Sadda Haq 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyali hears yoyo’s pal laughing and talking. Priyali goes to them and says where is mechanical lab? He holds her by shoulder and says its very simple come with me. Randhir comes and says nikil what were you doing. He says pa ji I was telling her way. Randhir says respect the college at least. He says sorry pa ji I wont do that again. sanyu says what are you doing? He says they were misbehaving with priyali. Sanyu asks priyali are you okay? She says they misbehaved with me when I asked for the lab. Randhir says and you kept quite this is why I said that girls shouldn’t join engineering. Sanyu says what wrong with you. Randhir says stop giving me philosophical lectures. I cant stand all this misbehavior. Sanyu says are you everyone guard? He says are you mother Teresa? Priyali says please stop fighting I am okay. They are not listening to her. SHe starts crying. sanyu says why are you crying? SHe says you are not listening to me. She says I use this trick when someone doesn’t listen to me. She smiles, randhir says what? sanyu says good trick I will use it when randhir doesn’t listen to me. Randhir says your scolding is enough. Randhir says oh please.

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Varun is not picking vidushi’s calls. He calls her back and says I was about to call you. I got stuck. I feel like someone came in my room. vidushi says are you okay? He says I am fine but nothing us stolen. I felt like he was looking for something. vidushi says thank God you are fine. He says I have a meeting. He hangs up. Varun gets a call from baby and says yeah coming baby. Vidushi asks sanyu have you seen parth? She says randhir told me he was out for something. vidushi says in heart this means it was him. sanyu syas why are you asking? Will you need him orientation? Vidushi says I am not interested in that stupid program with those stupid first years. Especially that zoo animal who came in my room. Sanyu says we can’t stop enjoying because of him.

Randhir is getting ready. Rajveer says protein powder only gives you body not strength. Milk and butter gives you the real power. You look so dashing. My mentor will be there too. He dressing sense should change as well. she should wear skirts and jeans. randhir throttles him and says you are still her because sanyu doesn’t want me to kill you but if you say her name I will forget everything and kill you. Randhir wears his shirt and goes out. Rajveer says I will have the chance to ruin your and sanyu’s life.

Scene 2
The party starts. Everyone is enjoying the music. Randhir sees sanyu she is wearing red/ Sahil put on some great moves on floor. Sanyu says you scolded at priyali she is scared. Complement her at least to make her feel better. Randhir says what will I say to her? Randhir goes to priyali and says you look good and don’t drink alcohol if someone offers you. Nikil and his pal are drinking. sahil comes and drinks from their glass. sanyu says priyali you don’t have to be scared of him. I he scolds at you tell me I will pull his ears. Radnhir says what are you doing? Nikil stops a guy and says go and propose vidushi. He says she is my mentor how can I do this. Vidushi wonders why should in text parth he will come when he wants. randhir goes ot bring drinks. Rajveer comes to sanyu and priyali and says wow I never knew priyali can look s good. He says I was saying when will orientation program start so we can learn from you. Randhir comes there. SAnyu asks randhir to calm down. Rajveer and his pal are drinking. Vidushi says such a boring party. The junior comes to vidushi and says can I propose you ma’am? Vidushi says how dare you I will slap you so hard and leaves. PKC comes and says I welcome all the newcomers in FITE. I can assure you that your journey with FITE will be so good. Along with making future you will have so much here. He asks the junior why are you crying? did someone bully you? Nikil says no no he is just missing home. PKC says manish you will feel like a family here. PKC says seniors you have to welcome them all. He leaves.

Nikil says to sanyu we were just training manish. sanyu says I will do something and lets see how will I make him confident. sanyu goes to manish and says how are you? I am sanyu. He says I know you. Rajveer goes to them and shoves sanyu a little. The juice is all on manish. He says you came here to do this? SAnyu says I didn’t do this. He leaves. Randhir syas don’t stop him, he will handle this I will talk to him in hostel. Rajveer and panday go to manish who is washing. They throw a sheet on him and start hitting him. rAjveer says in randhir’s voice. How dare you to shout at my gf. Go and apologize to her. He is crying. Rajveer hides.

Precap-Anju says to randhir I wanns meet you in the café near college. sanyu asks randhir what did maa say in her call? randhir says she didn’t call me. Sanyu says stop lying to me. andhir is preparing to meet anju. A waiter drops some drink on his shirt. randhir grasps his collar anju comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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