Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 44

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The accident in sangeet ceremony does not let Preeta sleep due to worry for Karan. She keeps moving around on bed and finally goes on terrace for peace.

Preeta : should I call him or not? (keeps looking at her phone)

“Who are you planning to give heart attack my sweet baby doll she feels somebody holding her from back

She gets shocked to see Karan coming to meet her inspite of warning.

“Baby doll look at time everybody said after tomorrow and its not 12 yet keeps holding her through waist

Preeta : I could never understand your crazy logic seriously

Karan : don’t even try to or else this Karan luthra will turn you crazy

“Really then I will turn crazy 100 times for you my cute fianc becomes emotional again seeing him

Karan : not again, baby doll how many times I told you don’t waste your tears, even I don’t repeatedly hit sixes like this on cricket

Preeta : you are still joking, this is a serious matter do you even imagine if something had happened with you

“Preeta calm down, don’t panic till you are with me who can dare to harm me tries to make her cool down

Preeta : but somebody did why don’t you understand that day the frame broke today somebody fired bullet

“Okay listen you tell me what can I do to make you feel better asks her calmly

Preeta : I don’t know you cannot remove that fear from my heart

Karan : there is nothing I cannot do in this world come with me

“Right now are you crazy if somebody sees us like this gets bit annoyed at him

Karan : don’t worry we will come back soon (lifts her in arm and takes near his car)

Preeta : you are crazy Mr Luthra really if neighbors see us they will tell mom put me down please

Karan : don’ think I will put you in my lap and drive sorry i am not that stupid

Karan takes her to dargah nearby to pray for their good future.

“Karan why did you bring me here asks him confusingly

Karan : there is saying if you ask something from true heart here your wish will be full filed

Both enters the holy Shrine and kneels down bowing in front of god.

“Please protect my Karan from every danger, he is my everything, I will never be able to live without him Preeta raises her hands up

Karan keeps on looking at Preeta and asks for her happiness. She feels solace after tying the thread near the wall.

“Thank you for bringing me here thanks him

Karan drops her back home and leaves.

Luthra house

Karan sees somebody climbing up at Rishab’s room when he parks the car. He understands there is only one person who shares craziness with him. He takes the ladder as soon as she reaches in room.

“What are you doing here, don’t you remember we cannot meet Rishab scolds her whispering

Tanya : I was missing you but you don’t care anymore about me

Rishab : why are you getting emotional?

Tanya : I take so much risk to meet you fine I am leaving right now bye

“Wait you will leave me pulls her back close to him touching her chin

Tanya : yes I will, you are being rude

Rishab’s hands slide from her shoulder slowly and step back sadly

“I am sorry I didn’t mean that holds his face on one side

“Tanya for first time I let somebody enter my heart without any fear, you know how I lost my early days in all responsibilities but now I want to live those beautiful days again his tears touches her palm

“I want to make your life beautiful but something scares me I don’t want to go away from you holds his collar nervously

Rishab : hey wrestler this emotional type does not suit you

“Yea right I will leave now before somebody sees him again good night starts leaving

She turns around to see him smiling at her but she gets shocked to not find ladder. Karan stands downstairs hiding to see the drama again. Much to his despair Tanya comes down through the pipe.

“What are you looking whispers in his ears from back

Karan shouts little bit getting scared

Tanya : duffer if you shout once more I swear I will cut your tongue

Karan : aren’t you ashamed to go at a guy’s room at late night

Tanya : look who is talking? when you always sneak in Preeta’s room

Karan : I am boy you are girl

“Shut up at least don’t use that nonsense in front of me, now let me go I am getting late leaves with routine of kicking on his hand

Karan : this girl, let her come in this house then see how I will make every show entertaining everyday

“I will make sure it goes flop like always she taps hardly on his head and runs to gate

Rishab watches them from upstairs and laughs at their antics.

Shrishti looks at the ring Sameer put on her hands as commitment. Her happiness have no bounds to finally see her bright future.

“Shorty this was the best day of my life I will make sure our life will shine like this Shrishti promises herself to never let Sameer feel alone without her

The scene freezes on all six of them with having high hopes and desires to live happy life ahead but unaware of coming storm that could change their whole life.

