Preeran SS ; Realization Part 55

Guest house

Elina looks for ancestral bangles to give to Kritika as daughter in law.

“This Kabir always does his own, don’t know where did that bangles go Elina tells her

Kritika ; bhabhi its okay you can give me after we go back

Kabir (outside in room) : oh no those bangles I gave to Roo what will I tell bhabhi


Before hotel proposal Kabir confessed his love to Roo but only wanted to tell feelings in grand way at hotel.

Roo : wow what a design

Kabir : those are our ancestral bangles, I told bhabhi you will girl when she comes in front of you wearing those

Flashback ends

Elina : Kabir where are those bangles?

“Bhabhi I think I forgot them in Mumbai, no worries you can give it later he makes excuse

Elina : mend yourself your wife is here now

Kabir : how should I even tell Roo?

After all rituals are completed Suraj and Arjun bring boys to their room. Rishab and Piyali stays in small cottage and does not return

“Boys sorry now you all became men at least behave like that Suraj teases them

Karan : you didn’t find any other ways to taunt us fool

Arjun :he is right your all face says you are going to fight for war (laughs)

Sameer ; you are lucky your wife is not hitler look at us yaar

Suraj : say softly or tonight you will have to sleep outside on your wedding night

Everybody goes back to their rooms

Karan sees his beautiful wife waiting for him in middle of room. The heart shaped is decorated with flowers in center and candles

Karan : baby doll are you angry at me?

Much to his surprise he sees cake in her hands coming to him

Karan ; what is this?

“Blow the candle to start out new life,  brightness of this candle is symbol of our new beginning Preeta tells him

Karan gets overwhelmed with her little gesture and blows candle feeding each other

Soona Soona Lamha Lamha 

Meri Rahein Tanha Tanha 

Aakar Mujhe Tum Tham Lo 

Manzil Teri Dekhe Rasta 

Mud Ke Zara Ab Dekh Lo 

Aisa Milan Phir Ho Na Ho 

Sab Kuch Mera Tum Hi To Ho 

Bepanah Pyaar Hai Aaja 

Tera Intezaar Hai Aaja 

O Bepanah Pyaar Hai Aaja 

Tera Intezaar Hai Aaja Soona Soona Lamha Lamha Meri Rahein Tanha Tanha

Preeta shows him all pictures of them in frame together.

Bichhde Bhi Ham Jo Kabhi 

Raston Main To Sang Sang Rahungi Sada 

Kadmon Ki Aawaaz Sun Ke Chalungi Tumhe 

Dhoond Loongi Sada 

Bhooli Mohabbat Ki Yeh 

Khushbuye Hain Hawaon 

Main Phaili Hui 

Chhu Kar Mujhe Aaj 

Mahsoon Kar Lo

Karan : for one moment I thought I lost you forever I am sorry (bends on his knees)

“Look at me you have not done anything wrong that I have to punish you, I know you love your family a lot I only want small space in this small heart she bends down to him

Karan : you are my everything, now bhai found his happiness, my duty is towards you only this heart is yours why you need place

Both leans towards each other to seal their lips with passion and love. Karan removes her jewelery slowly putting small pecks on her

Preeta : Karan I am not ready yet to take our relation at next level

Karan ;  your every wish is command for me

you know I am feeling very lucky today I got this world’s most beautiful girl whose heart is very pure

“Don’t praise me so much that I break down says closing her eyes

Karan : I won’t let you break, you get changed (leaves her shoulder)

Preeta gets changed into simple dress. She sees him making bed on sofa

Preeta : what are you doing?

Karan ; you can sleep on bed I will manage on sofa no worries

Preeta : hello yesterday’s calendar we are married I have not problem sharing bed with you come

Karan : thank you (jumps on bed)

Preeta : I told to sleep not jump like monkey

Karan : sorry

Preeta lays down in his arm putting hand on his chest. Both dozes off after long day

Kritika sees Kabir coming inside the room. She feels very nervous

Kabir : what are you thinking?

“That does dreams really come true, I never expected to marry somebody who loves me so much Kritika holds his hand

Kabir : I have got a gift for you

“What is it? she asks happily

Kabir (gives her box) : here

Kritika opens the gift only to find diamond necklace

Kritika ; this is so gorgeous no wonder I love your choice

Kabir : you can try if if you want and if you don’t like it we will get it changed (stars walking)

Kritika ; wait won’t you tie on my neck? now I am your wife I won’t mind

Kabir grabs her hair to front while putting on necklace hesitantly.

Kritika : you look tensed is everything okay

“Actually I am very tired, but I need to talk something important makes her sit

Kritika ; yes what is it?

