The same day cont. But with Kunj’s point of view and authors’ point of view

Kunj woke up with a jerk after listening the alarm. He was dreaming about his and Twinkle’s marriage. How they got marriage and how both were not ready to leave his bachelorhood status and be a husband for a woman, both of were strangers, how both of their fathers just pushed them into this marriage without their will.

Kunj- I woke up as my dream jumped to the girl in the party who was exactly looking my Twinkle. Twinkle never wear such type of clothes. She is very shy to wear such type of clothes.

It was early morning and I have meeting with Eurekas for the new project. I have another team coming in the evening for this work and I hope that this sudden rearrangement will not scare the team of Eureke’s as they all are coming without any notice.

I reached the building and went inside to meet Mr. Liam the owner of Eureka’s. I wanted to meet him first to discuss about the changes that have happened and will be going to happen and I don’t want any kind of discomfort that can take place while working in future.

When I entered Mr. Liam cabin I can see a kind of discomfort. He was hesitating when he came to know about my team present and another team is coming in evening. My current team was already made to sit in the conference hall where the meeting was supposed to take place and I directly went in his cabin to meet him to apologize about the sudden change in the plan.

Kunj- Mr. Liam, I apologize about the sudden changes in the plan, actually this was sudden so could not inform you beforehand. I hope your team would be able to make changes and adjust as per the current rescheduling everything.

Liam was comfortable after talking to Kunj and just replied- Oh No. Mr. Kunj, my secretary will look after it. She is quite good at her work. Once she will be here I will explain her everything and she will plan accordingly.

Liam was a good person who has a lot patience and calmness.

Liam- My secretary is here. Liam declared and Kunj who was smiling turned his back to look at the direction Liam was pointing.

Kunj- It’s Twinkle. I so much wanted to meet Twinkle, is right now in front of me. I can see her expression. She is shocked to see me, even her smile faded after seeing me but not for long. She started smiling back as if my presence does not make any difference for her. She is reacting like she is seeing me for the very first time in her life. She looked at me for a second and then walked towards Liam to talk to him. But here I am continuously looking at her like an idiot and lost in her. She has changed a lot. The girl who use to wear only sarees and suits is now wearing western clothes. I was dying to see her in these kinds of dresses when we were together and today I am seeing her but that’s not for me and that makes me jealous. She looks a very confident girl and seems like she has learnt a lot through this business world as I can see a very different and confident personality in front of me. I am happy to see her like this but her ignorance is breaking me into pieces.

She forwarded her hand to shake hand with me and I held it like I will never leave it but she was successful in realizing her hand from my grip. I kissed her hand and she shivered as soon as I touched her. She still has the same effect of my touch as she used to have before and I can also feel the same taste on my lips of her skin as before.

I complimented her as well but she didn’t thank me even but I can see her cheeks turned pink when I kissed her knuckles. She is my Twinkle and even after two years she blushes the same way when I touch her.

I bluntly asked her whether she is married or not. She was shocked by the question even Liam was also shocked that I am showing so much interest in her secretary without any hesitation.

She composed herself and she answered- Not now but by the end of this year, as my boyfriend is very eager to get married. She said and left Liam’s cabin.

Did she just say boyfriend? I am going to kill that man who even dares to touch my girl. SHE IS ONLY AND ONLY MINE. I won’t let anyone come near her and now I have to find who that man is who dared to come near her.

Twinkle’s office dress-

Twinkle as soon as came out of Liam’s office and let out her breathe which was tucked in her throat. She quickly reached her cabin and sat there breathing properly as someone has choked her and not letting her breathe. She sat and started thinking about how Kunj reacted.

Twinkle- How could Kunj do that with me and that in front of Mr. Liam. He still remembers every weakness I have. He knows I can’t stop myself from reacting when he touches me, still he did that. I could still feel his lips on my hand.

Twinkle closed her eyes and remembered the kisses Kunj and Twinkle shared till now, out of that the deepest that he has given two years back. It was the best for her. Whenever he kissed her she always felt like the first time but that was for sure the best one for her. Twinkle thought that out of work pressure he was not talking to her and he loves her a lot, until the next day. What she saw, made her realize that everything was fake and it was nothing from Kunj side. But she still loves him, she is still crazy about him.

Twinkle- I still love him. I knew it the moment I saw him again. No, I can’t be weak. You can’t be weak Twinkle in front of him.

OMG, what I have done? I just remembered telling Kunj that I have a boyfriend. Now if he is going to ask me further where am I going to get one? What now I will do, why do I have to act so stupid in front of him and I am hundred percent sure he must be laughing at my stupidity and my so-called lie about my boyfriend. He must have clearly understood me lying about my boyfriend.