Next day Rakhi informs Sarla about Karvachaut fast.

“This is the same fast right where girls have to stay hungry whole day without drinking water di, we are gone Shrishti gets nervous

Preeta: but Rakhi aunty clearly said you don’t have to worry she will not force any of us

Shrishti ; but still I want to keep this fast for my shorty’s long life

Preeta: not bad you have become sensible from now good then eat fully tonight

Shrishti : di if we are thinking about this imagine Tanya she is so obsessed with food how will she stay hungry

Preeta : I tell you (makes fun of her)

Tanya scolds them for making fun of her capability.

“Sorry sorry little bird don’t mind we are like sisters it happens Preeta pulls her cheeks

Tanya :  you all are joking I am shivering right now just by imagining

Shrishti : but then why are you fasting? do after marriage

Tanya : no I want to do that for my Rishab for his long life you girls will do that na

Shrishti : I have same situation like you for my shorty I will do this

Preeta : you both are deep in love not bad

Shrishti : don’t fly so high okay

“what are you girls talking, Rakhi ji called you all in Luthra house Sarla informs them

Luthra house

Rakhi asks permission from Sarla and Nandini to let girls keep Karvachaut fast.

“They are all yours whatever they want and my Tanya is a bee Nandini makes fun of her

Sarla ; don’t worry all three girls will keep fast this year even my Shrishti is not used for staying hungry

Karan and Sameer taunts girls for not able to stay hungry even for a day

Tanya : excuse me what do you mean?

Karan : don’t mind but I knew from a while that you are not capable of such things

Tanya : really and you are?

“But we are talking about you girls ” Sameer interrupts them

Tanya : okay then one challenge do you accept that

Karan : I don’t have habit of losing

Tanya : don’t turn back from your words Mr cricketer

Karan : you forgot who am I

“Fine Dadi this Karvachaut if you have permission boys will keep fast for us except for Rishab Tanya turns table to them

Karan and Sameer curse each other trying to  use several ways to avoid. Shrishti and Preeta could not control their laughter.

Rakhi and Dadi tells Sameer and Karan to keep fast for Preeta and Shrishit.

Karan : thats not fair even Rishab has to do keep this fast we both will not do alone

“Because of your both fight we always have to suffer for no reason Rishab taunts Karan for always messing with Tanya

Preeta tells Karan to not fast if he is not comfortable alone in room.

“Baby doll if I have to do this every year to make you mine I will stay hungry looks in her eyes

Preeta : can I ask you something (puts her head on his chest) were you always like this or did I made mistake in knowing you

“I don’t know but I know only a pure heart can find good in others gives her solace peacefully reciprocating her hug

“This arms is my solace I want to spend my whole life here looks up to him

Karan : the day I will make you wear mangalsutra my every breath will be yours

Preeta : that reminds me I have to buy mangalsutra, Karan aunty said they will get wedding date soon

Karan : I will also come with you, after all I want to see what is that ornament beautiful than my bride

Preeta : this is only precious ornament for our girls after marriage

Arora house

Shrishti paces around in her room praying to make her Karvachaut successful. She runs to the nearby Durga temple and prays innocently.

“Durga ma tomorrow is my first Karvachaut please take care of any witches around, this is matter my shorty’s life talks funnily

Sameer looks at her simplicity while talking with god and faith in goodness.

“Shorty its not good to hear other’s prayer what are you doing here asks him

Sameer : rakhi chachi sent this sargi for you and Preeta. she told both of you eat before sunrise tomorrow

“Shorty you too also eat properly we will only have food tomorrow evening and before that listen to me carefully after opening fast I want some good chinese food orders him wrapping arms

Sameer : anything else madam

“I will think but right now keep this one in mind and my fav desert gulab jamun teases him with her antics

Sameer : tall pole you are really crazy did anybody told you that

“Of course I am in your love shorty, I still can’t believe we are officially engaged looks at the ring he put on her fingers

Sameer : you know tall pole for first time I feel I got everything and I just want to live this moment

The rain adds more passion to their simplicity romantic moment. They goes to the nearby orphanage taking shelter from rain

Ghode jaisi chaal haathi jaisi dum (Chakdhoom dhoom..)
O saawan raja kahaan se aaye tum (Chakdhoom dhoom..)
Ghode jaisi chaal haathi jaisi dum (Chakdhoom dhoom..)
O saawan raja kahaan se aaye tum (Chakdhoom dhoom..)

