Prithvi Vallabh 21st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrinal plans to go Malwa and fulfill her revenge

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In the history of India, bomb was used first in arthashastra (the science of politics). Ashoka and the other Kings’ who liked peace had refused to use it in their rule. In the 10th Century, Bomb was used in the war. The soldiers are seen fighting.

Mrinal asks who is this Prithvi Vallabh and what powers he has, which rajya’s blood is running in him, says he is not ordinary. Tailap says he is an orphaned guy found, and asks how can he have extraordinary powers. Mrinal says mistake is ours. We tried to weaken Malwa, tried to enquire about Singhdant, and forgot to inform to our spy about Prithvi Vallabh. She says Prithvi Vallabh is a big hurdle between us and Singhdant, we have to end this hurdle this. She asks Guru Aditya to invite Bhilamp Raj and his family to Manyakheta. Guru Aditya nods. Tailap asks why Bhilamp Raj. Mrinal says they need a strong king who can help them to fight against Malwa. She say there is no good sena pati than Bhilamp Raj. Tailap says he is our friend, but he will help us. Mrinal asks him to make such situation. Later she asks Sulochana to gather info about Munj, from his hairs to toe nails, needs all info what he eats, drinks, about his shastra, Guru, how he cope up in sad situations and how he gets happy, his enemies, friends and protection, and also how much times his heart beats. She asks her to get his sketch made and says I want to see him.

Prithvi Vallab apologizes to Banjara and says I couldn’t save your wife. Banjara says you have saved many and says Malwa is proud to have you. Munj’s friend tells him that Sena pati Kalari is coming there. Sena Kalari comes there and asks them not to move. He takes out the belt. Tailap gets the dead African soldiers buried and asks Sulochana to tell two alive soldiers that they can’t fulfill their promise. Sulochana tells them.

Mrinal comes and says we will fulfill our words. Tailap says we have lost much, and tells that they return defeated. Mrinal says promise is a promise, they died while fighting for us, they are our soldier. He says what we will answer to Raj Pratishad. Mrinal says you are King Tailap Raj and you don’t have to answer anyone. She says even Sikander couldn’t rule in North and South, I have a dream that you will do what he couldn’t do. Senapati Kalari gives iron belt in Prithvi hands and goes near the dead body to pay his last respect. Prithvi then makes him wear it. Senapati Kalari says why didn’t you inform me about the attack. Prithvi says it happened so fast. Senapati Kalari says you are taking advantage of my love and asks what would have happened if you had defeated. Prithvi says you are my Guru, how can I lose? Sena pati Kalari asks why did you let enemy go, who gave you this suggestion. He says Rasniti his friend suggested him. Rasniti gets tensed. Sena pati goes to him. Rasniti says how can I suggest to Malwa prince. Senapati says I don’t know why Prithvi keeps poet with him and tells Prithvi that he loves him so much. He says what you will answer to King Singhdant and asks who sent those soldiers. Prithvi says Manyakheta. Sena Pati Kalari is shocked.

Sulochana tells Mrinal that Prithvi Vallabh’s sketch is ready. Mrinal stabs knife on his face. Sevika informs her that Bhilamp Raj came with his family. Tailap greets Bhilamp Raj. Maharani Jakavve greets his wife. She says we are sisters, but meeting after long time and thanks Tailap. Maharani Jakavve says Tailap has no time for family. Bhilamp Raj’s wife tells that I heard that Mrinal takes care of all work. Maharani Jakavve says where is your daughter Vilas. Vilas touches their feet. Maharani Jakavve says you are same. Vilas says I haven’t changed and asks where is Mrinal. Maharani Jakavve gets irked and asks don’t you want to meet me. Vilas says I heard that she is good yodhha than man, and says she wants to meet her. Mrinal comes and says even she wants to meet her.

Prithvi gives sponge bath to Malwa king. Malwa king asks when you will marry and says many princesses are waiting for you. Prithvi gives him promise and asks him not to ask. Mrinal blesses Vilas and gives her gold ornament. Vilas says I want to become like you and says I heard that you are soft like flower and hard like forest, sword for enemies and amrit for her loved ones. Mrinal says you wants to become like me. Vilas nods yes. Mrinal praises Bhilamp Raj and folds her hands. She says she heard good things about him. He says even he has heard about her and says you have all the qualities. Maharani Jakavve gets irked. Mrinal tells that she has invited Lakshmi with a purpose which she will tell later. She tells Bhilamp Raj that Tailap’s son returns soon and she wants Vilas to marry him. Bhilamp Raj gets happy and says Vilas is yours now. Mrinal says I want your sword also. Bhilamp Raj asks who is enemy. Mrinal says Malwa king Singhdant. Bhilamp Raj says I am with you. Mrinal tells that Singhdant killed her family on Diwali. Bhilamp Raj tells her about the bombs and says someone from China can make such explosives. Mrinal says I want to see if it can set off fire in me.

