Pavitra Rishta 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 1st November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shashank coming to Ankita’s home. He asks Mansi about Ankita. Mansi tells him that Ankita didn’t come from office yet. Shashank says he will wait and asks for Prashant,sonu and Pranav. Shashank offers to help her in Maths. Mansi closes the book as it have his photo. Shashank thinks Ankita didn’t come yet. Mansi tells him that Ankita told them that he is good and thinks about them. Shashank asks, did she talked about marriage. Mansi thinks he is talking about their marriage. And says she is ready and have no problem. Shashank tells her that Ankita will talk to them before taking the decision. Mansi feels shyness. Shashank says your decision matters a lot. Shashank says he feels lucky to get marry. He says I can wait as I know she can make everything alright. Mansi asks, do you have any problem, Shashank replies that he is ready to get marry even now. He says he is scared as Ankita might think he is taking the plunge very fast. Mansi says Ankita will handle everything. Shashank asks, if you will be happy if we get married. Mansi says yes.

Manav gives the documents and tickets to Purvi and asks her to take care. Purvi says she will. Manav wishes her luck. While Pari is still angry with Purvi, Purvi asks her whether she will not say bye to her. Pari asks her to promise that she won’t go back to that Man Arjun’s life. And will come back soon. Purvi says she is going for office and will come back. She says I have to accept your decision with or without my wish as I am responsible for the differences between you both. Pari says if he wanted he could have rectify his mistakes but he didn’t. He could have call us once if he truly loves us in these years. She says may be his second wife didn’t give him permission to call us. She says that man can’t do anything and she don’t want him to come back in their life. Purvi says he won’t come back. Purvi hugs her and gets tears in her eyes. Archana asks her to call her after getting the info and says she and Manav will come there. She asks her to listen to her heart and do that only. She asks her to meet Arjun and also tells him that Pari hates her. She asks her to give love to Ovi’s daughter Pia and says she isn’t at any fault. Purvi bids them bye.

Arjun wakes up and feels restless. Servant comes and asks what happened? are you fine? Arjun asks her whether the morning dreams comes true. He tells her that he saw a good dream and thinks that life came back to him. He says she was very beautiful and wore blue saree. Servant asks, who was she? Arjun says Purvi. She was coming towards me. He laughs and rests on her lap. He thinks his dreams will not come true. Meanwhile Purvi is seen coming out of the deshmukh house to go to India.

Shashank is talking with Ankita and says kids are with him and he will buy the things. Shashank asks Pranav and Sonu to buy crackers. Mansi says it is not good for kids. Shashank says I am there naa, I will accompany them while lightening the crackers and asks the kids to get it as much as they wants. Shashank gets the crackers for the kids. They gets happy. Shashank tells Mansi that he wants the kids to think that he is close to them and wants them to share their feelings with him. He says he will be happy.

While Mansi turns to go, she gets hit by the auto. She falls on the road, Shashank asks him to get up but she fails. Shashank asks Pranav and Sonu to get the doctor. He takes Mansi in his arms and proceed towards home. Mansi feels closeness and looks at him. Gaurav tells Pari that he will be going to US with her. And says he will enjoy the party life there. Pari says she is going for work and to earn money. Gaurav asks, from where the money comes? Pari says that money is their grand father and it doesn’t mean that we should waste the money. Gaurav says he is the official grandson of the home and you and your aayi are not part of the house, she is adopted. Pari says how dare you? Teju comes and says he is right and says it is truth. Your ayi Purvi is not the real daughter and tells Gaurav that your dad Sachin is not the real son. Neena asks, what she is saying? Teju says she is saying the truth and they are not related by the blood. She says property will be equally divided among them. She says there is no difference between Gaurav and Pari for her and says Pari knows the importance of the hard earned money of her grand father and Gaurav didn’t know. Manav hears this and gets tensed.

Shashank comes home holding Mansi in his hands. Mansi says it was her mistake that she got hit by the auto. Shashank says it is Auto driver’s mistake. He says I will put the bandage and asks Sonu and Pranav to go out and fire crackers. While he is doing the bandage, Mansi smiles. Prashant comes and asks what had happened? Mansi says it is a small wound. Shashank asks her to rest. Mansi thanks God for the good and caring life partner.

Manav brings chocolate for Pari. Pari says she is upset. Manav asks her to eat chocolate to uplift the mood. She says she is upset with Aayi. And says she knows that man lives in India and she didn’t want her to meet him. Manav takes Pari’s side and speaks in her favour. She says what is the need to do the business with him. Manav says he is upset with her too and he will talk to her after she returns. Pari is surprised to see that her grand father is speaking against her Aayi. Pari didn’t like it. Manav says whether she loves her mom or she hates her Dad. He asks her to think about it and says it happens sometimes. He says childrens forgets their parents sacrifices and hurt them. He says you told her much as she took the decision without your wish. Manav asks her to be loving. Pari agrees and hugs him. She says she hates that man and it is impossible to take out the hatred towards him. Manav asks her to eat the chocolate.

Arjun sees a glimpse of Purvi in the hotel as she is walking. Arjun is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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