Psycho (Episode 3)

“Sanskar beta, where is that lazy head?” Sumi, arranging the dishes on the table.

“He’ll be here in some time aunty. Well, what’s there in the breakfast, I’m feeling hungry.” Sanskar, trailing towards the dining area.

“Ur favorite aaloo paratha.” She, with a pleasant smile.

“Wow! aaloo paratha! See aunty, I think my stomach has created some more space hearing u, it started to grumble for having those delicious parathas, quickly.” Sanskar, childishly.

“OK…ok…first go n wash ur hands.” Sumi.

“”I think its alright.” Sanskar, lazily while showing his hands to her.

“I’m telling u its not ok. Just go n wash ur hands.” Sumi, pushing him towards the kitchen.

He was busied in washing his hands when his whole attention dragged fully just only by a word,


That was Sumi’s voice. N all of a sudden, his muscles hurried in his work n he ran out of there just to have a glimpse of her, his daily doze.

“Today also u went out early in the morning, right?” Sumi, bit strictly.

He saw her near the main door, bowing her head down, like a little kid. His eyes just glued on her dear posture, just like that.

“Head up, I’m asking u something. Speak up, I want an explanation.” Sumi, sternly.

She lift up her head with a sorry look n a cute pout. Her mischievous-big-bright eyes, perfectly numbing his senses n pulling him deep inside there, to lost in her cuteness n liveliness.


“Whats happening here guys?”

There comes her saviour, her big brother interrupting in the middle of the scolding session.

“Finally, lazy monk is here. Like brother, like sister. Both r same, annoying.” Sumi, irritated.

“Mom, I think u need to look back at ur regular guest also.” Swaroop, diverting his mother.

“Oh! so sorry Sanskar. Sit, I’ll serve u.” She, mildly n turning back to the devils, “U two just go n wash ur hands before sitting here.”

“Bhai, thanks for saving ur princess.” Swara, boastfully in a low tone.

“Mention not princess, now come fast or else that hungry beast will end up eating all our breakfast.” He, pulling her with him.

“I don’t understand, y mom always treats him with an extra care?” She, in a complaining tone.

“I think someone is jealous here.” He, in a teasing tone.

“Off course, I’m jealous. I’m the little one of the family n I’ve to be treated with an extra care but that so called friend of urs is stealing my part of love n cares, n I hate that.” She, genuinely with a pout.

“No one can do that. Now come out to the reality n wash ur hands.” He, lightly tapping on her head.

They came back n sat on their place.

“Momma, I want that fruit salad.” Swara, in a kiddish way.

“Sanskar, u want to try it?” Sumi, while passing the salad bowl towards Swara.

“Y not aunty.” Sanskar, with a gentle smile.

“Shona, serve him too.” Sumi.

‘What? Me? Swara Sen, the little one of the family, the princess of the family is going to serve this unusual, annoying competitor of mine? No way.’

“Didn’t u heard me? Serve him also.” Sumi, sharply.

She serve him on the other plate fuming inside n he just enjoyed her antics, amused.

She entered inside the club through a tunnel like narrow corridor filled with no. of hippies like her, lost in their world of peace after taking their regular doses. Her determined steps approached forward towards her regular chamber. Yeah, she has a separate chamber here, only for her, thanks to her so called father, owner of the known rich n lavish clubs n hotels in many hi-tech cities, Sekhar Rai. Its not like he wants her to be like this or he pampers her too much but it’s because he doesn’t want anyone to know about her being an addict which can affect his n his other daughter, Raima’s, image. Raima, her step sister, younger to her but they love n can go to any length for each other.

She light on her marijuana n smoke a round quickly. A cloudy circle of smoke came out of her mouth n her tensed muscles began to release, slowly. She trailed towards the table there, there was something on it. Its her boarding pass for Delhi, which is day after tomorrow for joining a rehab, on the request of her dear sis. She agreed for this as it was her birthday wish n she never said no to her dear sister. As the toxic smokes entered inside her n began have an affect on her senses, her mind come up with an observations about the characters she will be going to meet in Delhi.

“Delhi. Sanky, my dea buddy, my partner in crime, his sister Salina, a jealous kitten, their parents Rp uncle n Sujata aunty, an ideal couple with lots of boring stories of their lovey-dovey days, Swaroop, complete mad n his sister, what’s her name Swarna…Sara…whatever, an investigation officer n their mother, Mother India with a lot of advices for everyone. That means a hard time to control the thirst for u…my love.” She looking at her marijuana, “But, as I’ve promised my dea sissy, I’ll not touch u after this. Goodbye.” She, sucking on it strongly n filling her lungs fully, reaching to the world of peace, she always needed.

“Anna! Anna!”

He heard his younger brother’s voice nearing his direction n in the next moment, his brother barged inside n a mind numbing light spread all around the darkness shadowing around there. His senses took a little time to adjust himself in the light.

“Anna! be pack ur stuffs, u r flying for Delhi.” Jerry, Jagdish Reddy, his younger brother, exclaimed with a dull face.

“Let me get out of it. I’m not going anywhere.” Laksh, carelessly.

“N y so? I’ve discussed about ur visit there with ur appa n I’ve already informed about ur arrival to Sumi, now u have to go there.” Annapurna, his mother entering inside the room.

“Amma, u know that I don’t like to mingle with the other persons, please give me a break. If u can’t do anything then send Jerry there, they won’t mind n I’m also fine with it.” He, irritated.

“We understand, u don’t want to join ur appa’s business but at least be a normal being. Come out in the light. I just wish now that if I wouldn’t have sent u to Darjeeling for ur College studies. U r not in ur self after completing ur graduation n coming back from there. I know u r hiding something from me but I’m ur mother n want to see my sons always happy. Please, try to be back, like before. Try to move on n lessen my fears. Please go to ur pinni’s place, I don’t know y, I’ve a hope that u’ll come back to ur actual self that I want back.” Ap, emotionally.

His mind just buzzed up with all n there is nothing left for him to escape his amma’s emotional barrier n at last he end up giving in, to her wish.

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  1. This was a amazing chap. You so cutely described swasan Tom and Jerry part. Nd l couldn’t imagine Ragini as a drug addict bt glad that she is leaving it. Nd last part which we all are-patient of emotional attyachar

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