PS I Hate You 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

PS I Hate You 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simple goes and tries to open the door..but thinks and tells that it is bad manner’s…Aisha hides..Simple comes in and tells kabir that she thought some kabir was with some girl..Kabir tells nothing..Aisha peeps through washroom door…Aisha forgot her phone..Kabir acts and hides the phone..kabir tells Simple that her dad would be worried…Simple says no..Kabir tells to think..Simple thinks and tells yes..Simple and kabir goes…Aisha comes out…Ayaan calls Dimple asks how is Simple…Dimple tells Simple didnt came till now and she is worried..Ayaan tells dimple that Simple cannot stay Away from family long time…Ayaan tells Dimple to takecare..kabir drops Simple..Dr sood sees…Dr sood scolds kabir tells that he is the one..because of him Simple ran from house..Simple tells no..Simple tells that kabir only bring back her to house..Kabir tells its misunderstanding..Dr sold tells Simple is his responsibility..and he will take care of her…kabir goes..Dr Sood tells Simple to meet Dimple as she was worried and searched whole night.Simple ignores Dimple and goes in the house…Dimple sees kabir tells that he will beat kabir tommorrow in college..
Next at campus…Dimple and mounika are waiting,,Dimple tells its 4:00 pm and they have time of 3 pm to girls,,NO One came…Slowly slowly all girls comes..Some girls started doing manicure..Dimple sees and tells that they have to play hockey..not to walk ramp..Dimple tells all the girls that they have to run and play…One girl comes and tells that they are ready to learn hockey..DImple starts…
Dimple teaches the girl four moves of hockey..The first move drive..Megha tries to do a goal but throws the stick..Koel tries to goal..but Ayaan catches the ball..Ayaan tells that catch is good in cricket not in hockey..Ayaan tells Dimple first to teach basics like how to to play..Dimple tells yes…but alone not possible..Ayaan tells he will help Dimple..Dimple tells thankyou..
Simple goes with kabir..All students comment on Simple saying that she can do anything for money..Ayaan teaches all the to goal..He make two teams…Team A and Team B..Ayaan tells how to goal..Ayaan tells all the girls to goal like..Their’s ex boyfriend dumped..and she want to insult him publicly…

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Ayaan tells the girl to be ready..Girls says okey…Girls plays hockey…Ayaan teaches…Dimple Sees ayaan. the girl plays and makes goal..Dimple sees and gets happy.. .Dimple tells that she thought Ayaan is boring..but he is excellant..
Simple cries…kabir comes and tells Simple to stop crying…Kabir tells that students are jeoulos of her…Simple hugs kabir and tells ‘I love u” to kabir…Simple tells kabir that he is her world…Aisha sees from up and feels jeoulous…Ayaan teaches how to.plan and make goal….Dimple tells now enough..tmmrw they will practise..Dimple tells that they will go at Ayaan’s home..Ayaan asks why..Dimple says that it has been many days she didnt meet Aunty..Dimple and AYaan goes..Ayaan and Dimple search Ayaan’s mother…but could not find..Dimple opens the door and gets shocked to see..

precap:Precap::Dimple gets shocked Ayaan paying money.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  3. Wow…awesome epsiode I Think kabir and Aisha are trapping Simple

  4. Little confused Kabir is good or bad??? Simple is dumb..stupid,,,bad compared to dimple

  5. Thankyou soo much fr d update!
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