Preeran SS ; Realization Part 13

Rishab brings Piyali out safely but she is unable to react.

“Didi, are you okay, see I am here” Anu tries hard to wake her up

Preeta : we have to take her to hospital, I feel water has gone in lungs

Rishab rushes her to home with Anu, Sameer and Shrishti. Preeta stays behind with Karan to treat his wound.

Kareena (folds her hands) : Sarlaji, Preeta please forgive me, I am very bad in judging people

Sarla nods positively. Preeta does dressing on Karan’s shoulder who is looking at her.

“Better? who told you to become hero” she asks him

Karan : how can I let anybody harm my brother, he is my everything (sees her sad) now what happened

“Karan if something had happened to you today “ Preeta is not able to complete breaking down in tears

Karan :  hey look here, I am in front of you safely nobody can do anything against us now

(holds her face)

Preeta : let me call Rishabji, if Piyali is fine but you said they both left country

Karan : when I called airport they said flight took off for Cape town

Preeta : you call me dumbo, but never use your brain couldn’t you ask if they have boarded the flight

Karan ; oh Ms psycho, I have more brains than you (starts throwing pillow on her)

Preeta : this is not time to fight what are you doing karela, you will get hurt

Karan : you forget who am I, nothing can harm me alright

Preeta ; fine I am done with your dressing, you spend time with pillows, I am going to meet Anu in hospital

Karan ; wait I am also coming

Preeta : no way, not everybody is like you, Anu needs us there

Karan : I will come too (gets stubborn)

Kareena is still upset with everybody getting concerned about Piyali.

Rishab : doctor how is she?

Doctor : we can’t say anything right now, her lungs could not handle so much water, who is her relative here

Anu : me, please say how is my sister

Doctor : you might be aware of her breathing problem

Anu : di have severe breathing problem, and with water she cannot even stay for longer

Rishab : what? (shocked)

Doctor : we are trying our best, we need signature of her relative

Anu signs consent form tearfully. Shrishti goes to console her but is called by Preeta

Sameer (sits next to her) : you know when I was small like you my parents also left me alone, I used to cry a lot in corner, complaining why he took my mom dad

Anu : what did he say? (asks innocently)

“You know what did he say, that Sameer one should never lose hope of anything, fate have always something planned for you good and bad and we should face it strongly “ Sameer wipes her tears smiling

Anu goes to temple in hospital praying for her sister’s life

“Bappa please save my sister take my life but don’t let anything happen to her, this is her given life I have nobody else, don’t be so unfair to us” Anu sobs out folding hands

Preeta : god can never be unfair to good people (hugs her)

Anu ; then why he took away our mom and now taking my sister

Preeta : he did not take her away, she is always with you both, maybe somewhere where you cannot see her, but she is always around both of you

Anu : I don’t want anything only my Piyali didi please bring her back

Preeta feels helpless seeing her tears. Rishab

comes to Anu and takes inside room

Anu : didi, please get up you promised me you will not leave me after mom (leans her head)

“Hey Ms india” a soft voice calls her

Anu : didi (hugs her) you are okay

Piyali : of course, how can I leave you so easily (teases her)

Anu : you are joking? I am not talking with you

Rishab ; I see influence of others people how are you feeling

Piyali : I am fine thank you again

Karan ; you should be, we worked so hard

Preeta ; excuse me you are not alone we all, but Piyali you both were supposed to leave ?

Anu reveals them everything

Sameer : okay now I get it, you both instigated that Sherlyn against Prithvi

Anu : not both that was my genius idea, thanks to me

Shrishti : what? (shocked) you are so smart like us, (gets excited)

Preeta : you all are crazy, Piyali needs rest and you are cracking jokes

Rishab ;let it be, they both are nut crack and Anu joined the same league

Sameer : one thing you all have to agree at the end only Rishab bhai’s plan worked

Karan : after all whose brother he is

Preeta : now if you all excuse us, I will stay with Piyali here, Shrishti you take Anu at home

