Preeran SS ; Realization Part 22

Luthra house

Elina, Suraj and Kabir have fun time with other youngsters. Rishab keeps himself busy with work

Sherlyn ; what are you doing here? everybody is sitting there

Rishab ; I will just be there

Sherlyn : come fast leave your work alone for a while

Elina senses something wrong with Rishab’s sadness

Suraj : okay guys important news Elina and my marriage date is fixed (shouts loud)

Elina : calm down please

Pragya : amazing when is date

Suraj : her mom said after two weeks but marriage is in Ranakpur village

Shrishti : why there?

Elina : actually my mom wants to have our wedding in palace you all are coming na

Shrishti : of course even if you didn’t invite we would gate crash thats so much fun

Sameer : of course because god created you in free time but he forgot to add sense

Shrishti : you better not talk about humor and sense okay shorty

Kabir : time on, we have to go there one week before marriage on aunty’s order

“Uncle, it will really mean a lot to me if you all will come at least I will think somebody is from my side Suraj goes to Mahesh

Mahesh : if our coming will make you happy then of course your dad is here

Suraj : thanks a lot uncle aunty (hugs him)

Elina goes to Rishab who is standing outside in deep thoughts

Rishab : oh hi

Elina : are you okay?

Rishab : I am fine congratulations for marriage let me know if you need anything

Elina : more than others I think you need a good friend to share feelings

Rishab : you know I always told god if I had elder brother in my life, Kabir is younger than me but I felt little jealous seeing love you all siblings share

Rishab feels her pain

Elina : god took my dad at young age, I see my reflection in you and Suraj when you both had to take responsibility in your shoulders

Rishab : what are elder siblings for? to take care of their family

Elina : but they deserve to be happy and get love in life

Rishab : I might not be that lucky person (looks at Preeta who is fighting with Karan) but I am still happy my brother found his happiness

Elina ; there is nobody unlucky, its people’s deed which decides fate

Rishab gets confused with her words

“Can I ask you right to doing my kanyadaan, I don’t have dad or brother Elina puts his hand on her head

Rishab : if doing this can give somebody new hope then for sure it would be an honor for me

Elina ties rakhi on his wrist

Rishab : I don’t have gift to give you but one promise that in life I get chance I will fulfill my duty as brother

Elina : I know you will do that but I want something else from you

Rishab : what is that?

Elina : from now on you will never cry and always be happy, just give one chance to yourself first than others

Rishab puts hand on her head emotionally

Karan : bhai (sees both crying) you both are crying

Rishab : no what is it?

Karan : mom is calling you for dinner

Sherlyn : by the way Rishab you still owe me a treat you told me if you get contract

Rishab : of course I remember

Phone rings

Rishab : hello

There is silence few seconds

“Hello Piyali says softly

Rishab is taken aback with the voice he was craving to hear from long time.

Piyali : can we meet one last time

Rishab does not show his happiness and agrees to meet her after everybody leaves.

Arora house

Preeta, Shrishti, Sameer and Karan enjoy their time together. Karan signals her to meet him in room

Preeta : what is it?

Karan : how unromantic you still didn’t say those words (holds her from back)

“Does our relation need that, you have to wait little longer Preeta blushes while talking with him

Karan ; fine maybe not today but soon you will confess to me by yourself promise

Preeta : not bad (wraps around him) more you wait result also will be too sweet

Karan : lets go out for a while, this two days have made me too tired

Preeta : can I ask you something

Karan (plays with her hair) : of course

“You love your brother and family so much, that you didn’t even care for anything and took such big risk Preeta asks

Karan ; they are my life and Sameer Rishab both mean world to me, I know my both brothers they are very naive maybe thats why people take advantage of him

Preeta : I will sorry for Rishabji we all are getting married and he is back on where he was before

Karan : you think I don’t feel bad but nothing is in our hands, I will only pray to god that he does not get another wound

Preeta ; everything will fine okay come

Both of them goes out for a drive later in evening happily. Prithvi bribes a goon to kidnap Preeta taking chance. He had messed engine in Karan’s car to get it stopped at deserted place. Both are stuck on midway

“Karan whats wrong Preeta asks him sitting inside car

Karan ; nothing I think there is some problem in engine and there is no help here

Preeta : now what will we do?

Karan : i am trying to call driver but my phone is dying

Preeta : sorry I forgot my phone at home, lets walk a little to get help

Karan : by the way what a romantic weather, just me and you, bright moon (holds her hands )

Preeta : leave it I know you have old habit of battering girls but that won’t work with me

Karan : how would I forget that, you are unique creation on this earth

Preeta ; see I was right, you only know how to bother me (starts walking in front)

“Baby doll listen Karan tries to stop her but  a phone calls interrupts him

Preeta keeps walking ahead without knowing about his phone call

Karan : hello, Sammy can you send driver my car broke down

“Bhai I can’t hear you properly Sameer tries to get signal

Karan : damn it, where did this kareli go now

Karan starts looking for her everywhere and panics not finding her.

“You are looking for your baby doll, now she is gone from your hands cricketer Prithvi calls him

Karan : don’t you dare touch her or you will see worst side of mine

Prithvi ; this trick won’t work with me, if you want to save your baby doll come to my farm house, a car is waiting

Karan agrees to his condition to reach factory as soon as he can. On way his heart keeps pumping faster with all negative thoughts flooding in mind.

