Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 37

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Part 37:

In Karans room, Kunal and Nirmala had gotten in and Nirmala went to Karan. She was about to hold his head but Karan moved his head out of the way. Nirmalas hand was in the air and then formed a ball and she put her hand down.
Nirmala: How are you feeling Karan?
Karan: I’m good.
Nirmala: We were all worried.
Karan: Who’s all?
Kunal: Mom, Dad, Dadu, me, Meghna,Masi Maa, Khyati, Arjun. And most importantly Naina.
Karan: Well I’ve got a lot of questions after that long list of names. Who on Earth is Arjun? What is your dad doing worried about me? And Naina? Why is she even here?
Kunal: Karan, he’s our father! Mine as well as yours.
Karan: He’s only ever made it clear that he has 1 son, the great Kunal!
Kunal couldn’t say anything.
Nirmala: Arjun is…
Nirmala looked at Kunal.
Kunal: Hasn’t the doctor told you yet Karan?
Karan: About my memory loss? Yeah he has. I wanna know who Arjun is and why Naina was here in this room while I was unconscious.
Nirmala: Arjun is you brother and Naina…
Just the Naina walked in.
Naina: Naina is your wife.
The three of them looked at the door.
Kunal and Nirmala smiled at Naina.
The words echoed in Karans head.

Karan: Wife?
Naina walked to Karan.
Naina: Yes , this Sindoor and Mangalsutra is what makes me your wife.
Karan: I married you?!
Naina: Yes, you did.
Karan: Why would I do that?
Everyone walked in.
Dadaji: You did Betaa , in front of everyone.
NK: You might not remember it but trust us.
Karan scoffed: Trust you? I don’t think I can.
Sandhya: You can trust Bauji and Nirmala.
Karan: I can.
Naina: Then take their word.
Karan: I’ll need evidence.
Meghna: When we get home, you’ll see everything.
Karan: When do I get home?
Kunal: I’ll go and sign the discharge papers.
An hour later Karan was getting ready to go home. Everyone got into their cars. NK, Dadaji, Nirmala and Sandhya in one car whilst Kunal, Meghna, Karan and Naina in one. Karan sat near the door making are Naina wasn’t close to him.
When they got home everyone walked in Khyati ran to hug Karan but was stopped by Karan himself.
Karan: Khyati, you know I don’t like all this.
Khyati was confused: Bhai?
Karan went up the stairs and into his room.
Arjun asked: What’s wrong with Karan Bhai?
Kunal explained what had happened.
Khyati held Nainas hand: Maa sorry Bhabi.
Naina: It’s okay Khyati, he’ll be back to normal.
From upstairs Karan shouted: What happened to my room?
Everyone exchanged looks.
Naina: I’ll go.
Naina went upstairs no their room, Karan looked at her as seen entered.
Karan: What are you doing in my room?
Naina: OUR room.
Karan was sat on his chair holding his head.
Karan: I can’t share this room with you.
Naina: You’ll have to.
Karan sighed and took a deep breath. He got up and started looking around.
Naina: What are you looking for?
Karan: My umbrella.
Naina: Why?
Karan: I don’t leave the house without it.
Naina: Where are you going?

Karan: Need some fresh air so I want to go to the garden, anymore questions?
Naina went to her cupboard and took out the umbrella and handed it to Karan who snatched it out of Nainas hand and walked out.
Karan was downstairs in the front yard, it was late night and he sat outside with his umbrella open.
Just then Meghna approached him.
Meghna: May I?
She gestured at the chair.
Karan: Be my guest.
Meghna took a seat opposite Karan and had something in her hand.
Meghna: You wanted evidence of yours and Nainas wedding, so I brought this.
She gave him the photo that was in her hand.
Karan took it and saw him and Naina in wedding attire.
Karan: That’s all I get?
Meghna: Karan , the doctor said we can’t force an memories so slowly you will find everything out.
Karan: I doubt it.
Meghna: I don’t.
There was a few seconds of silence.
Karan: So, what happened in the last 2 years?
Meghna smiled: A lot.
Kunal then came and held Meghnas shoulder.
Kunal: It’s feeding time.
Karan was confused: Di we have a pet or something?
Meghna and Kunal laughed.
Meghna: Karan! Meghna and Kunal are parents. To twins.
Karan: Oh.
Karan felt bad.
Karan: I didn’t. ..
Kunal: Didn’t know, we know.
Meghna: Well , if you want to see your niece and nephew feel free to drop by in half an hour.
Karan didn’t respond and Kunal&Meghna left.

A few minutes later Karan went to his room and saw it was empty. Naina came in with a tray of food and sat down at the table and chairs.
Karan: What are you doing?
Naina: Dinner?
Karan: I eat alone in my room.
Naina: Well now you and I will eat here together.
Karan: Why?
Naina: Because I want to.
Karan: Why don’t you eat with everyone else downstairs?
Naina: Because you’re here and as long as you are here I will eat here with you.
Karan: If I go downstairs?
Naina: I’ll go as well.
Karan sat down and ate his dinner in silence with Naina and then went to wash his and after he was done.
He came back to his room and saw Naina get the bed ready. He went to the bed and took a pillow and started walking out but was stopped by Naina who stood in front of him.(Basically what he does in the actual show)
Karan: What did you want? Me to share the bed with you as well? That’s not happening.
Naina don’t want to force anything.
Naina: You don’t need to sleep on the bed, the sofa is there as well, sleep on that.
Karan: What does the matter if I sleep on that sofa or the one outside the room?
Naina: That way I’ll know you’re sleeping.
Karan didn’t understand why Naina was caring for him. Heck he didn’t know anything but at that moment he felt something.
Karan: Fine, I’ll take the sofa but I need a glass of water so I’ll go downstairs.
Karan other his pillow on the sofa and went downstairs.
Naina was sitting in the bed and spoke to herself: I know I’m no sleeping in your embrace today but I promise before our anniversary I will get your memory back.

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