Chandrakanta (Colors) 21st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer Saves Chandrakantha

Chandrakanta (Colors) 21st January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Irvathi does black magic and creates evil soldiers and orders them to help Veer catch Chandrakantha and bring Chandrakantha to her. Dhruv and Chandrakantha walk into palace and seeing soldiers try to disguise, but cannot as Iravathi has created a magical barrier in palce. Dhruv takes out medicine and says Iravath had given this to him and he can disguise drinking it, but since they both are drinking it, its effect will be half. They both drink and disguise as old lady and her husband. On the other side, a few people suggest Trinami/Tej to run away as Iravathi has warned villagers not to kill him. Tej says he helped Iravathi instead. Villagers have no option than listening to Iravathi. Umang returns. Tej asks where was he. Umang thinks he will not inform Tej that he had met Chandrakantha. In palace, Veer wakes up. Iravathi walks in and acts as pampering him, orders soldiers to free Veer as her son is innocent, and says she lost Swayam because of Surya and now he has to catch her.

Soldiers catch Umang and try to know whereabouts of Surya, but he does not reveal. Gehna ties him under burning lava. Veer takes over and tortures Umang next. I n jungle, Chandrakantha and Dhruv walk searching magical knife. Dhruv says Chandrakantha’s face is getting back to normal, medicine effect is warding off, good they came out of palace. Chandrakantha hears about Umang being captured by soldiers. She acts as injured and asks Dhruv to get herbs, she will treat herself. Dhruv leaves. Chandrakantha escapes to save Umang. Dhruv returns and fumes that Chandrakantha cannot go like this without getting magical knife. Veer continues to torture Umang asking him to tell where Surya is. Umang says he does not know. Gehna asks Veer to throw Umang down into lava. Iravathi also suggests same. Veer says Umang will burn in lava and if he escapes that he will fall into river which has heavy flow and he will drown in water. He insists again and drops Umang into lava. Chandrakantha reaches and soldiers try to catch her. She beats soldiers with magic. Iravathi sees Chandrakantha and orders her evil soldiers to kill her. Chandrakantha kills soldiers. Iravathi closes lava well and says Chandrakantha she came to save her friend, she was acting as if she does not know magic, she looks like a big ayyara. Chandrakantha says she is. Iravathi attacks her and she collapses. Dhruv walks in as wild boar and disappears with Chandrakanth’s body. Iravathi identifies Dhruv and informs Veer that Dhruv took Surya/ Chandrakantha away.

Dhruv takes Chandrakantha to jungle and tries to revive her, but she is dead. He uses magic, but unable to. He thinks only his life can save him. He sacrifices his life and calls Garud dev who emerges and says only he got boon of spare life and if he gives it to Chandrakantha, he will not have a spare life. Dhruv says only Chandrakantha can lift magical knife and can save the world from evil Iravathi. Garud dev gives life to Chandrakantha and disappears. Chandrakantha and Dhruv reach river shore and see Umang there who says Veer saved him. Chandrakantha says he must be confused. Umang says he is telling truth, Veer told him way out.

Someone informs Tej that Umang is dead. Umang angrily strangulates man warning not to lie. He then decides to kill Swayam to teach Iravathi a lesson. He sees Iravathi with Gehna I jungle and follows them thinking she must have hidden Swayam and going to meet him. They both get into a cave and get cover of magical knife. They both walk out and see Chandrakantha and Umang. Iravathi orders her evil soldiers to kill them. They attack Chandrakantha. Umang tries to save her. Dhruv returns and kills evil soldiers. Iravathi sends normal soldiers next. Veer comes on horse and takes Chandrakantha with her. Chandrakantha identifies him via his eyes and hugs him. Veer removes his mask and says he promised to protect her and will do so. He asks to go and hide somewhere before his mother finds her again.

Precap: Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji to show magical knife. Magical knife emerges. Iravathi walks in and says it is her knife and Chandrakantha does not have right on it. Veer opposes her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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