Preeran FF ; Realization Part 56

Luthra house 

Piyali sees the whole view of city from terrace at night

Rishab ; hey (comes from back)

Piyali ; this view is so beautiful, I miss staying in india, I was right this city is like dream

Rishab : you know we used to live in Ooty years ago, dad build this house with his hard work and we settled down year

Piyali : everything happens so fast it make scared sometime

Rishab (turns her to him) ; nothing like that will happen, you being superstitious is something I don’t believe

Piyali : yea right, I never believe such things in life

Rishab narrates her South Africa hotel room incidence.

Piyali (giggles) :oh my god seriously Karan and Suraj are really coward then I mean getting scared with anklet noise

Rishab ; you should seen them, both were not willing to leave girls alone

“You didn’t get scared? wraps arm around him lovingly

Rishab ; why should I? even if real ghost comes I won’t be scared

Anu decides to play prank on Karan to tease about ghost

At night Karan sees a shadow outside the room and follows it. He sees a note

“Find me” in red letters

He hears weird giggling noise coming from another side

“Jai hanuman gyan gun saagar” he chants with fear

“Remembering god won’t help you young boy, your time has come to go with god” female voice echoes loudly

Karan runs away in the room covering himself under blanket with torch on. Preeta does not realize about his fear. He hears door opening but nobody is there

“Baby doll please wake up Karan tells her

Preeta : let me sleep (gets irritated)

Karan : I think this time ghost came again please save me

Preeta hits him in sleep with pillow. She too wakes up hearing anklet noise

Preeta (scared) : whats that noise

Karan ; I am trying to tell you from long time but you are so busy in your beauty sleep, please go check

Preeta ; now I won’t, lets go together

Both starts walking holding each other’s hands to the door.

“Boo Anu scares them to hell

“Ahhh Preeta and Karan shouts jumping

Everybody comes to see them

Karan : mom a ghost is wandering in our house now

Mahesh ; what is happening?

Sameer : bhai did that ghost came again from South Africa

Piyali ; why did you both shout? (looks at Anu who is hiding her laugh)

Karan : I heard a noise of anklet, Anu you were scaring us?

Anu (giggles) : I am sorry but ever since I heard Rishab jiju telling about that South Africa story to didi I was so curious to see

Karan (hits his head) : yaar Piyali why do you let her watch horror movie, I swear if even Ram gopal verma could not scare us

Piyali (Taps her head) : what the hell? are you crazy say sorry

Anu : sorry Karan sir, Preeta di (holds her ears) you both got scared

Rakhi ; Anu dear is this way to scare somebody

Mahesh ; serves right to mom’s brat sorry Preeta dear, but he deserved it

Piyali : uncle please don’t take her side and you come with me I will straighten you right now (takes her to room)

Karan : from tomorrow no more sweet tea for him okay

Mahesh : you are instigating your mom against me

Kareena ; bhai stop all this lets go sleep

“If you did this again I will beat you so much this beautiful face will changed, and I will send you to boarding Piyali scolds her

Rishab ; relax nothing happened and that Karan have habit of getting scared now

Piyali : but at midnight she disturbed everybody now go straightly to your room

Anu ; sorry didi (leaves)

Everybody goes back to sleep. A lady stands outside the house watching carefully. She hangs lemon and green small plant on their door

“God help them with coming disaster she leaves

Next day Elina starts feeling nausea more than previously

Suraj : honey are you okay? sit here drink water (makes her sit)

Elina : I am fine I don’t know why am I feeling so uneasy from few days

Suraj : listen I am taking doctor’s appointment today we will go together

Elina ; no thats fine you have important meeting

Suraj : don’t be crazy meetings can wait

Kritika : good morning, Suraj bhai if you don’t mind I will go with her

Suraj : are you sure?

Kritika : of course don’t worry I will go with her to doctor’s office

Suraj : thanks and where is my younger prince still sleeping?