“You know our marriage happened little fast but I made one promise to myself that I won’t ever let you cry again, no matter what as a husband I want to fulfill all my duties sits next to her while talking

Kritika : and I also will make sure I will always maintain the dignity of this family

Kabir : you must be tired na from so many days with all rituals I will just be back

Kritika finds something wrong with his behavior recalling all incidence after proposal


Rishab lights up fire to prevent getting cold. He sees Piyali standing near pillar little tensed with everything

Rishab : you are okay? I didn’t wanted to force anything on you

“If today I had lost you I might have not be able to live, every time I end up losing your love, please bind me in your love and make me yours in every sense so nobody can rift us apart she gives him back hug sobbing

Rishab :

The duo leans against wall sharing passionate kiss holding there face.

Roshni Se Bhare Bhare

Bhare Bhare Naina Tere

Roshni Se Bhare Bhare

Bhare Bhare Naina Tere

Chooke Bole Na Choo Na Mujhe

Chooke Bole Na Choo Na Mujhe

Sapnon Se Bhare Bhare

Bhare Bhare Naina Tere

Sapnon Se Bhare Bhare

Bhare Bhare Naina Tere

Chooke Bole Na Choo Na Mujhe

Chooke Bole Na Choo Na Mujhe

Rishab makes her lay on grass intertwined their hands together whole time.

Dhoonda Hai Dhoonda Hai Tujhe

Aakash Upar Tale

Shayad Kisi Badri Mein

Lipti Hui Tu Mile

Oh Dhoonda Hai Dhoonda Hai Tujhe

Aakash Upar Tale

Shayad Kisi Nadiyaa Pe

Chalta Huva Tu Mile

Roshni Se Bhare Bhare

Bhare Bhare Naina Tere

Chooke Bole Na Choo Na Mujhe

Chooke Bole Na Choo Na Mujhe

Both ends up consummating their marriage after all torture of separation.

Guest house 

Roo is lost into thoughts day before marriage when Preeta caught her with Kabir.


After Kabir leaves Preeta confronts Roo about her feelings.

Roo : bhabhi

“Don’t lie to me I saw everything what was going on ” Preeta hold her

Roo : whatever you saw was right, we love each other, that day in hotel Kabir planned that surprised for me and we wanted to tell you all same thing but don’t know how di came there and you all also got misunderstand

Preeta : then why didn’t you cleared that time you let things come till here

Roo : i could have but how would I have taken my sister’s love

Preeta : I don’t know anything you will tell Kritika everything right now come

“Bhabhi please I have handled myself and convinced Kabir with lot of difficult, di will break again her dreams will be shattered Roo begs in front of her

Preeta : but if she finds out after marriage she will break more, understand please

“You have my swear please bhabhi don’t tell this to anybody, I don’t have courage to see my sister dying thousand death Roo cries

Preeta feels helpless with her promise and decides to stay quiet

Flashback ends

Roo ; I am really sorry bhabhi first time I had to make hide such big thing but I won’t let you suffer for my mistake

Next day Preeta wakes up to see her loving husband sleeping next to her holding hands.

Preeta ;  why are you so cute? (rest on his chest) now every morning I will see this face

Karan moves in sleep holding her back. Preeta does not disturb his sleep and goes in washroom to get ready.

Karan wakes up from his sleep and looks for his baby doll. He smells lavender and vanilla in whole room. Preeta comes out drying her hair

“Baby doll you have decided to kill me in early morning with your beauty Karan holds her from back lovingly

Preeta : what are you doing? go take shower

Karan ; its very romantic my love, lets enjoy in the rain weather

Preeta : you have become very naughty, go and take shower

Karan : you also join me it will fun

“Shut up now go Preeta sends him away

Rakhi and everybody get ready to leave. Sherlyn and his mom decides to stay back for few days.

Elina : Suraj look at their faces how is it glowing from last night

Shrishti : Elina are you on our side or their

Preeta : you see when her brother will come she won’t even give single taunt

Karan ; bhai didn’t come yet

Anu : their night might not be over yet

“Look at her, she is so shameless totally opposite of her sister Karan taunts her

Anu : you are absolutely right call them, its morning

Karan ; let them enjoy we all will go back

Preeta : are you crazy how will he come?

“Barefoot now he got partner for company Suraj says

Elina ; honey, even you have partner should we also go walking to our house

Suraj : no thank you, Karan call him and inform we are leaving


Bright sun rays fall on Piyali’s face who is sleeping peacefully. She feels strong hand on around her waist and moves slowly to get up.

