Pratigya 2 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratigya closer to the truth

Pratigya 2 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prarigya asks Krishna to go to the shower. Krishna says you will give me a bath, he makes her sit down and says I am really sorry. I didn’t like shouting at you and asking you to leave work, I was jealous of you giving attention to work more than me, I am really sorry. Pratigya looks on.

Sajjan finds a forensic report in Pratigya’s office and takes it from there. Komal puts the envelope back.

Krishna brings Pratigya to the washroom and says I need time to romance with you. Pratigya says I have a lot of work. Krishna pulls her back and starts the shower. Pratigya screams. Krishna says let’s love each other. He pulls her closer, they both smile at each other. Jab Tak plays, Krishna caresses her face and is about to kiss her but she moves away. Krishna pulls her back and kisses her neck. He kisses her hand and romances her. Pratigya smiles and hugs him.

Komal and Sajjan burn the forensic report and smirk.

At night time, Pratigya is sleeping. She wakes up and goes to take water.

Pratigya comes to the kitchen and sees someone moving. She looks around but the person is gone, she thinks who was here? Someone might have entered the house. She comes to her study and finds the envelope there but the paper is blank. Pratigya says Balwant’s man might have taken the report.

Balwant’s man tells him that I went to Sajjan’s house to take the report but a woman came there so I hid and ran away.

Pratigya thinks that I knew Balwant would try to get the report that’s why I had hidden the real report somewhere else. I have to check the report now, she opens it and says fingerprints of a kid between 7-9 years old? A kid can’t kill someone and there is no law to punish a child of such age but how will I tell this to Balwant? This kid’s life is in danger too. What to do now?

Scene 2
Krishna tells Sajjan that I gave the money to the blackmailer. I didn’t have a choice, I just put the money there and left from there.

Shakti asks Samar if he has put the money away safely? Samar says I have put it in your cupboard, don’t worry.

All family members sit to have breakfast. Krishna asks where is Pratigya? Sumitra says you should know about your wife. Te servant says Pratigya went to the mandir.

Pratigya is walking to the mandir, a car is about to hit her but Adarsh pulls her away and asks if she is fine? She thanks him. Adarsh says I am joining you in Balwant’s case as a junior lawyer. Pratigya says I didn’t know you are from my industry. Adarsh says I studied law and I will join this case and learn from you. Pratigya says it was not a murder but an accident. The fingerprints are of a kid and a kid can’t even drive a car. Adarsh says then who is removing the proofs? Pratigya says someone from his family might be removing them to protect him, they might not know that kids below 10 years old can’t be punished. She says I want to hide this from my family, I know the law won’t punish the child but Balwant won’t spare the kid. We have to find who was the kid as his family would keep trying to remove proofs, this will put them in more trouble. She comes to the mandir and prays to the lord. Pratigya tells Adarsh that we will get all kids of this area to get their fingerprints.

Samar and Shakti come to the room. Shakti asks him to bring out the bag. Samar brings the money bag but they open it to find the money gone. Samar says did someone steal the money? Shakti shouts that you are a fool. Samar says I did all the work. Kesar hides and sees all this. The flashback shows how Kesar had seen them hiding the money and told it to Sajjan.

Kesar comes to Sajjan, Sajjan says my own son was trying to extort money from me, thank you for telling me that Shakti and Samar were behind all this, I will not spare them. Kesar says don’t say anything to Shakti, he will make my life hell.

Adarsh and Pratigya come home. Adarsh tells the kids that I want to have a party with you all, it’s my birthday. Pratigya says you all will play hand painting. Komal wishes a birthday to Adarsh. Pratigya thinks I will find out who was involved in this.

PRECAP – Krishna finds the real forensic report in Pratigya’s cupboard. Kriti reads the report which says the fingerprints were of a kid. Krishna sees the kids doing hand painting activity. Krishna thinks she will find out which kid was in the car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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