Preetan FF : Truth of life (Sequel) Part 1


Karan Preeta, Sameer Shrishti and Rishab Tanya have settled down in London residing in big mansion with their children. Dhruv Kritika, Sahil Ruchika are living in Canada.

All the couple goes through rough phase due to their children’s on going lives. Rishab and Tanya have most difficult phase due to misunderstandings and circumstances.

Karan Preeta are distanced emotionally with Dev’s medical conditions affecting their personal and professional lives

Shrishti Sameer are highly tensed with Rajiv’s lack of interest in studies

Sahil and Ruchika’s busy lives created big gap between duo. In process both lost control on their daughter leading her to on wrong ways.

Dhruv Kritika while solving problem of their own sibling’s live, turned their marriage sour.


With the noise of alarm , Tanya and Preeta wakes up for their work.

Tanya : you are ready already? last night I called but you didn’t pick up my phone

Rishab : I had meeting with clients and I didn’t wanted to disturb  late night  (wears his shoes)

Tanya : wait I will make breakfast for you

Rishab : thats fine, I will eat outside bye (leaves for his work)

Tanya feels helpless seeing his behavior. The couples did not let their children get affected with the fights happening. She goes to Pari’s room who is sleeping but does not find Khushi.

In room

Khushi messes her whole room with stylish clothes and make up. She and Dev are in last of high school and graduating.

One of the cloth lands on Tanya’s face who gets bit angry

“What is going on here” Tanya asks sarcastically

Khushi : fashion mom

Tanya ; for your information this is not a fashion house and you are going to school not for modeling, anyway get ready, I also have to go for office

Khushi removes cotton from her ears pretending to hear her mom. Even though Pari has been given more importance, Khushi happily accepted ignorance by her parents and love for her sister.

Preeta wakes up Dev who is busy reading book in early morning.

Preeta : how many times I told you in early morning go for walk

Dev : you know I don’t sleep much only this books are my friend, did dad left early again

Preeta (feels tensed) : don’t worry, he is sports person, you know they are so disciplined

Dev : mom, if my health was fine then you both never had such problem

Preeta ; see you don’t have to worry for anything, when you get married you will also understand there is always some ups and down but I know your dad loves me a lot

Dev puts head on her lap

Preeta (wipes her tears) : okay come get ready I will prepare your breakfast, you have to go for school also

Dev goes to get ready

Preeta sees Tanya making breakfast with gloomy face.

Preeta : you are okay?

“Yea I am fine, I have important meeting today with clients” Tanya changes her mood

Preeta : for how long will this go, one day you have to face truth

Tanya : I don’t want to talk about this, here is milk for Dev and his breakfast

Preeta calls Karan who is busy in practice and does not pick her phone calls.

“Rajiv give me my phone back” Shrishti runs in whole house

Rajiv : no first you have to accept my condition

Shrishti is able to take her phone back

Rajiv : thats not fair

“Stop it, and listen to me carefully if this year you won’t pass I will send you directly in boarding school and I am very serious about that okay” Shrishti warns him

Dev : good morning mom, aunty

Preeta : good morning  my prince, here is your milk drink quickly

Pari : hello everybody, hi mom by the way where is dad and chachu

Preeta : what do you think? do they ever have time for us

Tanya : great all of them are here but look at my eldest princess, still in her room, Pari where is your sister

Shrishti ; stop worrying, she might be getting ready after all whose daughter is she

Preeta : you let it be,

“Khushi” Tanya shouts loud

“Here I am mom” Khushi shocks all again with short clothes

Tanya : can I ask what you are wearing?

Khushi : come on mom this is today’s fashion you should know, after all you are raised in London too right

Tanya : I don’t have time for your silliness, you have made me late already just quietly and go to school

Preeta : its okay why are you venting your anger on her

Tanya : no this girl is out of control, if I don’t say anything to her she will do as her will

Preeta : calm down, can you do me a favor, I might get little late due to late shift, just bring Dev to hospital when you come back from office for check up

Tanya ; yea sure, did you check his sugar level

Preeta ; everything is normal, Shrishti you drop all kids to school

Shrishti ; okay di, I am done with my breakfast, guys lets leave


Kritika’s house 

“No I won’t give it to you” Sona keeps running in whole house

Krissh : mom please tell her to give back my book right now

Kritika : what is happening

Sona : see na mom, he is troubling me for no reason again

Kritika ; really? you both started in early morning, I have other work to do, Sona go wake your dad

Sona ; but he is not in room

Kritika : what? did you check properly whole time you are busy in bother your brother

Sona : mom at least I am not that fool, he left in early morning for clinic

Kritika gets worried for him leaving without breakfast.

Roo’s house 

The morning starts with Sahil and Ruchika’s argument about Maya’s behavior

Sahil : why did principal called you yesterday

“You should ask that to your daughter, she again misbehaved with her classmate” Roo gets ready for her work

Sahil : you are saying as if she is my alone responsibility, do you ever have time for her

Roo : I can ask same question to you, only because of your freedom she have forgot all the decency

Sahil : really? you forgot so early, that you wanted to settle here in foreign country

Roo : you are blaming me for that also, I don’t believe this

Sahil : I don’t have time to argue with you in early morning

Kritika (comes there) : you both started again come on not again

Sahil : then explain your sister to behave like a mother, Maya is becoming insolent day by day why because her mom have no time for her

Roo : were you not getting late for work

Sahil : I am leaving (stamps door)

Roo : did you see how much rude he was talking with me

Kritika ; are you not at fault? I told you that day also don’t be so lenient on her, its not about foreign country but how we bring them up

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