Namak Issk Ka 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kahani comes to Yug’s house

Namak Issk Ka 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kahani and Rani are sitting in the mandap. Rani says you have to go back to Yug’s house at some point, let’s go back.

Saroj tells the family that I want to go to Yug. Dadi says he has gone to the police station so calm down. Yug comes there and calls out to her. Saroj glares at him. He asks how is she? She asks where did he go? Yug says I went with the police but it was not Kahani’s body. Saroj thinks that he will bring Kahani back in the house soon. Yug asks what she is thinking? Saroj says kids lie these days but you gave me blood. Yug says let’s go back home. Ronak thinks where is Kahani? Iravati is gone too.

The guru is giving black powers to Iravati and tells her that her dreams will come true, just wait for the special night.

All family members come home. Yug takes Saroj and thinks when will Kahani come home? All open the door to find Kahani standing there with aarti plate. Yug looks on. Gunjan asks what are you doing here? Yug asks why she has aarti plate? Gunjan says you made a video that said you won’t come back. Kahani says I knew you would be happy to see me back. This is my inlaws house so I want to be here. Saroj says this is my house so get lost. Yug takes the aarti plate and does Saroj’s aarti. Kahani puts her hand on Yug’s back and stands with him. They all leave. Dadi asks Kahani why she is wearing this mala? Gunjan tries to break it but Kahani stops her and says this is important to me, if you try to break it then I will break your mangalsutra in pieces. Gunjan leaves from there. Yug comes there and says you are not scared of my mom? Kahani says when my husband is with me then I don’t need to be scared. Yug says I can see truth, innocence, love in your face. Rani puts a rice bowl on the door for Kahani’s welcome. Yug asks Rani to keep an eye on the family. Yug brings Kahani outside the house and does her aarti. Kahani touches his feet but he stops her and hugs her. Kahani smiles. They both enter the house holding each other’s hand. Kahani kicks the rice bowl and enters with him.

Saroj comes to her room. All family members are there. Ronak says let her rest, they all leave. Saroj thinks why didn’t Yug tell the truth to everyone? Maybe he didn’t accept Kahani fully.

Kahani and Yug sit with Ravi. Yug says I am hiding this with my mom but this is the only choice. He tells Kahani that I don’t want to insult our relationship by hiding it but I have to care about their feelings too. There shouldn’t be any question on this. Kahani says I don’t doubt you. Yug says it might take some time so don’t get discouraged. There is no doubt in my heart about you, I don’t want Gunjan or Saroj to take the wrong step in anger that’s why I am hiding this. Kahani nods. Yug tells Ravi that if I married Gunjan then I would be unfair to Gunjan and Kahani both. I don’t love her so it would be unfair to her.

Saroj thinks I have to tell Yug that the dancer will burn him away, he has to come back to his family before that Kahani can charm him. Gunjan comes there. Saroj asks her to come back to the main house, just listen to her.

Yug comes to the lounge and says all are angry with me. Juhi comes there. Gunjan brings their luggage there and says we will stay here from now on. Yug thinks I will be closer to Kahani. Gunjan says Kahani keeps irritating everyone so we will stay here. Everything is possible in love. Kahani comes there so Yug says that true love has the power to break all bounds. Gunjan says I feel lucky that you love me so much. Yug says I don’t love you Gunjan.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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