Chakdhoom dhoom (Repeat 3 times)

Koi ladki hai jab wo hansti hai (Chakdhoom dhoom…)
Koi ladki hai jab vo hansti hai
Baarish hoti hai
Chhanar chhanar chhumchhum

Haye koi ladki hai jab vo hansti hai
Baarish hoti hai chhanar
Chhanar chhumchhum

Koi ladka hai jab wo gaata hai.. (Chakdhoom dhoom…)

Arrey koi ladka hai jab vo gaata hai
Saawan aata hai
Ghumar ghumar ghumghoom

Haye koi ladka hai jab vo gaata hai
Saawan aata hai
Ghumar ghumar ghumghoom (Chakdhoom dhoom…)

Ho.. ho ho ho
Hey.. hey hey hey

Baadal jhuke, jhuke, se hain
Raste ruke, ruke, se hain
Kya teri marzi hai megha
Ghar hum ko jaane na dega..

Both plays with kids near the orphanage who enjoys Sameer Shrishti’s kindness. The owner offers them to do dinner with the children to cheer them up.

Nearly in midnight the ladies does the prayer and eats the sargi for Karvachaut.

Arora house

“Preeta Shrishti hurry up eat your sargi Sarla calls them from outside

The girls have hard time waking up in midnight

Nandini hits Tanya with pillow to wake her up from beauty sleep.

Tanya : mom let me sleep

Nandini : no way wake up now or else remember that prank on other day

Tanya : you are so mean mother, you see when I go from this house you will miss me the most

Nandni gets extremely disturbed by her words though it meant as joke


Nandini shares her plead with Sarla about diseases on last stage of brain tumor. More than her own illness Tanya’s reaction is killing her inside.

Sarla : why didn’t you tell her? if she finds out from outside then

Nandini : thats what I am afraid, when Tanya will come to know she will stop this marriage and take me away from treatment

Sarla : what are doctor saying?

Nandini : they are suggesting surgery but there are very less chances of getting cured

“I don’t know why god is testing us like this I am sure there will be a way don’t lose hope tries to console her

“No didi doctors have given answers I don’t have much time left i know my Tanya will not be able to handle all this she will breakdown ” her heart starts panicking with the thought

Sarla : what is your plan now? you didn’t share this with Tanya either

Nandini : didi I don’t want Tanya to feel alone on her wedding god forbid if something goes wrong before will you do her give away ritual like Preeta

“Is that something to ask she is equal to my daughter, I promise I will never let her feel alone gives promise

Flashback ends

Nandini looks at the report of her disease. She write some letter for Tanya and leave in her room.

Later in evening the girls gets restless with hunger and wait for moon to come out. Tanya keeps looking in sky holding her stomach.

“If this moon does not come out then I will faint out of hungry, please moon come out quickly talks to herself

She feels strong hands wrapping her from back to her waist.

“Not bad my would be wife is so cute that she can handle everything but not starving turns her towards him rapidly but still have hands on waist gently

Tanya ;you know this is first time I stayed so long without eating and drinking, how does all this woman survive whole day

Rishab : you know why because they have that faith in god they keep for their husband’s long life

Tanya : really? then why are you keeping this fast my would be husband

Rishab : should I tell you or not?

Tanya ; You know that i have different ways to make you confess (puts hands on his both sides of neck)

Rishab : because I want to spend long life with you (pulls her closer)

Tanya’e eyes fill with intensity hearing his words and love reflecting for her.

Rishab : What are you looking?

“That passion I see in your eyes till today nobody ever loved me this much, now only this is my support for life, and this karvchaut is witness of my faith for your long life embraces on his chest emotionally

Kritika : bhai what are you both doing here? come on aunty is calling

Preeta paces around on terrace after preparing her aarti.