Kritika nods

Suraj ; see even after marriage his habits didn’t change

Elina : relax its been only one day everything will be fine you go best of luck

Suraj ; bye (leaves)

Kritika : he loves you so much, never gets angry on you

Elina : oh please don’t ever say that mistakenly you still have not seen that side of him ask me, once he vented his all anger on Kabir for something

Kritika : oh but still he is very caring for you, bhabhi its my first rasoi today

Elina : you don’t have to do it but if you really want to go ahead

Kabir : bhabhi what happened

Elina : here you are, your brother is scolding me that I spoiled you

Kabir ; thats nothing new, anyway I have to go our urgently so see you later

Kritika : wait at least have something

Kabir ; I am so sorry but I will eat outside bye

Kritika : bye

Elina ; crazy guy, by the way did you put all your belongings

Kritika ; no bhabhi I still have to put everything

Elina ; come I will help you

Both of them arranges the room when Kritika get hold of a locket in closet.

Kritika : locket?

Elina : I don’t know who that is? maybe Kabir but I never saw him wearing it

Kritika opens the locket getting biggest blow of her life. It has Kabir and Roo’s picture

Elina : whats wrong?

Kritika does not react as tear starts flowing from her eyes. She goes to all incidence from before she saw both of them close but never understood their love.

“Kritika what happened, why are you crying Elina goes to her and sees locket

Kritika : bhabhi how did those ancestral bangles look?

Elina shows her the design. Kritika recalls seeing same design in Roo’s hands during one of the event.

Elina : I don’t believe this, how could they

Kritika ; only Roo and Kabir can answer that call him to Luthra house

Elina : please calm down we will talk when he comes back

“No I want answer to my questions why both of them played my emotions Kritika says furiously with teary eyes

Elina : Kabir? (calls him)

Kabir : yes bhabhi

Elina : come to Luthra house right now its urgent

Kabir ; but what happened?

Elina : you just come you will get to know everything

Luthra house

Kritika goes to Roo’s room and finds bangles between her clothes

Roo ; di (get shocked)

Kritika slaps her hardly on face with all energy in her body.

Kareena ; Kritika whats wrong?

Rakhi ; dear calm down tell us what happened

“Roo tell everybody what fabulous job you have done come on Kritika asks her

Roo : I don’t know what you are talking about

Kritika ; you don’t remember try hard, you are very good in reminding things come on try hard

Karan : Kritika what are you talking about?

Elina sees Kabir coming there in rush

Kritika : what is this Roo? (shows her the bangles)

Roo : di i told you na I got those bangles from a store why

Kritika : such great coincidence na, this design matches the one Elina bhabhi has in her hand the ancestral one

Kareena : Kritika whats your point?

Kritika : mom this bangles are Kabir’s ancestral family bangles how did it came in Roo’s room

Rishab : come on yaar somebody might put in her bag mistakenly

Elina : no bhai Kabir took those bangles from me long time ago right

Kabir nods

Kritika makes her wear the bangles to match the size of them and try it on her after

Mahesh ; Roo you tell us whats going on?

“Dad Roo gets nervous

“At least tell truth now, how much more you will lie Kritika shakes her shoulder angrily

Rakhi : dear why are you getting angry

Kritika shows them locket of Kabir and Roo’s pic

“Kabir before I make you confess you better say by yourself whats going on Elina ask him

Kabir : you all are thinking right me and Ruchika love each other, that surprise in hotel was for Roo and we wanted to give you all same news

Kritika listens to him with shattered heart. HIs every word kills her soul inside

Roo : didi I did all only for your happiness, you would have broken if you got to know (goes to her knees down, I am sorry

Rishab ; do you both have any idea what you have done?

Elina goes away back to her home.

Kabir ; bhai it was Roo’s decision she made me promise that I marry Kritika

“Ruchika, you have spoiled your sister’s life by doing all this for once you had not talked any of us Karan and Rakhi scolds her

Kritika : Roo till today I only thought you are kid but today you proved that you don’t need me anymore

“Di please don’t say that, I cannot see your hatred for me you can scold, beat me Roo begs her

Kritika ; you did what you wanted to, you crushed my dreams under your so called love, from today don’t show me this face I am done with both of you now (runs back to Bharadwaj)

Roo sobs loudly on floor when Preeta and Shrishti consoles her.

