Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 99

Guest house 

Karan Preeta lies down in grass at terrace watching the stars and holds their hands.

Preeta : feels so good after long time we are together with no problems

Karan : don’t forget you are that problem magnet that gets attracted to problems

Preeta : thank you for that brilliant compliment

Karan : come on yaar why do you always takes my joke seriously

Preeta : Mr luthra watch out, now you are father, your son will hear everything

Karan : really? look at him, sleeping so peacefully and that wrestlers’ daughter

Preeta : shut up, all kids are like that

“I can’t believe our Roo is married now, like she was only left for this and now poor girl has been married” Karan teases her

Preeta : poor? if I make you count her deeds, that word will go out of window

Karan : what special deed my sister have done?

Preeta tells him every single antics of Roo for spending time with Sahil before.

Karan : wait a second you girls knew this from long time and none of you told us

Preeta : include Dhruv, he was first one now if he didn’t tell you whats our fault

“That dhruv tomorrow I won’t spare him but don’t think you girls will escape either” warns her

Preeta : I am sorry na (tries to pacify him)

Karan : thats not enough you have to do something special for me

Preeta : what can I do to make my karela happy

“Think about it I love surprises” Karan cross arms

Next moment he feels delicious taste on his lips filled with so much love. Before Karan could reciprocate the kiss turns wild.

Preeta : did you get your surprise?

“It cannot be enough for me, when it comes to my baby doll” lifts her up in arms taking back to room

The duo shares another intimate moment

Next day the siblings decides to take tour to the city before leaving.

Tanya ; you all go, I am not in mood

Rishab : are you okay? since yesterday you have been staying like this

Tanya ; I am fine you can go if you want, I will stay with Khushi

Rishab : you think I will go alone, I will stay back

Tanya : thats okay

Rishab senses something wrong with her behavior but does not argue further.

Other siblings go out for tour to whole city

Kritika : how was yesterday night? your face is glowing like anything

Roo : di (stares at her ) you cannot make fun of me

Shrishti : oh my god control dear, so much anger on first day of marriage is not good

Preeta : where is Tanya and Rishabji?

Shrishti : you are so much worried about her di, we are also her siblings

Preeta : stop with your nonsense please

On the way an unknown girl collides with Sameer and starts tantrums

Sameer : I am so sorry

Girl : what do you mean by sorry? first you hit on purpose and then say sorry thats it? fool

Shrishti : oh hello, mind your language, or else my hand will leave big mark on this face and on purpose okay buzz off

Both girls have cat fight in middle of road. Shrishti twists her hand for insulting her shorty

Shrishti : how dare you say something to my shorty? I will chop this tongue

Girl : leave me

Roo joins her too with the fight but Kritika and Sahil stops both girls.

The cops come there to stop the fight. They are about to take Shrishti but girl takes complain back.

Sahil : who the hell are you?

Girl : to know my identity you have to come with me or else cops are still here

Dhruv : why not? we will go with you (pretend to flirt with her)

Kritika : oh hello is she your girlfriend or something

Dhruv : I think when god was giving brain you were sleeping or he forgot to give you one

Kritika : and god did not gave you wisdom of how to behave with a girl

Dhruv : let it be your empty brain will never understand logic, I was not flirting with her but to save us from problem

Roo : di you have insulted my jiju’s intelligence

Karan : stop it all of you , and Dhruv dear she won’t get wooed by you let it be, just leave it to me

Preeta : oh hello don’t even think about that

Karan : you girls are very dumbo

The girl’s name turns out to be Mona who is member of group of gangster who rob people.

Mona ; come out everybody

The group is brought blindfolded in tempo at big mansion far from city.

Karan : oh my god (sees their information on wall) that means we are their target from long time

Dhruv : how popular but what do they want

Mona ; hey no smartness keep walking, another big surprise is waiting for you, boss here they are

Everybody is curious

The head of mafia is Usmaan settled in Bangkok.

“Welcome everybody to my kingdom” Usmaan makes entry

Sameer : who are you? why did you bring us here

Rocky : sir they blabber too much, my head is spinning with their constant talk

Shrishti : you don’t know who we are, Luthras

Dhruv : excuse you all are but me and Sahil are not, Sir there should be some exception please

Kritika : did you have memory loss, me and Roo are no more Luthras

Roo : don’t scold my jiju, he is right

Preeta : guys are you all crazy? we are in big trouble right now

Karan ; its because of you baby doll, yesterday I just said you are that magnet who attract problem towards you, this rest girls trouble us only you and that wrestler

Preeta : if you regret so much then rectify your mistake (starts arguing)

Karan : how I wish it was possible, then at least my freedom would come back

Mona fires bullet to shut them up. Girls shout

Usmaan : hey shut up with your blabber, here only I speak and others remain silent like dumb

Dhruv : but sir how will we answer your question if we become silent correct right?

Rocky : sir if order me right now I will blow his brains (points towards Dhruv)

Kritika : no pleas don’t

Dhruv : uncle please put that down, I am very sensitive , nobody will say anything

“You are right our eyes were on you all from long time, and my main target is this girl because of who my business was shut down” Usman points at preeta with gun

“Don’t you dare touch her or else you will face worst” Karan stops him but goons hit him badly

Preeta : no (shouts) Karan, please don’t hit him you can punish me if you want but spare him

Karan : don’t be in front of them

Ricky : beat him so much that all his ego break

Dhruv, Sameer and Sahil tries to save him but instead gets injured little less than Karan. Girls remain helpless seeing their husband’s injury. Roo remembers something


After wedding Rishab and Tanya gifts Sahil and Roo a couple watch with tracker.

Roo : bhabhi what is this?

“its a tracker watch for your safety, anytime you feel in trouble, just press this button and it will give a vibration on our watch, me or Rishab will understand that you are in trouble, same with your watch Sahil” Tanya explains them

Flashback ends

Roo presses the button constantly to alert Tanya and Rishab.

Tanya : something is beeping?

 “Watch, Roo is signaling us, I think they are in trouble again” Rishab tells her

Tanya : oh my god, but where did all of them go, none of their phones are reachable

Rishab : I think we should go find them, lets to

Tanya : yea


“Remember that trafficking business, it was my den, because of you it was closed, Rajveer was only working under me, ever since that day I have been looking for one chance to reach you” Usmaan grabs Preeta’s hair tightly throwing on floor

Karan feels helpless but not able to help her losing ability to stand up. The duo remain on floor with craving eyes and tries to hold each other’s hand. Siblings feels shattered but goons surround them not letting go near Karan Preeta.

Abhi mujh mein kahin

Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi

Jagi dhadkan nayi

Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi

Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mein hai

Ye lamha kahaan tha mera

Ab hai saamne

Issey chhoo loon zaraa

Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa

Khushiyaan choom loon

Yaa ro loo’n:'(zaraa

Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa

Ho o. abhi mujh mein kahin

Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi

The only flashes they get is of their little prince who have just entered world.

Rocky : bhai, there is one more who is the root cause of everything, she sent Rajveer to jail and foiled our all plans (shows Tanya’s picture)

Dhruv : if they reach Tanya then don’t know what will they do with her

Kritika : my heart is beating faster only with that thought in mind

Roo ; di I signaled bhabhi but don’t know if they will be able to reach us or not

Mona alert the members to find Tanya around in city

Rocky : I found her, she is near Buddhist temple looking for them

Usmaan : get her right now, bring her alive

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