What will happen now? What if he asks about my details from Mr. Liam and what if he comes to know that UV and Chinki had helped me. He is definitely going to misunderstand UV a lot. I don’t know now what is going to happen?

Twinkle was getting panicked thinking about the situation and of course about her lying about her boyfriend but she has to focus on the meeting also that is going to be held in short span of time and there she will have to see Kunj again.

She tried thinking about all those things and arranged the meeting and texted Liam that arrangements were made. Twinkle was still shivering thinking about all the facts but she made herself presentable and started walking towards the conference hall where Mr. Liam just reached with Kunj. She met Liam and Kunj outside the conference hall and told him about arrangements and team already sitting inside the room totally ignoring Kunj who was busy staring Twinkle.

Twinkle was very uncomfortable with Kunj’s stare. The way he was looking at her, made her feel like she has been stripped naked in front of him. She tried her best to ignore him but was getting difficult for her as well.

Twinkle welcomed everyone. Everyone took their seats. From Kunj’s team there were two women and five men including Kunj and in Liam’s team there were 4 men and three women and Twinkle is PA of Mr. Liam but not the part of the project. Twinkle took her seat which was next Mr. Liam and opposite to Kunj. He smiled looking at Twinkle because of which unintentionally she became shy.

She bowed her head down and then looked at Mr. Liam who was not very comfortable. He looked at Twinkle and turned his head and looked away. He was not very confident at that moment, generally he has been a very confident person, but something was different at that time.

Something was awkward that’s wat Twinkle observed as Kunj was continuously smiling looking at Twinkle and Mr. Liam was very uncomfortable looking at Twinkle.

The meeting finally started. Mr. Liam’s one of the team member was giving the presentation, but Kunj was busy staring at Twinkle. He was not at all focusing on the presentation. There was Kunj’s secretary Lisa sitting next to Twinkle who was continuously fixing her dress, thinking Kunj is giving her attention. She thought that Kunj is giving her a chance.

Twinkle was really irritated with her behavior and she wished to shout at that moment- Please, stop showing your cleavage, he is looking at me not you.

Kunj wanted to laugh at Twinkle’s uneasiness which she was having because of Kunj’s secretary Lisa. He clearly understood that Twinkle is not liking the way Lisa was behaving towards him.

The meeting finally came to an end when final slides were presented by both the team members of respective teams. Everyone went out for a break. Kunj called Lisa on his side to give some notes which made Twinkle really jealous.

Twinkle- Look at this girl she is leaning over my husband. I clearly know what she wants to do. Her b***sts will fall out like this if she will pull her dress more down just to expose her cleavage in front of him and look at him, he also doesn’t have any problem with that. Can’t he just ask her to stay away from him.

I was continuously looking at Kunj and Lisa when Mr. Liam asked me to follow him to his cabin. I started walking looking at Kunj and Twinkle. This girl, can’t she just go look around, there are more handsome men in this room, but I know no one can beat my Kunj, my love. I quickly started walking out of the room when Kunj caught me looking at her and while walking out he was scanning each and every step of mine. I know he is enjoying and intentionally doing it. But how can I forget he is not my husband but ex-husband.

Mr. Liam- Twinkle, they are trying to take advantage, as our stock price is down this year. They are trying to take the major share from the deal. Mr. Liam said as soon as he entered his cabin.

Twinkle- I observed that in the meeting. I think we can talk and increase our share by showing our USP and not let them demand so high.

Liam- Twinkle, the deal is really important, even if we get 10% also, our market price will go really high, because their name is on the top.

Twinkle- Liam, I think so that should not be a problem, even our name is also a recognized name. It’s just that a ruling name will be representing our company.

I think that Liam also wants to talk something else as well, which he is hesitating because of some reason.

Liam, is everything fine?

Liam- Twinkle actually, Mr. Sarna has kept once condition in front of me and I don’t know how to tell you.

Twinkle- Liam, tell me what is it? I may help you out.

Liam- twinkle, Mr. Kunj Sarna is ready to offer me 20% additional share but……

Twinkle- Wow, that great! That means total 40% of share which is really good for our company. You should immediately agree to it, what’s the issue? Twinkle asked cutting Liam in between.

Liam- Twinkle…. he actually wants to shift the work in his office and…… And…… he wants you. Liam said finally clearing his sweat.

Twinkle- WHAT?? (loudly) Did he just say Kunj wants me (in her mind)


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The mystery will be unfolded as per I write the episodes. I hope you all will wait or it.

Here I am trying to write in flashbacks and current and Kunj and Twinkle’s thoughts majorly, how and what are they thinking in their own words and sometime in my own words.

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