Dev (Colors) 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev gets a lead in professor’s case

Dev (Colors) 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek reads a diary and says to her baby that your mom have many secrets that no one should find out, especially your father.

Dev comes to bank and shows Mahek’s photo and asks if they saw her with their manager? One officer says that Nehar manager met her but this madam doesnt have account in this bank, she accessed a locker, Dev asks which locker? officer says it was closed after she left.

Dev and Dwani are in car. Dwani says your wife is not trustworthy, you should keep a safe distance from her, like a long distance relation. Dev says I dont have to learn how to deal with her from you and nobody should know about it as its my baby too, can I trust you? she nods. Dev says good work and by the way you look nice in these western clothes only, you look a little old in shalwar kameez, Dwani says you mean to say you like my original, she smiles broadly.

Dev and Dwani comes to station. He asks Narvekar why he is so dressed up? Narvekar says I have personal life too, did you find something about professor? Dev says no. Narvekar says I want proofs. Dev says keep wearing pink colors shirts.

Professor Praful is working in his house. He inserts USB and looks at photos of girls he has killed and says I will send Eisha to them too. Eisha calls him and says you promised me, I cant this relation anymore, I will tell my parents, I love you, I am not your toy, we were marrying today, I will tell everything to my parents. Praful says I want to marry you too but I want to win your parents, give me one day and I will make everything fine. Eisha says okay I give you one more day then I will tell everything to my parents, she ends call. Praful says she is growing up and threatening, now her parents will get the answer.

Narvekar and Kinjal comes to restaurant. She says pink color looks good on you. Narvekar says you are looking good too. Narvekar gives order. Kinjal sees some goons eyeing her, she gets tensed. Narvekar asks if she knows them from before? She doesnt answer him. Narvekar goes to goons and says this girl is with me so stop staring at her. One goon says that you can enjoy and let us enjoy too. Narvekar grabs him and asks him to leave, I am a policeman, they all leave. Kinjal feels self conscious. Narvekar offers her hand, she takes it. He brings her out of restaurant. She thanks him and says people have taunted me a lot but nobody saved me. Narvekar says you dont have to be scared when I am with you, lets eat something Indian, Kinjal smiles.

Scene 2
In morning, Eisha calls Praful and asks what he have decided? Praful says you want your parents to know then we will do it, you invite me for dinner and I will convince your parents for marriage, you dont tell them anything, I have made sweets for them and will convince them then we wont have to hide. Eisha says I love you Sir, come to my house after college, I trust you fully, he says I love you too. He ends call and puts poison in sweets and says nobody can find out about me.

Dev looks at photos of girls Praful might have killed. Dwani and Narvekar comes there. Dev says there is something common in all these girls, this professor have a type too, these all girls have curly hair in common, he targets girls with curly hair only, first he traps them in his love and then kill them, he is a serial killer. Narvekar says I will search for him and leaves. Dwani says we trust professors and people like him exists too. Dev says they trap innocent people. Dev gets message from Mahek and starts to leave, she asks where he is going? he says I have something important to do.

Dev and Mahek comes for hypnosis session. Doctor starts it, Mahek becomes dizzy. Doctor asks what happened when you shot Dev? Dev thinks that we need truth to trust each other, I stopped trusting you but still having hope today. Mahek says that night.. she recalls how she pointed gun at him and Dev challenged Munim that he will kill him, Dev says I hate you Munim. Munim says your mother used to have this aggression, I used to love it, you made me recall my Shriya. Dev says you trapped her and killed her. Munim says you thought I am a fool? you think I would let my Shriya die? you think your mother is dead? Dev says you are lying, he tries to attack him but Mahek stops him. Dev says to Munim that I will find my mother, you wont go alive from here today. Munim says I give you another chance, stop investigating my organization. Munim orders Mahek that if Dev tries to go behind him then shoot him, he starts to leave but Dev grabs him and strangles him, he asks where is my mother? Munim asks Mahek to shoot him, Mahek panics and tries to point rightly, she shoots and hits Dev’s shoulder, he falls down, she screams Dev!

PRECAP- Professor Praful comes to Eisha’s house and brings sweets for her parents. He has mixed some poison in cyanide. He impresses them but Dev comes to their house, he asks who brought sweets? Praful says I brought them for Eisha’s family. Dev says can I eat them? Praful says sure.
Dev is angry with Mahek. Mahek says I didnt lie to you, think about our baby. Dev says I am thinking about my baby, I will raise him and keep him with me and no court can stop me from taking it. Mahek says you cant keep a baby away from its mother. Dev says then why have you kept me away from my mother?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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