Prithvi Vallabh 6th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrinal gives death punishment to Prithvi for making their scripture

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Prithvi Vallabh 6th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prithvi comes to the palace and greets Mrinal, Guru Aditya and others. He asks them to accept the gift which he brought for them on the occasion of Diwali. He invites them for Diwali Celebrations. Mrinal says whoever wants to take part, can go. Prithvi asks can I take help of Raj Mahal’s members. Mrinal says yes, whoever wants to help, can help you.

Vikramjeet shows his wound to Tailap and says Prithvi attacked me. Tailap says he should have attacked you. Vikramjeet says Prithvi haven’t attacked me, but Manyakheta’s prestige and took advantage of our silence. He reminds him of a story. Tailap tells the story. Vikramjeet says Prithvi attacked me even though I asked him to behave nicely and be our guest, but he didn’t understand. He says one thing is sure that he might not do anything now, but will make changes here, and will boasts about himself in other cities that he did all the ban things in Manyakheta. He says we shall not let Prithvi go from here as a victor. Tailap gives him permission to do whatever he wants to. Vikramjeet thinks this is what I wanted, first that idol will be destroyed and then Prithvi. Prithvi asks Bhoj and Rasniti to leave and says if you stay here then I can’t do what I wanted. He says I have to cover the distance from here on. Rasniti agrees to follow his orders. Prithvi asks them to go from other way. Bhoj gets sad. Prithvi says if you go sadly then. Bhoj hugs him. Prithvi goes.

Jakala says I can’t think of any solution. Satyashrah says I have a solution with which snake will be killed and the stick will be intact. Jakala asks him to go and says you will not understand. Satyashrah says since I came here, I am seeing you crying. Jakala says I will live with my pain and says you are a kid. Satyashrah says I am not a kid and says if anyone came to know about the person who mixed poison in the food. Jakala asks you and is shocked. Satyashrah says my anger for Mrinal is increasing day by day and tells that when he takes revenge from Mrinal then he will be at peace.

Vilas comes to meet Bhoj. Bhoj smiles looking at her and asks you are here? Vilas says I came to tell that you have a safe journey. Bhoj says I am very brave. Vilas asks how to believe you. Bhoj says when the right time comes, I will prove and you will become my fan. Vilas says I am even now. She says you are wealthy with words. Bhoj asks her to call him when needed and gives her courage, says you don’t need me. Vilas recalls Satyashrah’s tortures and says this is your illusion. Bhoj says your courage is light of your eyes. Vilas says you are wrong and says she gets scared too soon. Bhoj says even now I am saying that it is your misunderstanding. He asks her not to let fear over power you and face it. Vilas thanks him for coming to manyakheta and hopes that they will meet soon. She asks didn’t you feel happy? Bhoj says I don’t like to away from you. Vilas gets sad and cries. Bhoj thinks sorry Vilas, I couldn’t give you marriage proposal at this moment.

Tailap comes to meet Kosha. Kosha asks why you came here secretly. Tailap says your love made me do sin. Kosha asks why did you come here secretly and asks what will be the message to the people then. Tailap says his mission was to meet her. Kosha says I just needs you and not rights of rani. She asks what is the reason to come here secretly? She asks if he can’t take any decisions independently and asks him to come only when he takes his decision. Tailap is shocked.

Vilas takes Mrinal to dressing table and says today she wants to do her shringar. Mrinal says I will not go there. Vilas asks her to come. Mrinal asks her not to be stubborn and says that idol will be destroyed.

Manyakheta people gather to see the idol made by prithvi. Prithvi says I hope this will begin love and friendship in Manyakheta. Vikramjeet plays to destroy the idol. Sulochana asks her Vishkanyas to be careful and says Prithvi vallabh’s enemy can attack at anytime. Guru Aditya and Vilas comes there. Prithvi greets them. He then greets everyone coming there and thanks Malwa for giving him chance to make idol. He says idol will be revealed only after Mrinal comes. Vilas says Mrinal Bua will not come. Prithvi says it is my belief that she will come surely. Vilas says if she don’t know that idol will not be revealed. Prithvi says there is no question that she will not come, and says she will come surely. Sulochana sees Vikramjeet’s man among the people and takes him out. Jakala and Lakshmi come there. Jakala greets him. Lakshmi says I heard of you enough.

Guru Aditya tells Prithvi that he appreciates his patience, Mrinal will come here and this is like a night of amavasya for him. He says I know Tailap and Mrinal very well. Prithvi says I want to take her out from this darkness and take to light. Jakala says we shall begin. Guru Aditya says she will not come. Prithvi says she will come surely. Just then Mrinal and Tailap comes there. Prithvi smiles. Guru Aditya is surprised and happy.. Prithvi greets Tailap and thanks him for coming. He says I was sure and my belief is won. He goes near the curtain and says this idol is the feeling for me for rajkumari, and is the message for which I came here, and gift of my love to Rajkumari regardless of time and era. He unveils the statue. Everyone see Mrinal and Prithvi’s scripture. Mrinal asks how dare to think of making this scripture, you have made hurt my respect and prestige and asks soldiers to arrest him.

Tailap says he will be punished and asks them to lock him in karagar, and destroy this idol. Prithvi says it is the truth which you will accept soon. Prithvi is in the karagar and tied. Mrinal comes there with Tailap and Vikramjeet. Vikramjeet says you are karagas ka vallabh. Prithvi tells poetry and says sun’s reflection is not same all the time, and moon’s lights increase and decrease, and feelings can also change. Tailap gets upset with him. Prithvi says he will be happy if Mrinal’s anger goes with his death. He says he wants Manyakheta and Malwa to unite and love. Mrinal says she loves his destroyal. She loves to destroy Malwa and says only Manyakheta’s hatred is written in the destiny. Tailap says what is your last wish. Prithvi tells poetry and says death will be fruitful if Mrinal kills him. He says it is my last wish to make Mrinal attack me lastly.

Tailap tells his people that Prithvi is getting hanged for making the scripture, and Mrinal will cover his head to hang him. When Mrinal goes near him to cover his head, he holds her hand, takes her closer and kisses her. Mrinal gets angry and stabs in his stomach twice. Prithvi is heavily injured.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dont want prithvi to die

  2. OMG!!!!
    The precap was shocking.How could she do so.

  3. Thanks for the update Hasan

  4. Mona146


  5. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I really hope prithvi will not die and also hope Mrinal will fall in love with prithvi soon!

  6. OMG!!! pitiless Mrinal

  7. Yes the promo is shocking. How could Mrinal do this. I dont want Pritvi 2 die. I want them 2 marry each other. It would be superb with both opposite 2 each other. Love Ashish & Sonarika’s acting. Hats of 2 them. Really addicted. Can’t wait 4 five days. Seems like years.

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