Phone rings

“Hello she picks up

Karan : good morning my dear bhabhi I hope night was not too long

Preeta (hits his shoulder) : have some shame you are talking to your bhabhi

Karan : baby doll relax she won’t mind

“Didi I want to see your beautiful face, I am sure it might be glowing Anu teases her

Piyali rubs her head with their crazy banter

“You both move aside fools, why are you teasing poor girl Preeta takes phone pushing them side

Karan : you are so rude with your husband

Preeta ; Piyali we just called to tell you both we are leaving right now you and Rishabji can come later

Karan : and yes we are leaving your storm here

Anu ; no di I am going with them you enjoy with Rishab jiju bye

Piyali : bye (hangs up)

Later everybody leaves for Mumbai in three different cars. Elders in one Arjun, Roo kritika and Kabir in another. While rest of them together

Elina ; Suraj your brother face is pale in already one day I guess dose went high

Sameer : excuse our sister is very naive okay your brother is little crazy

Elina : who are you calling crazy?

Karan ; if I don’t go for practice tomorrow coach will ask me are you enjoying your permanent honeymoon

Elina : even I have to go at office, you all have your own for me I handle whole firm

Karan : this is not our family ground or relative

Preeta : Shrishti is our lucky one she don’t have work outside

Shrishti ; di you are insulting me even I will find a good job now watch out

Sameer : show this attitude to somebody else

Anu ; didi learn to respect your husband, they are equal to god (mimics)

Elina : Anu please you better focus on your studies and not on such stupid things

Anu : didi whats the fun without entertainment

Preeta : first stand on your feet and then talk about fun, I wonder which guy will pick your tantrums and don’t you dare learn anything from your so called Karan Sir

Anu : that reminds me he gave me very good tip for future sir should i tell her

Karan signals her to be quiet

Preeta : what were you saying?

Anu ; nothing let it be

Preeta : if you don’t tell me right now I will tell Piyali what her sister was doing yesterday

Shrishti : what she did yesterday?

Preeta ; Anu madam was flirting with a boy who came in marriage right

Elina : what does that have to do with Piyali

“You all don’t know, first she will cut her into small pieces and do stir fry Preeta scares her

Anu : didi thats not fair I am your loving sister you cannot torture this poor kid

Preeta ; then tell me secret quickly

Karan ; Anu don’t

Preeta ; you decide Anu what you want?

Anu : Karan sir said whenever you find a boyfriend make sure they have proper IQ, and not a dumbo

Preeta makes O shaped hearing it and throws stuff on him

Karan ; baby doll she is lying

Anu ; listen he said something more

“What did he say Preeta picks up bottle

Anu ; that his kareli is very golden heart and make sure your partner supports you

Preeta : Karan you are teaching her such things when its her age to study

Karan : baby doll I only taught what her mind can capture inside

Preeta : what ?

Karan : now you will teach demon lesson of righteousness would that change him no na

Elina : you boys are seriously annoying, I am sure Suraj must have also given her lecture

“Honey your swear I didn’t even give her small speech about anything Suraj defends

Shrishti ; shorty you better say no or else

“You girls are blaming us yaar, only because of Karan bhai Sammy tells him

Everybody reaches Mumbai in few hours. Rishab and Piyali too leaves from Pune for their house.

Rishab ; what are you always thinking?

Piyali : about Mumbai such a beautiful city, I always heard thats dream city

Rishab : you still have not seen whole city, you will forget Cape town

Piyali : only if I remember, our country is ours

Kritika goes to bharadwaj house for gharpravesh. Elina does here aarti

“Now hit this urn and put feet on red water walking inside to bring happiness in this house Elina explains to her

Kritika hits urn and coms inside with red footprint walking.

Elina : with this you come with a promise that this house kitchen will always be full

Kritika nods. Elina feels little dizzy while working

Luthra house

Rakhi does welcome of both girls same way. Preeta and Shrishti hits urn walking inside with red feet making promise to always bring happiness in family.

Rakhi ; dear now leave this hand print on your room doors

Mahesh : listen Rishab is on his way, we have to welcome our eldest daughter in law too

Preeta : I will do it please mom

Karan : why you? mom does it she will do

Preeta gives him revengeful look

Karan : mom she is scaring your son

Rishab and Piyali enters the house

“Wait wait bride where are you coming Shrishti stops them

Piyali : what happened?

“You are in so much hurry to walk inside, bride ” Preeta does her aarti

Rakhi : dear now your left leg hit this urn and comes inside house

Piyali enters the house completing ritual.

“Dear this are our ancestral bangles, I have made for my all three daughter in laws, since you are eldest one those are little heavy, it means now I am giving you all my sons responsibility Rakhi puts bangle on her hands

The three girls takes her blessing


Kritika slaps Roo for deceiving her. New girl Roshni comes to Preeta’s clinic for treatment

PS : Guys this episode will mark exit of Sherlyn’s character she won’t be shown again.

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