Hate or Love? – Part 17 – Diljeet aur Dilpreet

aniri opens the door.

anika: what?

gauri: who are you two?

diljeet: i’m diljeet.

dilpreet: and i am dipreet.

gauri: and what are you doing here exactly?

dilpreet: our papa is mayor here and he told us to come here for a while.

anika: you two? mayor’s sons?

aniri laughs.

anika: you both look like idiots.

diljeet: hey! we are the mayor’s sons and if you don’t watch out, i will tell my dad to toss you two out of this city.

gauri: ok fine, come in.

they go in the house and gauri locks the door.

after telling the elders, aniri escorted diljeet and dilpreet to their rooms.

as soon as aniri leaves. they close the door and they take off their turbans. shivom!!!

shivay: we fooled them completely!

om: i know right!

shivay: thanks to rudra.


phone call:

shivay: oh come on rudra, i am sure that bade papa told you anika and gauri’s address.

rudy: yes but i’m not telling you.

om: you won’t? wow! it would be a shame if we told somu about your past relationships…

rudy: ok fine, i’ll tell you guys.

he tells the address and shivay cuts the phone.

fb ends.

om: i really applaud ourselves.

shivay: yes. also he did tell us that ansh and geetu are our children.

om: yeah, we are pros at blackmailing.

shivay: yeah and we are also pros at making girls fall for us.

om: but shivay, our first mission is ansh and geetu. once they are convinced that we are their fathers, only then we can target anika bhabhi and gauri.

shivay: exactly!

precap: daddies in action 

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