Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 87

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Luthra house

Rakhi catches all the siblings in kitchen creating ruckus on cockroach.

Preeta : why are you all shouting? (asks innocently)

“Di there is cockroach” Shrishti goes to her and shows insect

Preeta : oh you were scared for this (holds in her hands)

Karan : what are you doing? put that down

Preeta does not tell them about fake one and throws in trash can.

Mahesh : See my daughter is so much brave than you all, mother’s spoiled brat

Karan ; don’t fly so high every time I save her from problem

Kareena : but what are you all doing here?

Rakhi gets overwhelmed to see her beloved son in front of eyes.

Rakhi : that day you left without thinking how your mom will survive (gets angry)

Rishab : I am sorry mom (breaks down in front of his mother) forgive me for everything

Rakhi ; no my child I am sorry for letting you both go, you had to go far from your brother, dad everybody (kisses his forehead)

Karan : so no punishment for us because it was our idea to bring them here

Mahesh : don’t be in that illusion, only this three girls will not be suffered, for rest yes

Rakhi : but they are also involved

Preeta : mom we told you everything na

Mahesh ; this time I will decide, everything you and mom take decision

Kareena : I will also join you brother, you all will sleep in hall for next five days only Preeta, Tanya and Roo will stay in their room

Sahil : sorry one second aunty but let this two would be mother go but Roo is equally responsible

“What” Roo stares at him

Sahil : I mean, she did what she was told (shows Tanya’s message on Roo’s phone)

She gives him killing reaction

Kritika : thank you, life saver (pounces on him)

Dadi : okay everybody now enough of this childish pranks, Preeta, Tanya take this offering

Preeta : thank you dadi how was your trip

Mahesh ; don’t ask dear it was very good, we had good prayer

Dhruv : hey buddy how was your concert, I forgot to ask you

Sahil : it was just fantastic, and music company gave me contract to perform next one in foreign

Kritika : thats amazing, congratulations

Sahil : thank you di

Rakhi : wow dear your mom must be so proud of you

Sahil : she is very happy

Rakhi : okay now listen, Preeta Tanya Shrishti, my chachiji is coming to visit you all, she didn’t attend wedding thats why

Mahesh : don’t be scared she is very nice

The girls nods happily

Rakhi ; but only one thing she is very particular about everything

Shrishti : don’t worry mom we will welcome her in such a way she won’t forget

Everybody looks at her. Sameer raises his eyebrows but makes fun of her

“shorty I won’t spare you” Shrishti runs after him in whole house

Rakhi : their childishness won’t go away, lets start the arrangement, but today I will cook everything my Rishab’s favorite

Tanya : thats not fair mom, I am also your beloved daughter (pouts like child)

Karan : keep this pose (takes picture of her) what a picture bhai, put this as profile

“You” Tanya throw things on him angrily and runs with speed but gets dizzy

Preeta : are you okay? (gives her water)

Rakhi : you girls don’t listen to me at all, sit here

Karan : mom she is always hyper we tell her but never listen to me

Preeta : aha really?

Kritika : mami, you explain to Preeta she and Tanya always have something brewing in between they never tell us

Preeta : no ma this is not true

Kritika : bhai, you say am I saying wrong?

“Absolutely not sister” Karan defends

Rakhi ; don’t worry dear I am back now, they both will be under me okay happy

“Kritika whats that injury on your head” Kareena asks her

Kritika : mom actually, nothing serious just got in small accident

Kareena : how many times I told you dear go safely anywhere

Dhruv : see na mom, she never listen to your son and pull my leg (complains)

“Why you do that with my son” Kareena twist her ears funnily

Kritika ; mom first I am your daughter and second he is no innocent

Dhruv :really?