Anu : I will stay with my didi

Piyali : no you go with Shrishti, I am fine now

“I will stay with you, Anu you go at my house” Preeta tells her

Anu : okay di

Sameer : then lets all go together, I will drop you both

Rishab ; and Karan what are you doing here? did I not told you to rest

Preeta : he is gone case Rishabji, please take him out of my sight right now

Karan ; bhai tell her to behave properly with me or else

Preeta : you what? (comes forward)

Rishab : god stop it, leave this fight for later, Piyali needs rest come (drags Karan out)

Sameer takes Shrishti and Anu at Arora house

Preeta : I am so sorry this Shrishti and Karan never see time to crack jokes

Piyali : thats okay, even mine is no less either, she is another spoiled brat but she is my life

Preeta : you don’t have to worry now, Prithvi is arrested and he cannot do anything

Arora house

Sameer comes to drop both girls. The duo shares their eye lock

Maine pucha ye dil se
Main kyu hoon jahan mein
Ek dhahkan boli tere liye

Maine yaadein tarashi
Aur khwaab bana di
Nayi duniya basa di tere liye

Tere liye.. tere liye
Tere liye.. tere liye

Anu smiles seeing them staring at each other lovingly. She puts hand on their shoulder

Anu : music have stopped love birds, you both can continue I will go inside good night brother

Sameer : I have to ask Piyali what did she feed this girl in childhood, one more person added in list of nut cases

Shrishti gets offended with his words

Sameer : okay I am sorry, now go you must be tired too from whole day

Shrishti : good night (puts small kiss on his cheeks quickly)

Sameer holds his cheek blushing

Shrishti : you can sleep here with me, be comfortable (gives her blanket)

Anu : nice room didi, thank you again

Shrishti : see now you called me sister there is no need to be formal okay come

Anu : I was very scared today first time, you know my Piyali di is everything for me

Shrishti : even Preeta di means my whole world without her I cannot even imagine, if you don’t mind can I ask you something

Anu : yea sure

Shrishti : there is small scratch on your sister’s elbow do you know what is that

Anu : not really, I mean I never noticed that maybe in childhood she might have got hurt

Shrishti : never mind you go to sleep good night princess

Anu : good night didi

Next day Piyali is given discharged from hospital. She makes arrangement to leave the country as soon as possible

Preeta : whats so hurry? you are not fit to travel

“You know what happened recently, there is no point of staying here now, I don’t want to hurt Kareena aunty” Piyali tells her

Preeta : if you don’t mind, you can share your feelings with me consider me friend

Anu : Preeta di, she is right we have not point of staying here, its better for everybody

Shrishti : we will not stop you, but promise us whenever you come back first you will meet us

Anu : I promise, when I grow up, first I will come meet you both but you have to call me in your marriage (looks at Sameer)

Sameer : hey shorty mind what you are saying, your sister is in front of you

Anu : so? she is my sister

Piyali : will you please shut your mouth? my head is paining

Karan ; hey don’t say anything to my fan, she is much more smart than you, imagine instigating a villain is easy? that idea did not came in your mind but her mind did

Piyali : excuse me, I was not in my senses

“Who are you arguing with, this guy is crazy he won’t understand language of decency” Preeta interferes

Karan (pushes Anu on side) : Kareli you better not say anything, when I told you million time that guy is not right for you

Preeta : why are you on same needle?

While all are fighting Rishab takes Piyali on side to talk

Rishab : see I know whatever happened was not good, Karan was also responsible

Piyali : thats completely fine you don’t have to feel bad

Rishab : I cannot do much but if in life you need a friend I am always there (shakes hand)

Piyali : thank you for everything, just one last favor if you can get me tickets for tonight

Rishab : actually I called last night, flight for tonight is full so you have to wait one day

Piyali gets tensed

Rishab : you can stay at Preetaji’s house, anyway Sarla aunty is out

Piyali : okay

Luthra house 

Preeta is walking in corridor when somebody pulls her inside room

Preeta : what are you upto now?

