Ishq Unplugged 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antara sees Sunny near Abhilasha’s seat and says she needs to talk to her. Sunny says she does not want to talk to her and cometition will start in some time. Antara says they should sort out their difference and should become friends. Sunny says there is no need for that. Antara walks and paper flies from Abilasha’s desk and falls in front of her. Sunny rushes to pick her and clashes with Button. Button’s papers fall down. Sunny picks paper and keeps it back on Abhilasha’s desk. She then helps Button and walks out.

Contest starts. Shaan thinks Sunny must have done something. Sunny asks Abhilasha to tell score so that she can perform accordingly. Dabboo says this is not allowed. Abhilasha says they should allow and says scores, Babli 5, Sunny 6, Antara 0. Sunny looks nervous even then. Abhilasha says Antara should worry as she is in danger zone and not Sunny. Dabboo asks them to get ready for competition. Sunny starts alleging Antara that she is a cheater, she is trying get Mandy as her partner by hook or crook. Antara says she is wrong. Mandy says same. Sunny continues and Mandy confronts her. Argument starts and Mandy says he and Antara were joking and Sunny heard them half. Dabboo says he believes Antara and Mandy. Abhilasha says to spice up competion, she will make Mandy and Antara partners. Shaan says Antara is her partner already and he does not want to lose her. Abhilasha says let Sunny and Antara fight and whoever wins will be Mandy’s partner. Antara accepts challenge.

Mandy touches Sunny’s shoulder. She thinks it is Antara and says she knows she tricked by printing papers. He shows papers. She turns and asks how did he find it. He says he saw her checking dustbin and reminisces how he found ticket on Abhilasha’s desk and picked it. He says he cannot belive she also tricked like Shaan. She shouts Antara wants to become his partner. He says she heard their conversation halfway and played this game, Antara is honest and will never do wrong, he does not need her or Antara as partner. Sunny thinks Mandy is best and she will not lose him.

Shaan comes to Antara’s green room and asks how can she ditch him for Mandy, he will complain Charu. She says he can do whatever he likes, she has better things to do than this. Button records them.

Competition restarts. Abhlasha gives 0 marks to Monalisa and disqualifies her. She says Babli is safe. Sunny starts her drama again.

Precap: Antara feels shy wearing white constume. Sunny dorns his jaket on her. Judge asks Button why he gave white constume to Antara. He says he did not. Antara says she is already humiliated and it does not matter.

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