Mahesh : I am getting bored with non stop fights and Rishab dear you tell your stories

“Dad I have to give very good news to all, our dreams are coming true” Rishab shows them flyer of football

Mahesh (gets overwhelmed) : you really? my son is finally getting his desire

Rishab : yes dad (hugs him emotionally) now you and this kiddo relieve this burden (holds Karan on side)

Rakhi : I am so happy, all my children are settled in their life now

Karan ; mom no more tears, your sons are very too intelligent and strong

Kareena : you all should take some rest

Rishab ; dad one more thing, me and Karan have to go out of country for final matches

Kritika : really? where

“London” Rishab looks at his prankster wife who again jumps like kid

Sameer : god this girl, sit yaar, I will take you to room come

Tanya : no I will sit here with everybody

“No means no, get up” Sameer takes her to room upstairs

Preeta : ma today your beloved sons cooked food for us (shows her love to Karan)

Karan : don’t pretend to be caring, I know everything

Preeta : you are so double sided, get agitated if I praise or not why are you confused person

Rakhi : Preeta you go to your room dear, I will send juice for both of you girls

Preeta : okay mom (leaves)

Kareena : this is very good news Karan Rishab you both are going for your matches but dear at this time your wives also need you

Karan : we were also worried for that but then I realized nobody is experienced like my three girlfriends in this house (his mom, dadi, aunt)

Kareena : thats right

Everybody goes in their room. Kritika shares her feelings with Kareena alone who is extremely shocked hearing

Kritika : mom please don’t blame Preeta, she is not at fault

Kareena : dear your mom is not that cruel and I am angry at myself more

Kriika : but why?

“You are suffering due to my mistake, they say parent’s deed affect their children” Kareena feels guilty

Kritika :mom please don’t blame yourself, you know what Dhruv said, we cannot challenge fate’s decision

Kareena : really you are very lucky to find somebody like him, so gentle and caring

Kritika : and understanding too, nobody can love me more than him

“Not even in dreams sweetheart” Dhruv interrupts them

Kritika : speak of devil and he is here

Dhruv : excuse me, be respectful to your husband right mom

Kareena : of course dear

“God help me” Kritika gets annoyed

Dhruv ; not god only we can help you dear, mom you are crying

Kareena : should I call tears of happiness or for sadness don’t know, how should I even repay all this love you are giving

Dhruv : parents don’t thank their children, and I always see a protective mother in you, (hugs her happily)

Kritika : hello somebody ask me also, I am all alone now

Dhruv : who stopped you then (puts hand around her)

Sameer sees Tanya wandering in room restless about something

Sameer : hello my chutki what are you blabbering to yourself

Tanya : I am so much nervous right now, you know Rishab is going for match I should be happy right (says with hyper)

Sameer : yes so

“I don’t know how will I stay without him, its almost like 5 months now every time he is away from me something bad happens” Tanya stresses out

“Okay come sit, you should not take so much tension in this time, your junior will also get affected and who said my chutki is alone, her brother is with her” Sameer consoles her

Tanya : I know you are but I am so used of Rishab around me all time

“Wait, I have got friend for you” Sameer gives her statue of ganpati

Tanya : wow this is so beautiful, you are world’s best brother, thank you (hugs him)

Sameer : dont’ batter me to much, Rakshabandhan is coming soon, make my favorite desert then will consider

Tanya : promise

Rishab : if this brother sister bonding is over can I interrupt

Tanya : yes husband its your right

Rishab : Sameer come I want to talk with you something about business

Sameer : yes bhai coming bye

Both of them goes in study room

Sameer : yes bhai

Rishab : in all this mess I didn’t think about focus but I am sure you have handled very well

Sameer : yes bhai, actually our shares were in debt and one big politician invested money

Rishab ; look, you might have take right decision but I hope you did background check on them

Sameer ; I did bhai and it looked fine

Rishab ; one more thing, I know you will take care of Tanya but please that girl is very cranky and irresponsible

Sameer : don’t worry bhai we will make sure she stays happy

Rishab : okay go (looks at file)

Later the same politician family comes to Luthra house for visit. They know Mahesh as old acquaintances in business

Mahesh : welcome Mr Singhania, after such long time

Rajveer ; we had very old connection, how would i forget you

Mahesh : come sit, where is your son, didn’t see from years

Rajveer : he is here, son come (calls somebody)

A dashing guy with red leather jacket and glasses enters.

