Bepannah Aashqui FF Second Episode

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Good morning my dear lovely readers
Thanks alot dear jasmine, d, fenil, rimjhim, anee, sibanshi
Its so amazing to once again find my very dear reader anee in comment section
Ofcourse I remember u n miss u n all my family of Pyaarasa Rishta
U guys were so close to my heart
Am so sorry I broke my promise
Actually initially my health n latter the track of original sdch didn’t permit me to write ff I stopped watching show long back Being a sanveer shipper it was difficult to write kanchi ff espl when original track Kabir’s role became so grey n negative anyways am sorry
I hope u will enjoy my current series as much as previous one
Ok back to epi

Adi n pooja are settled in Mumbai
Pooja is very romantic but Adi keeps distancing himself
Adi misses his best friend zoya alot whom he hasn’t met since past five years
Pooja finds this disgusting
While both pooja adi feel they dnt understand eachother
On other side
Zoya has married yash three years ago
Yash’s family hasnot accepted zoya
Yash n zoya are staying in mussorie
Zoya too misses adi alot
Yash admires Adiya’s friend ship but fails to understand y zoya doesn’t want to meet adi
Yash leaves for Mumbai
N pooja for Kathmandu

Adi is seated on pilot’s seat
He cheerfully greets his passengers
Co pilot Rishi teases adi
Rishi-Adi u seem so excited
It appears pooja has again gone somewhere
Adi-hahaha yup she has gone to Kathmandu to attend her boring book exhibition
Rishi-Adi u had a love marriage with pooja but
Adi interrupts-I dnt know y but I feel happy when pooja isn’t around U know Rishi yaar her n my definition of love is so different we dnt match at all.
Anyways we will discuss this latter now its time to fly yupppieeeeeeeeeee

Rishi smiles looking at adi

Zoya is shown entering a beautiful house
Her younger sister noor comes rushing to her
They hug
Noor-Appii I missed u so much its been 15 long days since u visited us

Zoya’s father wasim makes faces while reading newspaper
Wasim (angry tone)-She was with her husband now that he has gone she remembered us

Zoya feels hurt
Her mother stops her father
Wasim-Roshnaa reality bites I dnt understand y Yash has married our daughter their marriage is imperfect Its been three long years he hasn’t made zoya meet his family n neither has Zoya tried .Marriages dnt succeed without family
Yash doesn’t love Zoya

Zoya is extremely hurt
Tears well up in her eyes
Noor-Appi come lets go to my room I have lots to tell u

Noor forcefully takes Zoya

Zoya is engrossed in her thoughts

Noor-appiii pls dnt feel bad about what abuuu said…..

Zoya interrupts-Noor my little kohinoor I know he is my abuu n he wants my good but u know what abuuu is right our marriage isn’t perfect n its high time I make it perfect Am going to Delhi airport I will take flight to Mumbai n meet mummyjii n mahi

Noor-butttt apppiiiiii

Zoya leaves noor tries to stop but zoya leaves in car

Adi makes an announcement
-Dear passengers this is ur captain Aditya Hooda Due to extreme fog we are making an emergency landing in Delhi airport once fog settles we will takeoff to Dehradhun Inconvenience regretted.

Adi is shown landing flight
N Zoya is shown entering Delhi airport

Strong breeze blows

Bepannah bepannah Aashqui hain tumse bepannah bepannah Aashqui hain tumse plays in bg

Adi steps out of flight
Adi to Rishi-I will go to gift shop at airport n try getting some gift for pooja she always grumbles I never gift her anything

Rishi nods

Zoya too enters gift shop
Zoya’s pov -I will something for mummyjii n mahi

Zoya n adi r in same gift shop

Adi’s pov-Y do I feel zoya is near me am I gone mad or something focus adi focus u need to buy a good gift

Zoya likes a ganpathi idol

Zoya’s pov -I need something for mahi
I dnt know what she likes
Yaaa adi always said when we dnt know what one likes we must gift him chocolate its least risky

Zoya smiles

Adi’s pov-Adi dnt waste time pooja is too choosy she willnot like anything dnt take risk buy chocolates

Both go in chocolate section
N bumppppppppppp
They collide

Zoya in adi’s arms
What an intense eyelock

Bepannah bepannah Aashqui hain tumse plays in bg
Both smile
Their eyes sparkle
Adi makes Zoya stand

They hug

A tight hug

Tears fall from adi’s eyes
Tears fall from Zoya’s eyes
Adi-Where did u disappear zoya u dnt know how much I missed u
Zoya-I too missed u alot adi

They are still hugging

Zoya realizes n frees herself

Adi looks at her lovingly
-ommmggg 5 years u have changed u have become a girl omggg u look so pretty

Zoya blushes-thanks adi

Before she could say anything more
Her phone beeps
Zoya attends the call
She isn’t able to hear so she moves out of shop
Suddenly adi sees zoya running from shop
He is confused
He tries to stop her
But his phone rings He attends call
Adi shellshocked-What how is that possible how can pooja be in train she boarded flight to Kathmandu
Tears drop from his eyes
Zoya is shown stopping taxis
She too is tear eyed

Adi is looking out for pooja at railway station
He collides with zoya
Zoya is in state of shock
She is holding her broken manglasutraaa
Adi is worried he asks zoya what happened.

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  2. Anee

    Heyyy Rushiii… It’s Okay I Understand your feelings…. don’t worry about promise….. I asked you coz I missed you so much…. and Rushi yarrr please tc of your health…. and this series I would LOVE to read anything from you…. Cos you gave us lots of happiness in the form of “Pyraasa Rishta”…. and this series is also amazing like your other FFs…. and the epi was superbbbb post soon waiting for it’s next part…. bye LUV YOU.

  3. Anticipating for. the next one…. nice storyline of modifications…

  4. fantastic yar…… Anticipating for the next update…

  5. Nice one dear..

  6. Jasminerahul

    oh so zoya too think a that her marriage is not perfect. adiya meeting…zoya in adi’s arms. .eye lock n hug were romantic. conversation was short n sweet.what’s that call about?did poosh meet with an accident here too?

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