Sinhasan Battisi 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,gautami is seen crying and praying to god idol to save her from here the dasi then arrives and tells her tat crying in front of the idol will not save her and it will be better if she gets ready with these dresses and ornaments and do as raja sudarshan says but gautami in anger pushes the plates away and says tat she will not wear it and her godess will help her the dasi then tells tat even she was brought here in the same way but gautami says tat she will be saved and she will not suffer like u all
Raja bhoj is seen finding the wway to bang desh and suddenly hears some people coming towards him to hit he gets ready to reply back but then they turn into a wind cyclone and take raja bhoj to bang desh and they ask him y is he here and he is in bang desh now and one can come to this desh only wen is allowed to and no one can leave just like tat raja bhoj then sees around and thinks tat definitely devi gautami must be here and he will find her
Gautami is crying and asking her godess to pls save her while dasi arrives and says tat it is not possible tat u will be saved u have to do as raja sudarshan says while gautami says tat she is a pure woman and will do anything save her life from sudarshan while gautami asks the dasi even she is a woman cant she save her life then the dasi gets ready and asks gautami to come with her and takes her to a back door she then opens the way out and they are about to leave their comes two other dasi’s and ask yogini tat wat are they doing seeing tat they are running the dasis then try to stop her but yogini plays a magic and transforms them into statue and runs along with gautami out
Raja bhoj is seen in the bang desh where he sees people around are playing black magic he says to himself tat it is dangerous to even ask these people anything and goes ahead to find gautami while raja sudarshan in his palace senses tat something is wrong and someone has used magic to escape from here he then check out gautamis room and he gets to know tat she has ran away and then he sees the two dasis in statue and with his magic transform them back and asks wat happen they then tell tat yogini took gautami and ran from here raja sudarshan then says tat even after u r here how can this happen and now u will be punished while both the ladies plead to forgive but raja sudarshan kills them with his black magic and then throws a knife so tat it can automatically hit yogini and he goes to search gautami
Yogin and gautami are running and yogini asks gautami to not look back and run faster while yogini gets hit by the knife and then she asks gautami to run away as soon as possible and do not look back at any cost as there is magic every where while raja bhoj is shouting gautamis name to find her and sees tat a lady is lying injured he then asks her how this happened to her yogini tell s him tat she helped a one man woman to escape from here and so was hit by raja sudarshan listening to this raja bhoj asks her is the womans name gautami she then says yes its gautami and raja bhoj says tat first he will save her but yogini request him to pls go and save gautami as it her last wish and dies raja bhoj swears on her body tathe will definitely save gautami.
Raj abhoj reaches raja sudarshan’s palace and asks him to come in front of him and then arrives 4 soldiers in front of him who attack raja bhoj with magical powers and raja bhoj blocks the attacks and says tat his magic cant stop him and he will do his kartavya
Raja sudarshan takes the pegion in to a magical area and then again transforms it back to gautami he then tells gautami tat this is a closed magical space where no one can see her and she cant even escape and she will have to stay unti;; she accepts his love and marry him while gautami says tat this time u wont succed as there may be no one watching me but god is watching all this and he will be punished as his pot of sins has been filled while raja bhoj is calling raja sudarshan to come infront of him and fight and he starts fighting with a soldier once a soldier hits raja bhoj hardly but the next punch raja bhoj hitthe soldier badly and pins him down and asks him where his raja sudarshan while the soldier calls out raja sudarshan ‘s name loudly raja bhoj then calls sudarshan to come and fight face to face listening to this gautami says to raja sudarshan tat this is the voice of one whom my mother has chosed to protect me and u will see how he kills u and raja sudarshan arrives on his singhasan.

Raja sudarshan smartly with his magical powers start troubling the duplicate statue of raja bhoj in his hand raja bhoj is seen suffering from pain while maharani vallari is also feeling some pain and says tat may be raja bhoj is in trouble and calls brahmdat to do a pooja and raja bhoj is seen struggling to bear the pain and he is seen chanting mantras and gets up to attack raja sudarshan

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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