Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Himmat talking to Didi. Didi scolds him and says sit with me. He says why now. She says I want some information from you. He says information? She tells him that I m in a problem. He says what problem. She says can you see a ghost. He says yes. Didi says what, did you really see. Himmat says yes, I saw. Didi asks where. He says in childhood, I went to city lying to everyone and I saw a horror movie there. Didi scolds him for joking with her. Himmat says sorry. He says I don’t believe in ghosts. Didi says even I did not believe it, but I saw her in this house. Himmat asks who. Didi says I m not joking. I saw her ghost, Simran’s. Himmat is shocked.

She tells him how Simran appeared infront of her for the first time. Himmat gets afraid. Didi says the strange thing is only I can see her, jaggi could not see her. Himmat says jaggi is a fool, I don’t believe in ghosts, maybe she is alive. Didi says no, she is not alive, I have…. Himmat says what did you do. Didi stops saying and says I have seen the place where she jumped from the cliff, she can’t be alive. Himmat says we did not get her dead body, there was a river, maybe she got saved, maybe it was her plan and she is fooling her as ghost. Didi blesses him and says you are very clever. She praises Himmat.

Himmat thanks her. Didi says tell me to be sure that Simran is cheating me, she is not a ghost. Didi and Himmat bring Rajveer outside the house. Rajveer feels cold. Himmat says Rajveer is feeling cold. Didi says so I brought him here, so that Simran can come to him. She says Simran will come to save him and you take her photo in your phone, if she is a ghost, she won’t come in the photo, if she nis alive, her photo will come. Didi and Himmat hide looking out for Simran.

Simran comes there. Didi is shocked to see her. Diid sas look she is there. Himmat is shocked to see Simran. He says Bhoott…….. Simran sees Rajveer and cries. Didi says can you see her. Himmat is afraid. Didi says it means you can see her. Simran covers Rajveer with blanket. Didi asks Himmay to take the photo. She takes his phone and shakes Himmat. Simran does not see them. Didi is shocked to see Simran in the camera and laughs saying you were playing with me. Simran’s photo does not come. The phone becomes off. Didi says lets go and catch her before she runs. Himmat says I won’t come, she is a ghost. Simran looks at them.

Simran comes to them and Didi faces her. Simran sas do whatever you want, but you can’t get me. She is you can’t fool a ghost. She says I m a ghost now. Didi says it does not matter to me, I m not afraid of you. She says I will see you, this is my warning to you. Simran talks to Himmat and says I forgot you. She says you tried to kill me when I was alive, I will try to kill you today. Himmat gets scared and runs. Simran laughs. She tells Didi what will you do now. Didi says don’t touch me, else I will not leave now. Simran taunts her and says you used your son to call me.

She says take him inside, else I will kill you. Simran disappears. Himmat bumps into Tau ji. Tau ji asks what happened. Himmat says Simran’s ghost, save me. Tau ji says what are you saying. Himmat says I saw Simran’s ghost. Tau ji thinks he is drunk. Himmat says I have seen Simran. Tau ji says ghosts does not exist. Himmat says I have seen Simran, ask Didi, she will not leave me. He runs. Tau ji says so Didi is doing this. Tau ji gets angry and says she is ruling over us and creating nuisance, now I have to have a grip on her.

Didi talks to her husband’s ashes and asks for his help. She says I can’t understand whether Simran is alive or a ghost. She says jaggi could not see her, but Himmat saw her. She says Simran wants to take Rajveer with her and today she came to save his life. She says I don’t understand anything. She says I will become mad.
Tau ji and Hoshiyar discuss about Himmat’s words about Simran. Tau ji says even now he is saying the same thing. Hoshiyar says I don’t believe it. Chanchal says it really exists. She says when a person’s wish stays incomplete, they become a ghost. She says maybe Simran really became a ghost. Hoshiyar says stop it Chanchal. Didi says you can make her quiet, how will you make Himmat and me silent, we have seen Simran in this house. Tau ji says I was about to call you. He says I wanted to give you a last advice, stop this drama about Simran’s ghost. You are doing this by purpose. Didi says whats the connection between them. Tau ji says you want to divert us.

Didi says are you mad. Tau ji says you have gone mad, that you are leaving him alone and not taking care about him. He gets angry on Didi. Tau ji says tell me what are you doing. He says I m sure that you can’t take care of Rajveer, so I m giving this work to Chanchal. Didi gets angry and says no, you can’t do this, Rajveer is my son. Tau ji says I will do this as I care for him. This is my command. He says try to understand, Rajveer is unwell and he needs good care. He says only Chanchal an take care of him. Didi says no way, you are doing wrong. She says I won’t let you do this, I will take good care of Rajveer.

She says this is happening because of Simran. Tau ji says she is not in this world, what ca she do. Didi says she is in this world, and in this house, I see her daily again and again. Tau ji says fine, prove it to us, then I will believe that you can take care of Rajveer, but this is your last chance. Else Chanchal will take over from you. Didi looks at him angrily. Tau ji and everyone leaves.

Didi catches Simran and ties her to the cupboard. Simran looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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