PS I Hate You 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

kabir tells that he didnt wished goodnight..why he came,,,Dr sood calls Simple..Simple comes..Simple tells what happened..Dr sood tells that Dimple didnt came till now..Simple tells to chill as no signal would be there on do if she sit here then kabeer would go..what to do,,kabir peeps from upstairs Simple tells to go..Dr sood tell he will go and check on highway..DR sood tells Simpe to come along with him..Simple goes upstairs tells that Everytime Because of Dimple she is trapped,,Dr sood goes near gate and sees Dimple coming..Dr Sood asks where was she…Dimple tells to relax as everthing is fine..Dimple tells suddenly her stopped at highway and network was not there…Dimple sees she was with Ayaan…DR sood asks who is Ayaan,,Dimple tells her friend…DR Sood tells Dimple to go and meet Simple as she was tensed…
Dimple comes in the room and shocked to see Kabir and Simple.Kissing..dimple shouts both of them.Dimple asks what all this????.Simple tells kabir to go..kabir goes Dimple asks simple what the hell was going onn??..Simple tells Dimple to mind her own buisness..she will do whatever she want…Dimple tells that kabir was Aisha’s boyfriend…and he use girls..Simple tels to shut up and tells that kabir is far better than Vampire Ayaan..Dimple tells not to judge Ayaan..Dimple tells to stay in limits as she will tells all to Dr sood..Simple tells to do whatever she want,,
Next day Simple asks Dr Sood where is Dimple…Dr Sood tells that Dimple went early to college..Dr sood asks who is Ayaan…Simple tells that Ayaan is goon of college…everyone is scared from him and tells that all illegal things he will do..he is called Vampire of college..Simple tells that Dimple is trapped..Dr Sood tells that he have to find out about Ayaan..
Dimple practises hockey…Ayaan comes and tells to cool down…Dimple and Ayaan goes on long drive….While Kabir arranges a date for simple both smiles..Song goes on background “Jaane kyun”..Dimple goes to Ayaan”s house..Ayaan”s mother eats food..Ayaan..Dimple..laughs..three of them are happy…Ayaan and Dimple goes on bike ride while Aisha sees…In college Aisha stops Ayaan and asks what is going on???Ayaan asks what happened,,,Aisha tells Ayaan that he is in love with Dimple Sood..Ayaan tells its all non sense,,Aisha tells that she gave him money to destroy Dimple”s life..Aisha tells if in one week Ayaan not finish work the consequences will no be good..
Miss Nadia tells Simple that kitchen assignment came..Simple tells that she will not to she wanted to do only glamourous assignment..Simple tells to asks her before taking any assignment..As she is “Simple.sood”…Miss nadia tells not to show attitude at this starting point of career..As fame raised her high will destroy also within few days..Simple tells she is not “Aisha”…she is “Simple sood”…Simple tells she will asks kabir and decide..Simple goes …Dimple calls Ayaan but he doest pickup…Ayaan sitting on his jeeb tells that Dimple is just his focus not more than that…
Dimple goes to Ayaan”s house and shocked to see Ayaan’s house open…Dimple goes in the house but doesnt find anyone..Dimple search Ayaan’s mother…Dimple is stuck in the traffic jam..and gets shocked to see Ayaan’s mother in the middle of the road…As Dimple rush to save her..One auto bangs Ayaan”‘s mother amd she.falls…Dimple is worried…goes and picks up…Ayaan’s mother head is injured and bleeding..Dimple calls Ayaan but he does”nt pick up…Dimple gets tensed calls Dr Sood and tells all…He tells not to worry as will come in a minute…Ayaan comes and Search his mother but doesnt find…Dr Sood reaches the spot and does all the dressing of Ayaan’s mother..tells that it wil take time reach hospital..they will go home…
Ayaan calls Dimple..Dimple tells she called many time..Dimple tells her mother accident happened..Ayaan gets worried and cries.. Dimple tells to relax..Ayaan tells to Dimple’s house..and asks how is she….She tells that she was Searching Ayaan..thats why came out of house..Ayaan says sorry..Ayaan hugs Dimple and tells thankyou..
At canteen kabir tells Simple to make a portfolio..Simple telld really..kabir says yes…Simple asks kabir should she do the assinhment of kitchen appliances..kabir says no way as it will not look good….Simple gets a call and tells Kabir she will be back…kabir gets a call where kabir tells he will do assignment..simple gets shocked to listen..

precap:Precap::Dimple tells Ayaan now he have to take extra care of his mother..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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