep quiet.She had approached Amita as soon as she entered the hospital but later maintains silence as the emotional speech of her sick dad is difficult to brush off…

Amita’s dad asks her to see off Amit..This results for an interesting conversation between the two in the parking lot…

Amita understands that Amit wanted o speak about her weight and not the diary she is relieved only to angrily realize that she has been called a fat girl on the face for the first time..The sweet and meek Amita unleashes her fury on Amit. She blasts him for being insensitive and bereft of proper etiquette on how to behave with girls. Amit is caught in a spot he doesnot know how to handle Amit’s anger.. He apologizes adding the grenade touch that others have not told the truth to her face because they will not be spending the rest of their lives with her… Amita is in no mood to rationalize. she leaves the parking lot breathing fire….

Precap- Tina worriedly informs Ria that the diary has gone missing from her custody.
Their secret conversation is interrupted by Phalguni who questions which diary are the taking about .Amita’s diary reaches Amit’s hands.

Update Credit to: sunshine99

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