Karan : god please keep my baby doll safe from that monster

Preeta opens her eyes with blurry vision getting scared to see Prithvi approaching towards her

“Welcome to my world Preetaji Prithvi starts walking close to her

Preeta ; don’t come close to me or else

“Or else what, I am not fond of this personality you have, where is that simple sweet Preeta I fell for Prithvi touches her

Preeta (pushes him away) : you have no right to touch me like that, if Karan finds out he won’t spare you

Prithvi : but he won’t be able to find you, tonight is his disaster night after today he will not be able to show his face to world

Preeta : what did you do to my Karan?

“Not yet after a while you will see live telecast of his doom Prithvi scares her

Preeta prays for Karan’s safety

The goons bring Karan to Prithvi’s farm house and leaves.

Karan : Preeta (shouts her name)

Preeta : Karan I am right here (bangs on door but he is not able to hear voice)

Karan sees torn piece of her duppatta outside a room but have big lock. He sees Preeta from small hole and looks for key.

“What you are looking is right here Omisha shows him key

Karan : give that to me right now, or else you will face consequence

Omisha : really? I am also curious what are you going to do

Karan tries to get the keys forcefully. Omisha create situation by making Karan trip on floor and make it look he is forcing on her. She tears her sleeves purposely

“Leave me somebody help Omisha shouts when Karan tries to get up but her grip is too tight for him

At the same time police and media comes there to stop.

Constable : hey arrest him, by getting successful this rich brats think whole world are their salves

Karan ; leave me I have done nothing, she have locked up a girl in that room and key is with her

“He is lying Sir, I have done nothing you can check Omisha gives them keys

Cops does not find Preeta anywhere

Karan : officer believe me they have kidnapped my fianc upstairs

Constable ; enough not one more word or else I will give you third degree torture

Media keeps questioning Karan about his attitude and deed

Rishab gets ready to meet Piyali and starts heading to place.

Sammy ; bhai (Calls him) please come to police station  right now

Rishab : wait why?

Sameer tells him everything which takes ground beneath Rishab’s feet. He could never imagine his little brother doing something like that

Rishab : you call the lawyer and stop the media

Sameer ; okay bhai

Piyali keeps waiting for Rishab to arrive and tell him about her. He feels upset of not meeting Piyali once again

Both families are tensed seeing Karan’s in big trouble for no mistake

Rakhi ; Maheshji do something our child have done nothing

Mahesh ; you all stay home, me and Sameer will go to police station

Shrishti keeps calling Preeta and starts getting worried about her

Police station 

Karan : how many times I have told you, I only went there to save Preeta

Rathod : and I said there was nobody over there and keep your voice down

Rishab : Karan

Karan : bhai thank god you are here, this people are not believing, they are accusing me for such dirty deed

Rishab ; I am here nobody can touch you, inspector you better stay in limits

Sameer : bhai i called lawyer but nobody is willing to take this case

Rishab : what the hell?

Reporter 1 : Sir is it true you have attempted to rape your brother’s fianc

Reporter 2 : few days ago your brother got engaged to her what relation you had with her


Karan : shut up I said, this girl is a cheater and fraud you all are saying rubbish

Rathod : constable take him inside

“Leave me I said, I have done nothing” Karan shouts in front of cops and media

Rathod : quiet I said or I will give you third degree torture

Luthras and Arora are not able to do anything

Commissioner : Mr Rathod,  I am dismissing you from this case right now and I have appointed my best officer, she will handle this case more wisely and give me results

A girl wearing her ID and jeans walks with other cops around shocking everybody

Rathod : who is that?

“Palak Shekhawat” Girl reveals herself in front of everybody finally

It turns out to be Piyali who is an undercover cop of India and South africa police

Rathod : Sir this case is very important for me

Commissioner : not one more word, you are dismissed from this case, and now Palak will handle the case

Rishab and everybody are stunned to get one more shock from Piyali.

Commissioner ; don’t worry Mahesh, I hired my best officer, she is Palak Shekavat

Shrishti : I don’t believe this, Sir this girl always show us new picture

Karan : Rishab, Sameer dad that Prithvi has kidnapped Preeta do something

Shrishti : what? (gets shocked) thats not true

Sameer : please hold to yourself, situation is not in our hands

Commissioner : Mahesh did you find lawyer for Karan we need one

Sameer : I tried all ways but nobody is willing to take this case

“I am his lawyer Elina makes her entry

Mahesh ; thank god you are here

Elina : don’t worry uncle now I am here nobody will be able to harm Karan

Commissioner ; Palak, I want you to wrap this case in few days okay

Palak/Piyali : 5 days Sir and real culprit will get punished for sure

Commissioner : good

Palak ; but i have one condition, throughout the case I don’t want any media around Karan and Luthra family

Commissioner : they are doing their job and how can we stop them

Palak : of course we can Sir, I don’t want media interruption in my work and anyway they will finish their job once real truth comes out

Commissioner : fine I will appoint tight security and ban on media till case is over

Palak ; thank you sir


Precap : Preeta runs from Prithvi’s clutches. Elina fights bravely with feminine group to defend Karan

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