“Wow baby doll you are fasting today are you hungry, take some food I won’t mind tease her funnily

Preeta : shut up loser luthra I am sure you ate so much whole day here I am starving from morning with death

Karan : who told you to keep fast? you told me that I can’t do weight lifting because thats my thing then why you girls have to fast when you cannot do that

Preeta : you won’t understand this ritual is very important for our indian girls we pray to that moon living up in sky

“Wait I can see that moon goes near her

Preeta : where is it

“In your eyes my moon is in front of me why should I look that fake beauty runs his hands on her tiny eyes

Some ladies shout about moon coming out. The girls gets very excited to finally see the moon showing. Kritika, Shrishti, Preeta and Tanya are guided by their mothers on doing the ritual.

Haath Mein Puja Ki Thali, Aai Raat Suhagonwali
Chand Ko Dekhun Haath Mein Jodu, 

The girls see their partner from the sieve after offering water to moon. Kritika though sees Akshay in front her eyes look for Dhruv standing behind him with other people.

Rishab feed sweet and water to Tanya while she makes him drink water on halfway

Kadwa Chaut Ka Wrat Maein Todun

Tere Haath Se Peeke Paani Daasi Se Ban Jaun Raani

Karan plays with Preeta holding glass of water in hands. Seeing her plight he makes her drink carefully and is offered sweet by Preeta

Sameer and Shrishti break their fast too after long starving day.

Aaj Ki Raat Jo Maange Koi Woh Pa Jaaye Re
Ghar Aaja Pardesi Tera Des Bulaye Re

Rakhi : wow ji this was great Karvachaut all our children made day special

Ruchika : mom thats not fair Dhruv and I remained alone

“Shameless think before you speak what will everybody say Kritka offends her

Dhruv deliberately makes her jealous with getting close with Roo

Dhruv : don’t worry your brother will find you the most richest NRI and then you can settle there how about London

He stops flirting seeing the fire in Kritika’s eyes that will burn him to ashes. Preeta easily senses something fishy between their eye conversation.

Dhruv : look at your sister it looks she will kill me with her eyes

Roo : she is like that but after marriage her nature became little grumpy please do something na to bring her back

Dhruv : do I look like god or astrologer who would straighten her

Roo : I can give you idea but what will I get in return, my plan is fullproof

Dhruv : are you making a doctor give bribe? no thank you unless its full proof

Roo ; you have to marry me (teases him)

“Go check psychiatrist first and take your sister with you walks downstairs

“Wait Dhruv listen to me first then pull the trigger I know my sister very well, she looks innocent from face but when it comes to jealousy her level will touch the cloud Roo shares her idea

Dhruv : no wonder you are Karan’s sister, such a big drama queen what is the plan

Ruchi tells her brilliant idea to woo Kritika by an emotional drama.

Dhruv : you are not that stupid you look like (Taps her head)

Ruchika : excuse me i am your future sister in law and the Karan Luthra’s sister so be respectful (praises herself)

Kritika comes there seeing the duo busy in their own world of fun and drama

Kritika : what is going on here?

Dhruv : what do you think RJ this group is for fun people not for boring kids right Roo

Ruchika : yes of course sorry di but he has good point you know I was telling him you because you became boring

Krtiika : fine if you think that but I don’t care what people think about me (looks at Dhruv and leaves)

Dhruv : I think iron is too hot right now, we don’t have to do anything

Ruchika : how can you be so sure

“You are still kid Roo, when time will come you will also understand he leaves too

Ruchika :I think I will become crazy with this two

Sameer takes Shrishti for their dinner date according to her order for Chinese on guest house saving from families.

“Shorty where are you taking me blindfolded like this irritates him with her nagging

Sameer : you are so irritating why can’t you keep quite for a while (opens her blindfold)

Shrishti gets excited seeing the food on the table and happily embraces her shorty for fulfilling her wish and bearing tantrums.

Sameer : can we eat please I am starving

Shrishti : yea sure I cannot wait anymore now

Akshay senses Kritika’s jealousy towards Dhruv and Ruchika’s closeness. He decides to use that as weapon to defame her in front of family.

