Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini telling LD about video uploaded on internet. LD says what are you saying, I swear I have not done this. Suhasini cries and says she can’t imagine he can do this to show down her daughter, he has fallen so low. LD looks for his phone, and takes from Mukul. He sees the video on internet and is shocked. Chameli goes to Jayshree’s room and closes the door. Jayshree asks her to call Shambu. Chameli says if Babu ji sees this, it will be problem. Jayshree asks does she not miss Shambu. Chameli smiles and says yes. Jayshree says you can come to me when you miss him, I understand your love, this will be secret between us. Chameli calls Shambu and says ring is going. Jayshree puts on speaker and says it has problem.

Shambu takes the call and says he will call her later. He keeps the phone as LD holds Mukul’s collar. He asks LD to leave him. LD shouts and says you don’t know what you all did. Nisha scolds him and says they are not innocent, else they would have deleted it. LD asks Mukul to delete the video. They say LD really did not know. LD says sorry aunty. Suhasini says I don’t want to hear anything, delete video now, else you don’t know what I can do. Jayshree and Chameli hear their arguments. Suhasini says don’t think marriage is a game. Jayshree tries to hear. Suhasini asks is this his upbringing, did their parents teach you this. LD cries and says don’t tell anything to my parents, you can tell me. She says she will not leave him and leaves.

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Jayshree thinks maybe the fight is in between neighbors, call Shambu, we will know everything and then we will tell everyone. She sends Chameli, and thinks. Its night, LD talks to Mukul and asks is the video deleted. He ends the call. Rab ne kaisa khel rachaya…………plays…………..Radha cries in her room. Rupa comes to her and smiles making her eat biscuits. Radha gets many messages. Rupa keeps her phone away and asks her to smile. Radha’s dad wakes up and sees her sleeping at bed side. Radha wakes up and asks why did he wake up soon, doctor asked him to rest. Suhasini asks is he fine. He says he is fine, and holds Radha’s hand. Radha says I don’t know what to say.

He says no need to give any explanation. He says whatever world says, he trusts her and Suhasini completely. He says what happened, it was not her mistake. He kisses her forehead and says he knows she will have to face some problems, and she has courage. They say they love each other and have a group hug. Radha asks him to rest. LD prepares to meet them, and apologizes and rehearses. He comes to her, and she shuts the door on his face crying.

Radha tells Renuka about LD. Nisha says he is very cute. Radha says my life ruined by his one mistake, everyone is talking about her in society, she was sure they will not taunt her in college, but she was wrong. Renuka asks why, what happened in college. Radha goes in FB. Radha comes to college and people talk about her. Few guys tease Radha. LD says he has guts to admit his mistake, he will not lie anymore. The guys ask Radha when is she uploading the next video, and who is going for honeymoon with LD. Radha asks the girl to go with LD. Few girls support Radha. The guy says he wants to know what happened after marriage and laughs. He says you are looking very cute in video, I m there for you always. Radha says do you have a sister at home, give her number.

LD comes there and moves Radha back. The guy says see your husband has come to save you. LD starts beating the goons. The guy says you had fun with Radha and now being good. LD scolds him and beats him. He says this fight scene will go in internet now. The goons hold LD and beat him. Radha is stunned. LD fights alone. LD’s friends come and stop him from fighting. Radha says LD stop it and comes in between. The guy says he will not leave LD and Radha. LD scolds him saying dare to see her, I will make you blind. She gives him water. The principal comes and scolds them. She asks them to go to their classes. She asks Radha and LD to come to her office, as her mum has come to discuss a matter.

Suhasini asks principal to suspend LD. The principal says he did a big mistake, and rusticates LD.

Update Credit to: Amena

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