Punar Vivah 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 1st November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
vikrant comes and congratulates raj and divya, and expresses his pleasure at that. He advises raj to always keep divya happy, and not to ever betray her. Raj says that it feels like a threat. Vikrant says that its a warning. He also tells divya that she’s lucky to have found her love. sarita is confused. divya says that love isnt found by destiny, but by the faith of the couple, and by worshipping the other person. Divya takes sarita aside, saying that she wants to talk to her. She tells sarita that she wont go for honeymoon, until sarita and vikrant go with them. she says no, vehemently. but divya insists, even after sarita asks her not to, thinking that she doesnt want their pasts to be entangled anymore, and she’s satisfied with vikrant. Sarita says that she wont accept this. divya threatens to break off her relation. vikrant hears this, and thinks that divya too know this now, and hence is finishing her friendship with her. He thinks that he was right in doubting sarita.

Shiela is talking to rohan, when kajri takes the phone from her. Kajri slaps shiela, after cancelling the plan. while she smiles, kajri is angry that she trapped rohan. Kajri says that rohan cant leave her, as he loves her. shiela says thats was the past, till they were together, and now that she’s living with vikrant, he has distanced himself from hr, and come close to shiela herself. kajri asks that she is shamelessly having an affair with a married man. Shiela asks who came here asking for his proposal. she says that she couldnt even fulfill the demand of a child, and that she would give it to him. Kajri is about to slap, but sheial holds her hand, and says that tomorrow is karvacauth, and promises that rohan would celebrate it with her, and not with kajri. she challenges kajri and leaves, saying that she would have to pay for the way she played with her life and love. She also tells kajri that tomorrow she would know about the base of her relation. kajri is tensed.

Merriment and dancing are on in full swing, with people of all age groups taking part, including kamla. All are pleasntly shocked to see her dance. All start dancing, and they get vikrant to dance too, while shiela look on. As the next song plays, Vikrant asks for sarita’s hand for a dance, and they dance romantically to the song, Subhan Allah. Divya and raj too participate. as vikrant prsses hard on sarita’s hand, she is confused and embarassed, as he gets intimate and romantic with her in public. While all enjoy, sarita is visibly at discomfort. She is tensed at vikrant’s rude bahviour, while all clap in oblivion.

Meanwhile, shiela is wondering, in her room, that kajri must be highly tensed, and that tomorrow her revenge would be finalised, and she would see shiela’s darker side.

While divya is in the room, raj comes to her and says that after 11 years, they are together, and wishes that they had been with each other earlier. They romantically consummate their marriage, while divya is shy with nervousness and excitement at the same time, her heart thumping with every touch of raj’s, as he begins to undo her jewellery pieces, one by one. He lets her hair loose, all the while being intimate with her, as he makes her lie on the bed, and their love finally reaches its destiny.

Scene 2:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
Kajri expresses her tensions and fears with vandana, about shiela and rohan. Vandan says that shiela hasnt only challenged her but also vandana herself, and that she would do something that she has never done. she is determined to have her revenge.

vikrant comes out of the bathroom, and finds sarita, looking at him tensedly, whilest putting abhi to sleep. He comes and sleeps by abhi’s side. She switches off the lights, and wonders what is responsible for vikrant’s rude bahviour, and deduces that it must be some office problem that he didnt share with her. She hopes that tomorrow he would feel better and share it with her.

The next morning, vikrant is having oily breakfast, which angers sarita. She goes on to tell that this isnt healthy. but he doesnt pay heed. She says that she made such a healthy breakfast for him. But he says that she doesnt need to stress herself for him. She reminds him about his reports.

He says that medical reports dont always give the complete report as they didnt tell what his heart feels. She says that he neither cares for her or abhi. Abhi asks her to let be, as his fatrher is adamant. Abhi asks her to eat, but she denies. He asks if she’s angry at dad. She denies. As abhi tries to feed her at the dining table, his breakfast, she denies saying tht its her Karvachauth Fast today, making sure that vikrant heard it. he is surprised too to hear bout this from sarita. He asks her not to stay hungry for his long life. she says that she would have to do this, as he’s eating an unhealthy food, that would only reduce his life. She leaves. Abhi asks what gift would he give today, just like the oher day. vikrant says that he likes surprises, and that sarita would be surprised and shocked too by today’s gift. abhi is happy while vikrant is burning with vengeance.

vikrant hears a commotion, and runs upstairs to find that kajri is trying to commit suicide. He slaps her and tries to get her to senses. Vandna tells vikrant that she is doing this as she hasnt seen rohan for so many days, and today of all days, when its karvachauth. Vikrant finally gives in and asks kajri and vandana to call rohan, and says that he doesnt have a problem. They are very happy. kajri says that she would never forget this favour of hers, and this is like the best gift, and hopes that this be a memorable karvachauth for him and sarita. he leaves. They close the door, and smile evilly at their plan’s success. Vandana takes the entire credit for that too. Vikrant remembers abhi’s demand for sarita’s gift, and thinks that he’s found the right gift and that gift would be the first step for his revenge. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Vandana asks sarita to dream on, as she wont ever be able get vikrant to herself. Sarita says that she may try all that she wants, but she and vikrant are meant to be together and that tonight they would be together. vandana hears tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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