Her RIse and His Fall (Ishqbaaz FF) Ch 5. By Aqua

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CH 5: “I Am Yours. Do Not Give Myself Back to Me”

Welcome, home sweet home, thought Anika as she tucked the sleeping Sahil with the blanket.
Who was she kidding, thinking she would be a member of the Oberoys… No! she belongs here, in this dark, dampened, desolate room, and her brother, Sahil is her only family.

Anika could not sleep from all the drama she had witnessed earlier in that morning.

She walked over to the window, and opened it slightly, just enough to get some lights from the nearby lamppost into her darkened room. Cool breeze came through the window brushed against her bare arms and made her shiver. She took out a shawl from her unpacked bag, and wrapped it around herself closely almost hugging herself.

The headache over temporal bone was gaining in intensity, she rummaged through her bag, for a painkiller…she smiled as she thought, female and their bags, we dump everything in it… but when we need something urgent, it is always difficult to find it. At last she got the strip of paracetamol. Alas! Like her luck, it was empty… she let out sigh…

Just she was about to lay beside her little brother, her phone rang. Hurriedly she picked up avoiding to disrupt his sleep.

Rudra with excitement without pausing to take any breath, “Anika Bhabi, can you please get ready and meet Mr. Khanna? I told him to give you a important external hard drive filled with the CCTV footage of every parties that Tia attended in OM also…”

Anika interrupted Rudra said, “I am not in OM. Sahil and I, we have moved back to my old home.”

Rudra screeched his car to the curb, upon hearing his bhabi has left OM.
Both Rudra and Saumya in unison shouted at speaker, “WHAT!” WHY! WHEN! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE! YOU DIDN’T TELL US!”

Anika, in matter-of-fact tone, “You should ask your Stone Singh Oberoi Brother, only he knows the reason behind the divorce!”

Rudra trying to remain calm, “I am coming, to your house. We need to talk.” Disconnected the phone call.

Rudra made a U-turn and headed towards his Anika Bhabi’s home.

Anika sat in the living room trying to keep her eyes closed and massaged her temples while waited for Rudra and Soumya to arrive. It seemed to her that this day would not end so soon

Bell rings…

Recognizing it was Rudra and Soumya through the peephole, Anika opened the door and led them to her living room.

Rudra while taking his seat asked “How can you leave home? I thought we were a team. Do you know, Soumya, Om, and I drove so far to get a detective?”

Anika asked “ Detective?”

Soumya replied “Yes, Di. We hired a private detective”. Soumya further explained their plan of mission Tia’s exposure and that the detective is setting up her temporary station at Bade Balwae Bhaia’s studio, since she did not want Tia to have suspicion on them…after all this mission is too important to cause any blunder.

For the first time that day, Anika’s honey-glazed almond shaped eyes lit up, with a smile she said, “WOW! That is so amazing! You got a private detective, on top of that a female! I feel like I am in Bond series haha.” Rudra agreed “I know right!” and raised his hand for a high five.

Soumya smiled “Di i don’t know why Bade Bhaia took such sudden decision, but we need you to come back to OM. You have to show Tia, that until the court approval, you are still Mrs. SSO.
And you need be our blindside. We will have all the CCTV cameras streaming the videos to our computers in Bade Balwale Bhaia’s studio, but you need to get information from the areas where we cannot see.” Soumya continued tightening her fist, “Right now it is important to let Tia feel over confident so that she can make a mistake. As they say:

‘Overconfidence is the most dangerous form of carelessness’

“And once she makes a mistake, we will be ready with our pitch-forks to catch her red handed! That bloddy WITCH!!”

Rudra added “ Please Bhabi let’s go. Hurry-up. I will drop you, Sahil and Soumya at the OM, then I will have to head back to Om’s studio.”

Anika apologetically replied “but…Sahil is sleeping. If he wakes up he will not be able to go back to sleep”

Rudra smiled “Uff Bhabi, do you think I have these biceps for showing-off only?” Wiggling his index finger… “no No.. Do not worry when Rudra is here. I will carry him to the car, and he can sleep in your lap in the back seat.”

