Preeran SS : Destined Love Part 2

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Luthra house

Karan introduces Radhika to Arora family

“And finally this is Preeta, my bestie” Karan holds her from shoulder but she jerks him off

Preeta : sorry he is little crazy, nice to meet you

Radhika : hi you are same as Rakhi aunty told me so beautiful (compliments her)

Preeta : thanks, I have some work see you around (leaves)

Radhika : she is so cute is she engaged? don’t tell me she is not i mean who can reject her

Karan : yea right there is her choice, monkey’s face (points at Prithvi), that guy is wrong

Radhika : what? such a bad choice, I don’t judge by look but there should be some personality na, now look at my Rishab whole world praises his decency

Karan : hello I am also standing here forget all that I will tell you everything later lets deal with Monisha first

Prithvi comes out of Monish’s room when

Preeta sees him.

“What are you doing here” she asks him

Prithvi : nothing I was just looking for you, this days so much happened I feel i should spend more time with you (holds her hand)

Preeta feels uncomfortable with his touch. Karan comes there while taking on phone. Preeta : I will go call everybody (leaves)

“She is blushing, she is making me fall more for her” Prithvi smirks and turns to see Karan

Karan : next time if you dared to touch Preeta in my house just watch out

Prithvi : she is my fiancé, I can do whatever I want with her none of your business

Karan : when it comes to my friend, It is my business next time don’t even think of touching her in my house

Prithvi : let this marriage happen then see how you will be out from my Preeta’s life

Karan ; only when I let this marriage happen then we will see who leaves and who stays

“This Sherlyn how dare she touch my Rishab I in front of me ” Radhika tells Karan

Karan : wait what is your danger mind thinking?

Radhika ; just wait and watch (leaves)

Preeta : Karan? why are you smiling like idiot

Karan ; you won’t understand, when volcano erupts everything burn into ashes, Sherlyn madam dont’ know her bad timing have come

Preeta : what?

Karan : you don’t know how Radhs is possessive for Rishab, one time a girl pushed him by mistake you can’t imagine what she did? burned her fingers poor girl

Preeta finds it funny and dangerous hearing.

Radhika sees Sherlyn standing near the food counter looking at her phone

Radhika ; I will show this girl her status (goes to her) hey I must say Rishab’s choice is great

Sherlyn : thanks but he never told about you

Radhika : I am very special to him and they are always hidden from people

Sherlyn : I will see you around

Radhika puts her feet in between and pushes her to the waiter who is carrying hot soup bowl.

“Oouch my hands” Sherlyn shouts loudly

Kareena : what happened? waiter can’t you see properly

Waiter ; sorry ma’am

Sherlyn : what sorry? are you blind my hand got burned

Radhika ; aunty it was Sherlyn who collided, he was going on his way

Rakhi : Sherlyn you should be careful also

Shrishti : di I got brilliant idea, to add some entertainment

Sameer : your ideas are always twisted like you so please let it be

Shrishti : at least hear me

Karan : you say I am listening

Shrishti tells them about her plan which they all partially agree.

Sameer : attention everybody, today as you all know my Karan bhai’s engagement party lets add some fun here

Shrishti ; here is the plan in this bowl we have names of boys and girls now everybody will pick up a sheet and whoever name comes on your paper they will be partner lets start


Karan Preeta, Rishab Radhika, Monisha Prithvi and Sameer Shrishti. Sherlyn does not agree to dance with anybody else

Sherlyn fumes in anger seeing Prithvi with Monisha and not able to dance with Rishab either. Nobody was aware Radhika took away Sherlyn’s name sheet.

Kachi doriyoon, doriyoon, doriyon se

Mainu tu baandh le

Paki yaariyoon, yaariyoon, yaariyon mein

Honde na faasle..

Karan : why are you upset baby doll? this was your idea to engage with Monisha

Preeta : I am not upset and you don’t cook wrong stories in your mind okay why do I care if you flirt with anybody

Karan (holds her closer) : you really dont?

Preeta : no way, you forgot that I am engaged and very soon I will be married

Karan ; yea I saw how comfortable you were with your fiancé while ago

Preeta : you were spying on us? mannerless

Karan : excuse me this is my house okay, I can go anywhere

Eh naraazgi kaagzi saari teri

Mere sohneya sunn le meri

Dil diyan gallan

Karaange naal naal beh ke

Akh naale akh nu milaa ke..

Dil diyan gallan haaye!

Karaange roz roz beh ke

Rishab : what was the need to burn her hand?don’t give me that look I know you very well

Radhika ; I didn’t do anything she didn’t see properly and collide with waiter

Rishab : you know this attitude of yours never work with me anyway hows New York

Radhika : fantastic, I am done with my internship and soon I will be called as India’s famous fashion designer

Rishab : nice, how is uncle aunty

Radhika : they are good, mom dad wanted to meet you but they had to go out of town suddenly

Rishab ; no worries, I will see them later

Sacchiyan mohabbataan nibha ke..

Sataaye mainu kyun

Dikhaaye mainu kyun

Aiven jhuthi mutthi russ ke rusaake

Dil diyan gallan haaye

Karaange naal naal beh ke

Akh naale akh nu mila ke

Tenu lakhaan ton chupa ke rakhaan

Akhaan te saja ke tu ae meri wafa

Rakh apna bana ke

Main tere layi aan

Tere layi aan yaaran

Naa paavin kade dooriyan (x2)

Partners change. Preeta goes to Rishab and Karan dances with Radhika, Shrishti does not dance with Prithvi and stays with Sameer

Radhika : hey buddy, watch out okay while dancing

Karan : you came on very right time, but still same i mean you burned Sherlyn’s hand its not a joke

Radhika : tell me something what did everybody see in her I don’t find any specially

Karan : this is Kareena bua’s choice, you know what that Prithvi and Sherlyn both are cheating on bhai and Preeta

Radhika : you might be kidding?

Karan : I am not, I don’t know what both are upto but once this Monisha’s chapter is over I will kick this two out of our lives

Main jeena haan tera

Main jeena haan tera

Tu jeena hai mera

Dass lena ki nakhra dikha ke

Dil diyaan gallan

Karaange naal naal beh ke

Akh naale akh nu mila ke

Dil diyaan gallan…

Precap : Karan and Preeta makes plan to make Monisha confess truth

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