Prithvi plays the Veena while Rasniti appreciates him. Rasniti says sometimes I feel you are not from this world, and says Rajniti, etc is not for you. Prithvi says I enjoy this. Rasniti says you shall marry. Prithvi says if my idol gets its eyes, if I see those eyes, my heart shall get mad for her, someone like she. The mannequin is shown which he made.

Lakshmi tells Maharani Jakavve that she didn’t mean to hurt her. Maharani Jakavve tells that when she got married to Tailap, she didn’t know that she is marrying a weak Raja who is ruled by his sister. Lakshmi tells her that Mrinal wants your son Satyashraya and my daughter Vilas shall marry. Maharani Jakavve is shocked. Lakshmi says even I was surprised when I heard this, as you are Satyashraya’s mother and someone else is taking the decision. Maharani Jakavve asks when did this happen? Lakshmi says today and says I want to ask you something if you don’t feel bad. Maharani Jakavve asks her to ask. Lakshmi asks her about the brothel near Godavari and the dancer Kosha. Maharani Jakavve says this is a rumor and asks why she is taking Tailap’s name. Lakshmi says she haven’t taken his name. Maharani Jakavve asks her to sleep.

Brothel is shown, Tailap Raj comes there to meet Kosha. Tailap sees coal on the way to reach Kosha. Kosha is sitting on bed and says poetry lines. She says today she will cross it and starts walking on it. Tailap asks her to stop and gives his promise. She comes to him while walking and hugs him. Tailap asks what is this madness. Kosha asks him to keep visiting her to make her take breath. He apologizes and hugs her.

In the morning, Tailap wakes up on Kosha’s bed. Kosha moves the curtain and does his tilak and aarti. She says I see you after many days, and yesterday my mannat is fulfilled. She says she went to temple and thanked the God and prayed for his victory. She says she wants to wait for him in day and spent night in his embrace. Tailap says I think your wait started, this light don’t like your presence. Kosha says she can bear this, but can’t bear when he don’t come. Tailap says I have to go. Kosha holds his hand and says she has nothing without him. Tailap leaves.

Senapati tells Malwa King Singhdant that Mrinal sent those African soldiers. King Singhdant gets shocked and reminisces little Mrinal. Singhdant says they want to expand their dynasty. Mahagay says Prithvi shall tell everyone before taking the decision and says he gets afraid. Prithvi says you always get afraid. Sindhu says Prithvi haven’t followed the rules. Mahagay tells that Prithvi shall accept his crime and apologize to us. Prithvi throws plate towards him. Mahagay hits it with knife. Prithvi says it is a crime to take out knife infront of king. He says if I had gone to inform Soldier’s head rather than fighting with African soldiers then Malwa would have been injured. He says I had no time, enemy was strong and more lives to save, it was the only way. Sena pati Kalari says it is necessary to postpone the rang utsav.

Rasniti says we shall not postpone it, it connects with us, and says everyone waits for it. Prithvi says he is right, if I don’t get successful then I will resign. Sindhu says if anything happens then who will bear and asks Singhdant to cancel it. Singhdant announces that Rang Utsav will commence after 3 days. Singhdant’s wife asks him what happened to him. He says he couldn’t forget anger and revenge in mrinal’s eyes. Mrinal, Tailap and Guru Aditya see the bomb as the makers demonstrate it. Mrinal asks them to give wealth for it and tells that she is going to malwa. She says she will remove it from the map and make it meet the dust. Tailap looks on.

Senapati Kalari informs prithvi that someone is attacking Malwa. Prithvi fights with someone. Mrinal comes to malwa. Prithvi sees her and gets lost in her eyes while a song plays….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. was waiting for ashnoor kaur’s entry . finally it happened , so happy to see her back on screen that too with sonarika bhadoria . i used to love as-parvati scenes in dkdm . hoping to see more scenes of them . finally prinal are going to meet . waiting for the next epi

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