Punar Vivah 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 26th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
Shiela comes in the kitchen and tells kamla that she felt that she was beside her, last night and taking care of her. kamal says that she would never know what can she do for her daughter’s care. shiela compliments kamla for taking care of everyone, in the family. she smiles and leaves to attend to sarita and the others with a tea, asking shiela to relax, when she offers tp serve everyone herself.

In his room, vikrant is sleeping, while sarita is running her hands through his hair. he wakes up with a start. kamla is outside, and is about to knock when she hears them talking. He says tht he is always fearful, that days pass by and he isnt able to do anything, to get closer to the murderer, and proving her innocent. sariita says that if the thief is super smart, then he shouldnt blame himself for it. he says that he wont be at peace till he gets the actual culprit behind the bars. Kamla hears this and is tensed. she knocks anbd sarita is surprised to see her. Kamla asks about abhi and is told that he is with divya. Kamla asks vikrant not to take otherwise, and says that they are always fearful of being caught, and till date there’s been no evidence, and god forbid if they are caught now, then saving themselves is going to be difficult. she says that after all that they have been through, finally they have happiness, and cant see them ruining it away again. she says that has an idea, and that is to take sarita and abhi away, from even India, and start a new life. He thinks that this is right and even after much efforts, maybe this is the only option. kamla is relieved and leaves them to take their descision. sarita is tensed. Kamla apologises in her mind to sarita, that she did this for shiela, but never knew sarita would be trapped. She says that she never wanted this to happen, as she cant confess this crime, and leave her kids, hence its best that sarita leaves with her family.

vikrant tells everyone, that he is thankful for their support and cooperation, but that its increasingly dangerous for them to ber staying here anymore. He says that he has decided to take sarita and abhi to germany forever. they are surprised. Raj says that due to the case, leaving is going to be an issue, and if she leaves, then she would never be proven innocent. divya says that this means sarita wont be able to return ever. Vikrant says that he knows, but doesnt have any other option. and if they stay here, they would be caught soon, and sarita would be punished for crime that she didnt commit. Vikrant and everyone else are discussing how would they now prove that sarita is innocent, as they have no evidence to catch the murderer. Abhi asks whats an evidence. Vikrant explains it to him. Abhi says that he would give a witness, testifying sarita’s character. Divya tells that court wouldnt beleive him, and would want factual evidence, like a phot and video. kamla comes and asks them not to tax abhi unnecessarily, and have breakfast. Abhi surprises everyone and says that he has an evidence, of the video camera thats installed in his toy car, which recorded everything that night, and due to the surf board attached to it, he took it around all the house, and recorded everything. all are excited hearing this, except kamla who’s tensed. Sarita asks her what happened, as she doesnt look fine. she says that she is feeling tired. Raj asks her to leave to her room, while he sends her tea. She complies. Abhi tells them that he recorded everything that day, to surprise his parents with that video. vikrant is super happy, and asks him where’s that car. abhi says that he doesnt remember where he kept it in the house. They ask him to remember nicely. abhi says that its in his room somewhere. all are tensed. Kamla thinks that if there’s any evidence of the murder, then she would be implicated. She says that she would have to get to that car somehow first, so that she isnt implicated. After kamla leaves, abhi remembers that its under his bed. Vikrant decides to leave rightaway to get that car. Abhi and sarita too tag along. They ask vikrant to take care of not being seen in public.

Scene 2:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
Vandana hears a doorbell and goes on to find kamla, and greets and welcomes her inside. Vansana apologises profusely for her behaviour, saying that she’s already being punished for her work, and that she has ruined her life, and would never be able to face them ever. kamal wonders how would she search for the car, if she keeps sitting here. Kamla says that she forgives vandana for her sins. Vandana asks for shiela’s and rohan;s marriage, if she can get over the past, as they sincerely love each other. kamla is tensed. On being insisted by vandana, kamla says that she would think about it, on one condition. Kamal asks vandana to promise her that she wont ever tell everyone, that she was here, or they talked about this. Vandana readily agrees to this. Kamla is tensed, and vandana asks whats the matter, and goes to get sherbat for her. Kamla asks her to get tea for her instead. vanadan leaves for the kitchen. Kamla takes this time, to snoop around the house, and search for abhi’s toycar in his room. vandana is busy making tea. After much searching, she finally finds it, and manages to hide it in the shopping bag that she had brought with her, and is relieved. vandana returns with the masala tea. Kamla finishes the tea in one go, surprising vandana. Vandana talks about marriage, but kamal says that she would come at leisure. She asks vandana to remember her promise and not tell anyone.

As kamla is about to leave, with a shopping bag, she is shocked to find vikrant and sarita getting down from the car, and coming towards the house. kamal hides behind the door, as they excitedly go into the house. kamal moves out, and leaves. They enter abhi’s room and cant find that car anywhere. sarita wodners if its misplaced in the cleaning. they frantically search around, but in vain. Vikrant is tensed to see sarita distraught at the situation. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Vikrant tells raj’s family, saying that he feels that the murderer is amonjgst them only, and is knwoing all of their plans earlier and leaving no stone unturned to make their journey more difficult. all are tensed while kamla is scared. Meanwhile, the police comes in and tells everyone that nooen would move from their places. all are shocked to see the police.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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