“Kritika I have to go somewhere its very urgent informs her

Kritika : right now? its too late

Akshay : some client has very important meeting you go to sleep I will come back as soon as I can

Kritika nods and goes to her room. Akshay plays his last move by making stalk call to Kritika informing her about Akshay’s bad condition to the place near Paradise hotel.

“What are you saying, who are you Kritika asks him repeatedly

Akshay : consider your well wisher (hangs up)

Kritika’s heart and mind have race together with all different kind of thoughts running. She rushes to the place near hotel as fast as possible. Dhruv sees her while going downstairs in the hotel where he lives as accommodation.

“Kritika what are you doing here Dhruv gets scared seeing her panting badly

The next moment he gets completely shocked when she hugs him shedding tears.

“Are you okay? what happened Dhruv ask her with serious reaction

Kritika tells him everything about the call. Dhruv senses fishy in the story and sees her phone.

Dhruv ; this call is from a private number did you check his office

Kritika : no my phone died Dhruv please help me (pleads him )

Dhruv : okay relax use my phone here (gives her his cell phone)

Kritika tries calling in the office but nobody picks up the call due to closure.

Dhruv : I think we should go and check the office you wait here I will get the car

Both starts heading towards to Akshay’s office but on their way get stuck due to construction work. One of the worker suggest them to wait near the hut on roadside till roads open.

Kritika : why is this all happening?

“Maybe its a god sign what saypulls her leg

Kritika : shut up

Dhruv : okay come on get down we will go inside the hut for a while I cannot handle this noise for too long (goes out of car)

Both enters the hut nearby which is almost like deserted shed with grass and woods. Dhruv lights up with matchstick to bring some brightness.

Kritika notices his tensed face while pacing around the room.

Dhruv : what are you looking?

“the pain behind his fake smile tells him off on face

Dhruv : there is nothing like that (his eyes falls on scratches on her hand) wait what is that

“Its nothing what are you doing tries to cover her wounds with scarf

“Kritika let me see your hands lifts up her sleeve only to find scratches on her hands

Dhruv : what is all this? don’t even think of lying I am a doctor

Kritika : I was working in kitchen and just happened

“You lie so easily why are you doing all this, even a blind can see you don’t deserve this nonsense asks her indirectly to move on

Kritika : I don’t know what you are saying

Dhruv : you know exactly what I mean, we both know Akshay is not right person then what are you scared of, society who cares they will gossip and forget another day

“But I cannot bring down my family dont you understand, I am girl this is not easy for me and one more thing I know Akshay is not perfect but that does not mean he does not love me stands up angrily

Dhruv claps sarcastically for her morality of getting suppressed under society norms.

Kritika : you would have understood if you saw what it means when somebody plays with your image

Dhruv recalls his mother leaving him behind motherless for her ego.

Precap : Karan and Rishab throws Akshay out.

Nandini hospitalized

Dhruv leaves country


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  1. Amazing episode
    Loved it to the core
    Shirshmeer scenes are so cute ???
    Never expected rishab to be this romantic but loving his romantic side and rishnya scenes are awesome
    Poor kritika……now she will get justice
    Seriously they should have chosen you a writer for kundali bhagya, their story would have been a million times better
    As for the precap, omg loads of drama is coming up
    Very excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤

  2. I just love ur ff .I’ve read ur ff frm 1to 44 today and it was ewsome , fantastic superb omg thrs no word to explain it’s so beautiful .I wish this happen in the show

  3. Superb?
    Preetan=love ;and their emotional talks , teasing ,andromance=Perfection(which you did)
    Shrishmeer chinese food?
    Karvachauth nok-jhok was amazing
    Karnya’s fight over sneaking into their fiance’s rooms?
    Nandini’s health?
    Dhruv and ruchika’s bonding is amazing even they should have a jiju-sali name . What about roov?And roo is actually helping him to get her married sister . Does roo also know about akshay?
    Precap:yes!Aksay exposed . I don’t want that poor kritika but a cute and funny type like in kdb . What storm is about to come? And what will happen to nandini?
    Interesting, very interesting
    Keep smiling

  4. I just love ur ff it was amazing I’ve complete reading frm 1 to 44 today it was wowww. I really love it . update soon plzz .cnt wait … I wish it was a novel so dat I can complete it in one go

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