Prem Kahani (Raglak-OS)

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Hello my lovely readers!! Drashti here with new one shot. Hope u guys will enjoy it..

True love never dies. Miracles do happen. Those in love might part ways but only to meet again, even if it’s after ages.. A Raglak OS.

                      PREM KAHANI

Year- 2034

Location- Delhi University, College of Arts.

Time- 4:30 PM

A girl in her early twenties steps out of her college building walking along towards the main gate. She’s isn’t surrounded by her usually very talkative friends. And that is probably a reason for spotting him. She hasn’t met him before, no, not in ages.

A guy sitting across her, in the patch of greenery surrounding the college, under the shade of a huge tree, busily reading a book…

He looks up and it’s by chance that their eyes meet for the first time. But it feels like it’s not the maiden one… as they presume it is.


On a summer morning, she is walking swiftly along a busy road. She reaches the crossing and attempts to make her way through the crowd crossing the road in bulks. She can’t be late to her office on first day. Can she be?

In her hurry, she loses her balance bumps into someone, nearly falls down but someone saves her.

She looks at him as he steadies her by her shoulders. He smiles as she mumbles a ‘thanks’. Both resume walking, neither of them knew… they part ways, but only to meet again.

Present- She’s surprised at the fact that the guy in the memory is same one whom she is staring now. He too looks at this girl with a look of confusion & slight surprise. Did he see this girl before?

Flashback …
He spots her again in the office. Their first day on work… It’s a coincidence again.

“That was you? At the crossing?”

“yes… its me. Nice to see you again… Miss…”



They exchange a smile & shake hands.

“So friends?”

“I guess we can be. Now that we work together…”

“yeah that’s true.. I mean it’s great! We can be great friends!”

Another smile follows.

Present… both smile at the memory. Many more memories flood their brains.

Another day… many days later- She’s feeling low and he comes up with a plan to cheer her up.

“Ice cream..”

“Laksh we are not kids… we can’t just go hang around the ice-cream parlour every weekend!”

“Why not Ragu?”

“Because I don’t want us to be an item!”

“But we already are. Like… who cares if we’re. Come on now!”

He pulls her by her hand and she finds herself enjoying her share of huge chocochip ice cream with him. At that moment, she realizes how much he means to her, how much these small moments of joy mean. He really did mean a great friend. Or even more. Just his presence makes her smile…



“I wish our friendship never dies. I wish I never lose you.”

“You won’t Ragini. Do you even know what you’re saying?”

“Laksh.. what if you lose me forever?”


“What if I die…”

“Ragini no…”

“plz answer me…”

“We will meet again then… I kinda believe in rebirth”

She laughs

“You do? I wish what you’re saying is true…”

She gives him a smile. He looks at her for a moment before answering with a smile.

“Oh well… dear I love you too!”

“What? Did you just say..”

“Yes… you heard me right…”

She doesn’t know what to say. After paying for the ice creams, he offers her his hand. She takes it. They walk hand in hand with a huge grin eched on their faces…

Memories… memories… What’s happening to her? Did she really know this guy before? And why is he now looking at her as if he’s seeing the same memories with his mind’s eye?

More days pass… she realizes what she’s feeling is love. God knows how much she loved him. She wants to scream out her reply to his proposal that day. She will.. She would have… if only she were alive…

“Death… death isn’t painful…”

She smiles at the old man sitting beside her. He’s her boss, Durga Parsad.

“Ragini! no!”

“Death is painful to… my loved ones… uh.. not.. to… me.. I’m at peace..”

She gives a strained smile & stares at her friend who’s watching from the door…

“Ragini plz…”

“sir.. I… I love you all.”

“Ragini don’t go…”

Her vision blurs. There are no more memories. A tear rolls down her cheek. He too gets teary as he sees the same memory in his head. And there are more to come-

Many days later- He’s talking with a friend in office.

“Main aaj ice-cream khaunga.”

Laksh.. no! you can’t just go have ice-cream in the same parlour every day. I mean every day? Its unhealthy.”

“it is not”

“You’re doing this for her? Laksh why cant you just accept? She is dead. Move on yaar! She is no more”

“She’s here! You get that? She’s here with me. In my heart. And we will meet one day. And… and we’ll have our own Prem Kahani with a happy ending-”

“You’ve gone crazy yaar! I know you love her. But She’s gone.. don’t punish yourself for what happened-”

“Just shut up! And leave me alone-”

One more memory-

He’s standing on top of a cliff… Wanting to take his life… commit suicide yes… but he imagines her a midst the clouds… hears her voice…

“Life goes on Laksh… there’s life, even after a part of it goes away. Look at you. You have many memories to treasure…”

And he obeys her. He doesn’t jump or take his life. Days later, he gets his transfer done. He’s leaving that damn city. That city that gave him love & snatched it away… he’s leaving to somewhere unknown… he doesn’t know where…

His vision blurs further. Its like there are no more memories to remember. His heart skips a beat as this girl, the same one, he saw in his memories comes to face him. She too has tears in her eyes. He slowly gets up smiling at her… brushing his tears…

She brushes her own tears to hold his hand.

He looks down at their clasped hands. He doesn’t speak much, nor does she.

Both knew that they finally met. The way they promised to be…. The way they are meant to be.

This time they won’t let go of each other… nor the destiny can make them let go.

It’s a Prem Kahani…Prem Kahani of Raglak and this time there’s a happy ending in near future!


OK that was short and somewhat crappy! I dunno if its good, bad or terrible! So plz do comments and let me know how it is! Thank you!

See you all soon with a new OS…

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  1. Rj12

    Wow a beautiful story

    1. Drashti

      Thanks dear

  2. super dooper cool…!!1 Loved it…!!

  3. Aashi

    Nice attempt…but while reading I thought you are inspired by Taylor swift love story song video??, seriously it’s a wonderful attempt! Hope to see your more work! ?

  4. Awesome os dear

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  9. Superb os

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    Nice os

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  14. plzz yaar try to post regular plzz don’t be late

  15. its amazing superb outstanding mindblowing speechless plzzzz its a request to all raglak ff writer plzzzz write guys bcoz now raglak ff is so less and decreasing and all those who are writing also stop in middle and some are ending there ff ts ss os plzz guys start new raglak and write but plzz don’t end it soon or leave in middle bcoz all raglak ff are keep raglak alive and plzz try to post new and if ur writing keep writing regular don’t stop in middle plzz guys waiting for raglak ff writer to show write more as possible reach 100 and thanks who are writing this from crazy Temish fan who dont have writting skill but love to read

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    amazing os dear..loved it..tkcr dear…

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