Princess-Love Story Part1


A girl is shown sleeping peacefully in a king sized bed she is moving in her sleep like she is watching some horrible dream

“No… No…. Nooooooooooooo” shouted the girl and wake up from her sleep she is sweating badly her eyes are moving here and there.

Girl: God who are they why they always come in dream goshhhh stupid people huh always disturb my sleep i have to do something to get rid of these kinda dreams. (Suddenly she heard something hitting her window she removes her quilt and goes towards window and sees a men of 20s standing and waving hand at her).

Girl thinks: urghhh this idiot had to come now only gosh i think today is your bad day swara (she says and her face is shown she is our swara ? looking stunning in her loose pajama and chipmunk loose t-shirt. She fake smile and waves back her hand)

Aftersometime she comes out wearing a knee length black dress with curly hairs looking beautiful she take her clutch and wears a heel with minimum make up. She stealthily open the door of her room and looks here n there. She sighs and starts walking towards exist.

“Swara” comes a voice from back. Swara frowns and turns making a irritated face seeing the person.

Swara:what?? Asked swara seeing the person

Person:where are you going this time.

Swara:look nisha i know you are my sister but that doesn’t mean you will interfere in my life its my life and i will live it in my way got that(she says and left the home)

The person reveals as her sister nisha(finding) in simple suite. Nisha shakes her head and leaves from there.

In the pub:

Swara and one boy are dancing fully to the music(chillout by spring lady) Swara is dancing with the beat and everyone is watching her. A boy come and give her a drink swara fake smile and drinks it in one go. The boy smirks and pull her with him.

Boy:hey baby you are to beautiful (says the boy pulling her cheeks and come closer swara senses this and smirks he holds his collar and sensually moves her hand on his face the boy is about to come morw closer when swara hit him hard on his exact point :p due too which his vision takes a 360 turns and he winced hard while swara give him a sad look)

Swa:aww my baby it hurt chchchchhc don’t try on me it can risk you badly my poor darling. (She smirks and pushed him)

She goes out of the pub and sits on her Jaguar and drive off to home.

————-scene shifted to a house which is normal in size and there inside a decent room a boy is shown sitting holding a picture his eyes are moisty.

Boy talking to pic: why do u do this to me you know you are the first girl whom i love i never believed in love but after meeting you i fall in love with you but what did i get in return, i never thought that selfish people like you still exist in this world MS. Swara Kapoor i promise you that you will pay You will pay for my feelings You will pay for making fun of my Love Me Sanskar Khanna Promise you Ms. Kapoor that i will break your So called EGO and will make u regret for playing with my feelings(The Boy revealed as Sanskar khanna who is talking with picture of swara in anger ?)

Sanskar torn the swara picture and light a fire to it and throws and looks at the picture with hurt have and teary eyes.

In morning:

Swara who is sleeping peacefully wake up due to the sunrays falling on her she sits up angrily looking at her sister who is opening the curtains of her room.

Swara:What the hell(shout) who the hell says you to disturb my sleep don’t you have anyother work other then poking(frustated)

Nisha:Swara firstly talk with manners i am your sister and secondly you only said to me yesterday to wake you up early its not my fault that you keep partying all night and couldn’t sleep. (Irritated)

Swara:O just shut up its okay i said you to wake me up now don’t need to shout i know how i talk you no need to tell now go and make my coffee i am coming ( said swara and goes to washroom without hearing her)

Swara comes out wearing a crop top with crop jeans she stands infront of mirror”perfect ” and wears funky jwelleries matching her dress she takes her bag and goes downstairs.

In dining area:

Nisha is arranging the breakfast in table while swara comes downstairs and sits on her place ignoring her she takes the news paper in one hand and coffee on another one she takes a sip and turned the page of ? newspaper, she got froze in her place and the cup fell from her making sound.

Paused On shocking face of swara.

A/N:Hola peoples as i said i am back again with 1 part of my story Thanks to those who like my story and want me to write and to those who thinks me UnLoyal and fan of another fandom and judging me and doing tricks i clearly says think what you want if u want to judge then you can as i said i don’t care i will not beacuse i know i am Loyal and i don’t need to prove my loyality i will continue writing this story whether anyone reads or not but i request if you don’t like it then dont waste your time in commenting saying anything you want its my concept and i know how to take the story whether i make the lead neg or pos its my choice and how to turn them also its also my choice so its better to do your own work and i know i sounds rude but what to do some response made me like that Sorry if anyone hurts because i am not here to hurt anyone feelings nor mine 🙂 hope everyone undersatnd

By kakaca(kristen comaz)

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