Karan : my punishment is not over yet baby doll you have to come with me

Preeta ; can I ask where? (tries to go out of his tight grip)

Karan ; lets go out for a while, I have taken such big risk for you, I deserve something

“What does my best friend want” wraps her hands around him

Karan : a small kiss

Preeta (pushes him) : you are disgusting, I expected something better

Karan : fine do whatever you want, I am nothing to you

Preeta : okay lets go for a movie, only you and me is that better

Karan (hugs her happily) : wow baby doll, thats great idea, I will get ticket right now

Preeta looks at him shockingly

Karan : sorry, I didn’t mean to, you get ready we will go soon, I will pick you up

Preeta : sure

Later in evening Karan comes to pick Preeta for their movie date. Piyali Anu stays at home

Preeta : which movie are going to watch

Karan ; horro one baby doll, you can hold my hands if you want

Preeta : you know I am scared of those movies then why are you taking me

Karan : come on yaar, at least sometime do something different

Preeta : okay now most important, I need popcorn and pepsi

“You command my Highness” Karan teases her

Preeta : then go ahead

The duo goes inside the theater to watch horror watch something which Preeta is scared.

Karan : listen gently okay, if you scratch my hand I won’t be able to go for practice

Preeta ; who told you to

Sameer Shrishti goes to beach for a walk together.

Shrishti : you know from past few days I was feeling to visit Nasik, that house every memory

Sameer : then why don’t you go there

“If only it was our house, to pay all debts, we had to sell that house after papa died” Shrishti gets emotional

Sameer : I am sorry, I know how it feels without mom dad (recalls his parents’ death)

Shrishti : you might have lost them in your early childhood

Sameer : when I was 10, they died in accident but chachi never let me felt their absence and Karan bhai he loves me a lot

“If somebody wants to take small place in your heart will you give her” Shrishti holds his hands

Sameer : how can I give you small piece (moves backward)

She feels tensed seeing him

“When my whole heart is yours” Sameer open his arms with much love

Shrishti runs to his arms pouring her emotions

“Why did you take so much time to tell me this shorty, I waited very long for this day” runs her hand on her hair

Sameer : I love you tall pole, very sorry (holds her more tightly)

Piyali makes Anu sleep in room and heads towards terrace looking to clear sky.

Piyali : you know mom, today first time I don’t feel like going from here, my heart is feeling very restless, something is stopping me (climbs on the edge) please help me

She is about to lose balance when strong hands pulls her down.

Rishab ; are you okay? who were talking to

Piyali : there is only one person who can understand me after Anu, my mom but I can only talk to her not see

Rishab : you know when I saw you first time, my heart said you need a friend more than a partner in life

Piyali : I don’t make relations easily, they hurt too much after some time

Rishab : just give it a try once, maybe your old wounds can be healed

Piyali closes her eyes nervously

Rishab removes her hair coming on face with fast blow of wind. She holds his hand

Piyali : i am scared of strong winds (feels a hand on her shoulder)

On somebody’s house 

Prithvi : plan is good but for that we have to make that girl believe Luthras are behind are mother’s death

Person : don’t worry that is all set, she will not leave the country so soon, what if we cannot ruin them but this girl will definitely make our work easy

Prithvi : a small bar dancer and revenge

Person : you don’t know brother, more deep wound is more revenge can get dangerous

Arora house

Piyali rest her head on the wall in terrace with Rishab sitting next to her

“My dad married mom only for money but later his plans foiled when nanu disowned mom, he showed true colors, everyday he used to beat mom like animal, when I tried to save her, he used to punish me, locked me in dark room, instigating my friends” Piyali lifts her sleeve of dress

Rishab gets shocked to see her wounds

“On my 10th birthday, he insulted me in front of my friends and family saying I am not normal there is problem in me” her every words were having flashbacks of the torture she faced with her mother before Anu was born

Piyali : he pushed me in glases, twelve stitches (shows her elbow) and five here (near her stomach) due to all this rumors school management expelled me

Precap : Prithvi plays his next trick of making Piyali against Luthras. New entries with few positive and negative characters

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