Mahesh : wow dear you became very handsome  not bad with time

Saurav : thanks uncle

Rakhi : have a sit dear

Saurav : beautiful house aunty, I came after long time here

Rakhi : I am very angry at you dear, you live in same city but don’t come to meet us

Saurav : what should I do aunty? my schedule is so much busy I can’t even meet my own family till few days

Rakhi : its good you help your dad but its your age to get married

Saurav : you are right aunty (sees Roo coming downstairs)

She is shocked to see him but gets big blow when Rajveer asks Ruchika’s hand for his son

Mahesh : what are you saying?

Rajveer : I feel we should turn our friendship into relative  now what say

Mahesh : your saying is not wrong but right now she is in college let her complete studies

Rajveer : I am not saying to get them married right now but if both like each other then

Rakhi : Roo dear whats your opinion

“Mom if you don’t mind I need some time to think” Roo stares Saurav angrily

Mahesh : never mind, Rajveer you might have met Sameer in conference right

Rajveer : of course he was the one I signed the deal for investment

Mahesh : I can’t thank enough, you did big favor on us

Rajveer : now don’t mix my personal and professional relationship, anyway we only came to discuss this, now give us permission

Rakhi : how come, have some snack

“Maybe next time and Roo dear, no force take your time” Rajveer blesses her

Tanya smells fishy with their behavior but does not tell anybody.

Ruchika goes to Saurav’s house angrily and shouts his name.

Saurav : welcome to my kingdom sweetheart what an entry

Roo : how dare you? you well know I am not interested in you, was that slap not enough

Saurav : not enough thats why I forced you to come here, sit

Roo : I am not here to sit, but to warn you stay away from me and my family, suppressing them under your debt won’t help

Saurav ; of course it won’t, but see now your family is in debt my dad helped them so there has to be some repay with interest

Ruchika gives him tight slap with all her energy turning his cheeks red.

Roo ; next time think before saying anything, I hope you recall slap years ago

Saurav : of course (twists her hand but Roo pushes him on floor hardly)

Roo : this is your status Mr cheap, next time think twice before messing with Ruchika Luthra, I am not from those girls who you can use like garbage alright, bye loser

Saurav puts her and Sahil’s intimate picture in projector on beach. This blows her all thinking

Saurav : what happened?  did your tongue got silent sweetheart

Roo : you blo*dy rascal (raises her hand but this time Saurav twists her arms)

“Now you see what the pain is, imagine if I make this video viral, you can prove pictures wrong but how will you justify this video” Saurav scares her with consequence

Roo is not able to say anything

Saurav : let me tell you wonderful secret, Sahil is actually best friend we both are friend from school and then college

Roo : how disgusting being his friend you are doing this to him

Saurav : I have no choice, because you are root cause of this problem, now he will pay price of loving girl like you

Roo : please don’t do this, what do you want

Saurav : revenge for that slap, you have to agree my proposal now, that day you hurt my ego in front of everybody now its payback time, you have time to think till tomorrow maybe little bit more

Roo : what if I don’t

“Then this video will be played in every house, your family’s reputation, your own queen bee image everything will gone” threatens her

Luthra house

Ruchika locks herself in washroom scared and terrified due to MMS video. Her mind freezes with the thinking of video going viral.

Precap : Tanya insists Roo to share her fears. Things turn ugly when family sees picture and video of Roo and Sahil

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  1. I loved all the fights and bondings …?? so hilarious
    Tanya and Preeta staying in room and everyone else in hall . I remember last time girls had to sleep in hall. Revenge time!
    Iss baar Sahil ne Roo ko phasa diya?
    Karan takes Tanya’s pic?
    Allthe fights were enjoyable!
    Roo in problem!
    I hope Roo shares everything with Tanya and she helps her out!
    Video seen by family!
    Please post soon
    Keep smiling??

  2. Amazing
    Loved the fight and funny moments ???
    Revenge ??? now Tanya and preeta sleeping in room and rest in hall??
    Keep smiling??
    Stay blessed??

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