Laal Ishq 2nd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bijua Sells Himelf To Pischachin For Kamna

Laal Ishq 2nd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bride Kamna’s friends ask her how did her groom Bijua get so much wealth in short span, he father was against their marriage, how did he agree then. Kamna asks to just the fruit and forget about seed. Someone informs that Baraat has come. Everyone walk out. Kamna’s friend thinks how did Bijua get so much wealth in a short span, if he took ghost/pishachin’s help. She starts feeling short of breath and collapses. Bijua enters withbaraat and nervously wipes his sweat. Dancer dances on Patli kamar latkake…song..Bijua gets more tensed seeing her and reveals she is pischachin. Pischachin dances around him and in a ghostly voice asks if he remembers his promise. He afraidly says yes.. Bijua and Kamna sit in mantap. Bijua gets tensed seeing pischachin walking among guest.

Pandit asks to start pheras and repeat each vow. Bijua walks with difficulty. Kamna asks what happened. He says he is having severe shoulder pain as if something is on his shoulder. Kamna says tonight he will feel light. Pischachin is seen on Bijua’s shoulder. Wedding completes.

Bijua enters room at night. Kamna smiles at him. Bijua asks if she is happy. She says she will be more happy if he becomes completely hers and hugs him. Pischachin holds him from behind and says she will not let that happen, he is only hers and reminds his promise. Bijua pushes Kamna. Kamna says she should be shy, but he is shy instead. She goes and sits on bed shyingly. Bijua leaves room. She walks behind him and asks where is he going on suhagraat. He says none of her concern and warns not to follow him. He enters a room with Pischachin and locks it. Pischachin gets intimate with him and start consummating with him. Kamna searches him and hears Pischachin’s romantic words, opens door and is shocked to see Bijua with Pischachin. Pischachin turns her head 360 degrees. Kamna collapses seeing that. Pischachin says Bijua that his wife saw them together and should die. Bijua says he always obeyed her and will always and pleads to spare his wife, he will do whatever she says. Pischachin agrees.

Kamna wakes up and confronts Bijua why did he sell himself to Pischachin. Bijua says her father wanted wealthy groom for her, so he had to sell himself to Pischachin. He reminisces an incident where he tries to touch Kamna, but she says she will marry only a wealthy groom, that is what her father says, but she loves him a lot. Bijua says he will do anything to marry her. He meets Pischachin and sells himself. Out of flashback, Kamna says she needed him and not wealth. Bijua says there was no other option. At night, Bijua hears Pischachin’s voice and says he has to go. Kamna asks not to go, they will take temple pandit’s help. He asks not to say that, Pischachin will trouble her. He starts coughing up blood. Pischachin walks in and says Bijua saved her and sold himself to her and says pandit cannot help her and even god cannot. Bijua asks Pischachin to forgive Kamna and walks with her.

Next morning, Kaman goes to temple, but tries to return without entering in. A saint woman walks in and asks not to go without meeting maata and asks to explain her problem. Kamna pleads to save her husband from Pischachin. Old lady says Pischachin cannot be killed, but can be destroyed via maata’s power and gives her holy trishul. Kamna walks home and sees Bijua and Pischachin romancing. She stabs trishul in Pischachin’s body. Pischachin wakes up and shows that she stabbed her husband instead and says she will burst their heads now. Kamna smears holy sindhoor on Pischachin’s face. Pischachin burns and dies. Kamna and Bijua unite.

Precap: Next week’s new story’s promo is shown.

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