Anika agreeing to them, carried the luggage to the car and sat in the back seat while Rudra and Saumya gently placed the sleeping child onto her lap….like a boomerang, Anika was back to OM.

After placing Sahil in Om’s room, she walked towards the study room, while Rudra and Soumya went to the security station, which is placed in the basement of the OM…

Before she could enter the study room, Rudra sent her a text message “Bhabi, Mr. Khanna cannot hand in the CCTV footage, without Shivay Bhaia’s permission. It is password encrypted. Please, talk to bhia and meet us at the security station.”

Anika felt aversion to the thought of confronting that stone-hearted, Stone Singh Oberoi…She slowly and reluctantly, walked towards SSO’s room.

The lights seemed to be turned off, perhaps he was sleeping. Anika contemplated whether to wake him up from the sleep or not…just then she saw a figure move in the shadows behind the closed doors.

Anika, wondered what if someone was there to attack her Bagad Billa! Anxiously and quietly, Anika opened the glass door, like an apprehension, she tiptoed herself towards the room holding her weapon-of-mass-destruction, Chameli in her right hand…

Just as she was about take few more steps, an arm from the darkness wrapped around her waist… Anika boiling up with rage, raised her Chameli and she sent flying strokes at the figure with all her mighty force. Anika shouted “Chipde!!!!! No one will save you today!!” She kicked out in all direction.

Finally, the figure let her go, her ran over to the wall and turned on the lights… Anika continued “Where are going you coward! Come here, face me!”

Just as the room was lit with the bright lights from the chandelier, Anika was speechless… as if someone or something has just put a lock over her vocal cords.

The figure walked over to her. His hair was disheveled, there were strikes of dirt over his milky-white Kurta, resembling sole of her dear Bestie, Chameli… As he took further steps toward her, she saw bruising over his lips from her slaps.

Trying to regain her ground, Anika said to the pair of eyes, which glared light-saber like laser beams in her direction, “I thought someone was here to attack you…I was trying to protect you from harm.” She smiled apologetically.

When, Shivay stood only inches from her, Anika noticed his swollen eyelids over his icy-blue despairing eyes… before Anika could utter another word, Shivay wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her close, and whispered into her ears in a husky voice “where did you go? How could you leave me? You did not even wait for me to come back to explain to you” brushing his fingers through her dark-onyx, waves of waterfalls-like hair.

Anika relaxed her body and sunk into the warmth of his embrace.

He felt her soft skin and her gentle squeeze as she hugged him back.

For both, the world had melted away in that amorous embrace. In this moment, everything is suspended: time, law, prohibition: nothing is wanted: all desires are abolished, for they seem definitively fulfilled.

Anika and Shivay felt complete in each other’s arms.

Suddenly, like a bolt of lightening, Anika Shivays’ words from earlier encounters flashed over eyes…she pushed Shivay with all the energy to repel herself from him- their embrace was broken

Shivay almost tipped over on his feet, only to regain his balance with a reflex.

Anika with a lump in her throat, “ Please do not lead me on to believe, that there is a future for us, when you know very well there isn’t. I have no lineage, power or surname…I am not worthy of you Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi! So please, do not lead me into a delusion of your love!”

As Anika pushed passed him. Shivay grabbed her hand and swung her back towards him. Then he pushed her against the wall, cupped her face and… He kissed her…. The world fell away.

He ran his thumb along her jawline and down her throat. He kissed her slowly and with intensity, as their breaths mingled and their heart fluttered, syncing to each other’s rhythm.

She urged herself to push away, but couldn’t. Her limp body began to tremble uncontrollably.

Kissing Anika made Shivay’s brain lit on sonic-boom with explosion of colors and the warmth spreading throughout his entire body, craving for more… exciting him even more…

Once she got over the mind-numbing shock and comprehended what was actually happening, Anika felt incredibly shy. She had never been kissed like that before. In fact, she never been kissed before, excluding the brotherly smooch from her Sahil.