Bharadwaj house

“Don’t talk to me Kabir you have really disappointed today, Suraj was right you don’t care about anything Elina does not look at him

Kabir ; bhabhi please at least you understand my choice didn’t even matter here

“Are you a kid who somebody played like toy and threw out, for god sake you are an adult man learn to take responsibility, you and Roo have not done big thing but most fooling thing, you know what sacrifice means it should benefit for other person not to ruin them Elina feels little dizzy while talking

Suraj overhears them and also blame his brother

Kabir : bhai

“Just shut up, I told other day more than me your bhabhi trusted you don’t break her faith but you did that, what do you expect from us we applaud you for this Suraj get furious

Elina : if Roo said something you could have discussed with any of us, me Rishab Suraj, Karan at least we could have given some solution and things would not reach here, she is a kid who loves her sister but you also showed foolishness

Suraj : Kabir just away from my sight I am feeling very disgusted at you right now

Kabir leaves sadly. He sees Kritika packing her clothes angrily

Kabir ; where are you going?

“None of your concern, you have no right to ask me okay stay away from me Kritika says

Kabir ; I know I did mistake but at least don’t punish other for that and yourself

“Not others but you both gave me such big wound to deal with, I cannot imagine you both were lying from so long, you proved that I am worthy of your friendship nor a sister, why did you do this, did I ever forced anything on you that accept me answer me Kritika holds his collar sobbing

Kabir feels helpless seeing her condition

“How would you answer? I am going from here I cannot stay back she starts walking

Elina : Suraj I can’t see that girl’s condition, even we all are fault also for only seeing things in front of eyes

Suraj ; I know even Roo Kabir are not happy either but they both didn’t bother to tell everybody what could have happen, at most Kritika’s heart would break but not like today

Elina falls down on floor getting unconscious.

“Elina honey are you okay Suraj splashes water on her face and carries to room

Doctor checks up on her

Suraj ; what happened is everything okay

“Now you have to take extra care of her, because she is two months pregnant, congratulations Doctor informs

Suraj : oh my god (gets overwhelmed)

Kritika and Kabir goes to hug her but she remains angry on him

Kabir ; bhabhi you are becoming mom congratulations

Kritika : I am so happy for you, I will tell mom right now they will come running, you both made your way quickly not bad

Elina is taken aback with Kritika showing happiness for them inspite of all bitterness in her life.

Suraj ; you are pregnant? there will be noise of small child in this house, mom would have taken off evil eye if she is here

Kritika : so what? my mom and mami are there, I will go inform them right now


Preeta : come in

A girl comes in Preeta’s cabin for some treatment in her hand.

Preeta ; whats your name again?

“Roshni she says

Preeta : yea so whats going on

Roshni ; from some days my hands and shoulder are paining when I try to move them

“Let me check sit straight Preeta checks on her hands and shoulder

Her eyes falls on burned marks and defense wound on hands.

Preeta ; whats this wound

Roshni ; nothing I am very irresponsible while in kitchen always end up burning

Preeta is not convinced with her story but does not reveal

Roshni : did you check?

“Yes I show some exercise do it daily move your hands like this twirling around and apply cream on shoulder Preeta gives her paper

Roshni ; thank you so much (leaves)

Preeta finds something suspicious

Luthra family comes to visit Elina who is not semi consciously happy inside for something.

Rakhi ; you made us very happy god bless you (kisses her forehead)

“Didi look what I got for you Anu gifts her small Krishna statute

Elina : this is so beautiful thank you love

Kareena ; now you have to take care of yourself a lot you are responsible for two lives

Kritika ; mom I am with here na don’t worry, I will keep an eye on her

Everybody gets little surprised with her decision but she assures them.

Kritika ; its time for celebration, me and bhabhi will go together nobody else allowed

Rishab ; congratulation sister (hugs her)

Elina : thanks (says with plain reaction)

Precap : Horror and Roshni’s case overlap with each other putting girls into big trouble

“I am not ready to become mom Elina shares her feeling with Suraj

Piyali sees somebody running in Luthra house

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