Chandrakanta (Colors) 22nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandrakanta is crowned as Maharani, Iravathi Provokes Hirnasur

Chandrakanta (Colors) 22nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakanta and Veer are at the Palace. She tells that there will be no negativity here, we all will think about the nation’s betterment. Everyone applaud for Chandrakanta. Veer says today she has proved that Truth only wins even after Evil tries. He tells that Ratnaprabha’s daughter rajkumari Chandrakanta will wear her crown today. He makes Chandrakanta wear it. Everyone cheers for her. Chandrakanta says today it is the day of victory and says she will appoint all important post tomorrow. Umang comes to Tej. Tej tells that he will give important post tomorrow and tries a dress. Umang says I am her childhood friend and will get good post. Tej says I will get it. They argue. Veer asks why you both are fighting. Umang says he is seeing dreams. Veer says Umang is Chandrakanta’s friend and shall get important post. Tej says I am Veer’s friend and shall get the post. Veer says yes and teases them. He tells that Tej called you fat.

Umang asks really. Veer says umang told chandrakanta that Tej is monkey. Umang and Tej understand that he is pulling their leg and asks him to tell he will support whom? They have a friendship fighting. Bhadramaa tells that don’t know what Chandrakanta will do as we were supported Iravathi. Veer comes and holds Chandrakanta’s waist romantically. Chandrakanta tells him that tomorrow she has to appoint the new posts. Veer asks her not to worry and tells that her people loves her a lot. He asks about her plans. Chandrakanta talks about people’ s betterment and hopes. Veer laughs and asks since when you have started thinking by mind and says my Chandrakanta always think from heart. He asks what is her plan? Chandrakanta says she will make Vijay garh strong as Iravathi is still alive and might be planning to attack. Iravathi cries burning her son’s body and promises to take revenge.

Next day, Chandrakanta tells everyone that she has chosen her salakar with intelligent mind and powerful, and says she is Bhadramaa. Bhadramaa gets surprised. Chandrakanta asks her to accept this post. Bhadramaa says I might be more experienced than you, but you are more powerful and true heart. Chandrakanta welcomes her. Everyone applaud for Bhadra. Chandrakanta says Maharaj Veer will choose Senapati. Veer tells that Tej will be the next sena pati. Tej comes forward. Veer does his tilak. Umang thinks what is left for me now. Chandrakanta says there is one person who can handle business and love. Umang gets happy. Chandrakanta says now you can taste other cities food taste with authority. Everyone applaud for him. Chandrakanta tells that Gehna is her sahayak mantra. Gehna gets happy.

Iravathi tells if you don’t help me then I will make Paatal shaken up. Paatal people laughs. Iravathi looks on. Veer tells Tej that he has build magical wall and now Iravathi can’t enter. Tej says only knife can stop her. Bhadrama asks Chandrakanta to get tilismi knife. The demon tells that they are kaal. Iravathi says she is the rani. She thinks of Guru ji’s words and thinks Pisachu have weakness. She attacks on their weakness killing them. One Pisachu is left. Iravathi thinks what is his weakness. Chandrakanta tells Bhadra maa that she can’t use the knife going against Vishnu ji. Pisachu tells Iravathi that he has no weakness and stammers. Iravathi attacks on his mouth and kill him. She asks door to open and says she has killed all Pisachu. She gets inside.

Chandrakanta is happy in her Palace when she hears the sound and asks who is there. Veer is hiding behind the curtain and makes her sit. He says he will do her seva. Chandrakanta says people will think that I have made you my servant. Veer says I am joru ka ghulam and is equivalent to many ghulams. Chandrakanta says ghulam doesn’t shout. Veer hugs her. Chandrakanta asks him to show love. He asks her to give gift and then take love. She asks him to show gift first. He says I am hopeful that you will like it. Chandrakanta sees his gift and likes it. Veer says you are also giving me a good gift and says it is a father’s gift to his baby. Chandrakanta says she liked the gift. Veer asks for his prize. They get romantic.

Chandrakanta wakes up in the morning and feels baby kicks. She talks to her baby. Iravathi opens the door. Hirnasur says who came to Pataal log. Iravathi says she has stepped inside. Bhadra and Veer tell about Vijaygarh’s security. Umang comes and says other cities people are happy that you are Maharani now. Chandrakanta says they have to find out where is Iravati. Gehna says I came to know where is Iravathi, tells that Saudagar told her that Pisachu are killed. Bhadramaa says who can kill them. Veer says Maa. Bhadramaa says if she is trying to take asoor’s help to do conspiracy and attack you.

Hirnasur asks how dare you to come here? He says nobody can come here. Iravathi tells that they have killed your son. Hirasur says he was destined to become king and get that knife. Iravathi challenges him to show his power to enemies and kill them who has killed your son. Hirnasur asks him to tell soon why did she come? Iravathi says to make you wake up, and asks him to show his asurta, and asks him to build his samrajya and ruin everyone, and make people believe that evil wins over truth. She asks him to kill Veer and Aditya.

Hirnasur and Iravathi plan to kill Veer and Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta tells that they have God’s power.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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