Shivay looked into her dazed and confused eyes, brushing his thumb over her lips, he slowly whispered “Very few people has the ability to change my principles… and You, Mrs. Anika SHivay Singh Oberoi is one of them…You should not question whether, your are worthy of me, instead you should ask yourself, whether I, Shivay , worthy of your love? My world fell apart, when I saw you were gone…it felt as though my world was knocked over by a meteorite and left deeply curved, crater in my heart, which can never be filled with your absence…I love you, Anika.” Shivay got down on his knees and pleaded;

“I am yours. Do not give myself back to me”

Shaken by his gesture, Anika’s hand drift down, pulling him up, and wrapped her arms around his spine tight, until there was no space left between them and she could feel his pulsating heart against her cheeks, she sobbed “I love you, too Shivay.”

Shivay’s lips relaxed into a smile, he cupped her face and placed a delicate kiss over her forehead and implored “Never leave me again! Your Shivay is incomplete without his PAnika” and both trembled into a loud laughter with tears of joy rolling down their cheeks… Just then, Soumya and Rudra walked into their room.

Rudra spoke as he was walking towards her “Bhabi, what was taking you so long? I have been waiting…” he stopped as he looked around the room. Rudra cupped his face and said “ Hailah! who threw all the raita over SHivay Bhia’s room!” as he looked around at the sight of misplaced pillows and bedsheet, broken pieces of vase scattered throughout the floor, coffee table turned upside down… wooden chairs with broken legs. The whole room resembled a news broadcasting of scene from the aftermath of a storm!

Shivay and Anika flushed, trying to look for words of explanation…

Soumya, very well deducted from the evidence placed in front of her said
“Rudra, according to American Journal of Psychiatry, when people cannot control their deep-seated, unconscious emotional turmoil, they often displace their rage towards inanimate objects. For example here, Our Bade bhaia had projected his heartache from finding Anika Di gone, over these vulnerable furniture” pointing to the floor.

Rudra, wiggling his eye-brows, “ohhhhh I see… Soumo guess what time it is?”
Soumya, “What time?”

Rudra replied, “It’s time for Rudy’s Shyaree…Bhaiya ke seene me chupe hai kitne raaz. Uper uper businessman or andar rang biranga Ishqbaaaz.”

Raising his right hand, “Thank you, Thank You”
Soumya shot a grin toward Anika with hint of derision.

Shivay clearing his throat “Ahmmmm!! Let me know when you are done with your tacky poetry, so we can talk about some serious issues” and took a seat at the edge of his bed while Anika followed him, she nodded at Rudra, “Ok baas, please, come we need to talk to Shivay about the CCTV footage”

Rudra, controlling his out-burst sat next to Shivay, and put his arms around his shoulder, as if a father had just given his child his early birthday present…well in away he did…Rudra thought, his paternal-like, Superman, Shivay bhaia, has finally accepted his fun-loving, Anika bhabi! He could not ask for anything better than this.

Once, all four sat on the bed, Soumya explained Shivay, about hiring a private detective, and they needed his permission to stream the CCTV footage to Om’s studio, where the detective had set-up their station. Shivay listened cautiously as she spoke….nodding in agreement with their plan, he put his hand through his each pockets in his trouser and kurta…until Rudra interrupted “Bhaia, no use looking for your phone…it must resting peacefully on the floor of the pool by now…”

Remembering, how he had shot the phone on the direction of the pool during his emotional rampage, looked at Anika “Ahmm…May I use your phone to call Mr. Khanna?” Rudra giggled, which came to a prompt stop with Shivay’s dagger-shot glare.

After finishing his conversation with Mr. Khanna, Shivay disconnected the call and turned towards the impatient three beings seating on his bed… “OK, it’s done. You guys, can safely retrieve the digital files.” Three jumped in excitement.

While, Anika frowned, “Miss. Tia Kappor… I swear on Shivay baby, you are going to be very sorry!”

Shivay chuckled, followed by Rudra and Saumya, as they heard Anika call him Shivay baby, Anika too blushed… their laughter came to a sudden halt, when they all turned towards loud, nervous drumming on the closed door…..

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