PS I Hate You 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dimple tells Simple not to be worried..Door bell rings..Simple goes..Simple open the door and sees Lara and Mounika..Mounika asks SImple why she didnt came to college…Simple tells she dont have a good dress to wear that why why…Mounika goes in Dimple’s Room…Mounika tells that both sisters have same habit of acting…Mounika tells that Dimple cannot being Single is fun..Dimple tells she is not upset of guy…Simple tells she have today bridal photo shoot but she will not go..Mounika tells they have to go..Mounika tells that Dimple is also coming..
Mounika…LAra…Dimple and SImple wear’s bridal’s dress…Mounika tells to walk..Simple tells noo…Lara tells future practise…simple tells she will not do marriage as first she was betrayed…Mounika tells she like things..jwellary and relationship….Dr sood calls and tells Dimple that he is going for surgery..Mounika tells they will do party..Dimple tells what???Mounika tells not to worry as she will arrange..
At night Mounika brings..juices..and all,,As party starty,,,Mounika tells “GAANA WAANA and HUNGAMA”…..Lara mix Vodka in Dimple’s drink..Dimple gets drunk..Mounika,,Lara and Simple dances..Dimple gets tired and sits….Mounika asks Dimple that she loves Ayaan,,,Dimple tells Ayaan is a he didnt drink blood…but destroy people’s emotions…Dimple tells Simple that they will never fight and will be together for ever..As Door bell rings..LAra tells their Surprsie came..Lara pens the door..A man comes…Lara tells that if they see his dance they will forget Kabir and Lara….
The boy takes coat…Mounika and Lara dance with the boy…Ayaan calls Dimple..Dimple picks the but didnt answer..Mounika pulls Dimple…Dimple..Simple,,Lara..dances..Ayaan listens and tells that Dimple cannot move on…He have to do something…DImple is Drunk tries to kiss the boy..But realises and pushes him out of house..The boy goes..DImple tells She have wasted her time because of Ayaan..Simple tells she too wasted many time in making Sushie’s for Kabir..atleast Pummy maasi will be happy..

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Ayaan hides and goes into Principal’s house..Search the papers in her Room,,Principal comes and gets shocked too see him…Simple brings Makeup..Lara and Mounika apply makeup to Dimple…Door bell rings..Simple tells that Dr Sood comes..Everyone gets shocked,,Mounika,,Lara Hides everthing…Mounika and Lara takes Dimple into the room…
Dr Sood tells that his Surgery is cancelled..Mounika and lara goes..Simple tells she will come in a minute..Dimple comes and meets Dr Sood..Dr Sood asks Dimple is she good..Dr Sood takes DImple in her Room..Dimple lies on bed and tells that Ayaan is bad..He play with emotions..Dimple tell to beat Ayaan…Dr Sood tells to give a chance to Ayaan..Dimple tells that Ayaan does’nt deserve,,Dr Sood tells but Dimple deserves to be happy..and for that she have to talk to Ayaan…Dimple tells okey she will call Ayaan…Dr Sood tells to sleep and talk Tommorrow..Dimple agrees..
Dimple..Dr Sood and Simple eat breakfast,,Dr Sood asks is she rembered anything about last night?DImple tells no..
she only wanted to talk Ayaan…Dimple goes to Ayaan’s house and gets shocked to see lock at his house…Dimple asks a neighbour where is Ayaan..He tells that Ayaan was putting luggage on truck may be they left..Dimple gets shocked..

Precap:Dimple calls Ayaan..Ayaan gets shocked seeing Dimple’s phone

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Thanks fr d update!
    It was d 2nd last epi!i miss this show

  2. Guyz read the updates of friends condition apply..a intresting show

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