POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikram recalling Imaan and Sartaj’s words. Duggal says its gets fearing to think more, I came here as Imaan and Sartaj’s transcripts has this song, who is there across border who knows this, there is some hidden connection, this message is connected to Imaan and Sartaj, what do you think.

Arjun teaches dance steps to Sartaj. Sartaj says no. Arjun insists. They dance. Harleen laughs. Sartaj sees her and stops dancing. Veera says I think Sartaj made some plan. She teases Harleen. Harleen smiles and goes. Sartaj smiles. Satpal says I had this plan of dancing when I passed 5th. Sartaj says yes, I m going to pass some test today. Nazneen tells about her recipe, how Salim helped her and encouraged her to cook. She says its almost ready. The people clap for her. Payal and Nazneen have a talk.

Payal asks her to attend the fest. Nazneen says its for organizer’s profit, not ours, if they like book, they can buy book, they won’t get author. Nazneen leaves. Shaira calls her. Nazneen asks Shaira about shopping. Shaira says Imaan and Ayaan are still shopping. Nazneen suggests clothes for them. Shaira says if this works, I will agree to you. Shaira tells Ayaan and Imaan to try Nazneen’s choice. Nazneen says I m on the way to airport, I m heading to Kishangunj, I m proud of you, how you handled Avi’s matter. Shaira makes excuse and ends call. She recalls Avi and gets sad.

Imaan and Ayaan try clothes. Shaira smiles seeing them. They leave. Ayaan says we will see some jackets. Shaira says no way. Imaan sees the NGO lady Aparna and greets her. Imaan jokes. He introduces Shaira and Ayaan. Aparna asks about his wife Nazneen. Imaan says she is in Mumbai for a book tour. He signs Ayaan and Shaira to go. He says Nazneen and I are divorced. Aparna says I m sorry. Imaan says who knows we can meet here again. Aparna hugs Imaan and goes. Imaan asks Shaira and Ayaan to come. They laugh.

Harleen comes to room and sees a surprise. She finds clothes, jewelry and a note. Sartaj writes shayari. He writes its enough that I express love. She smiles. Sartaj asks Satpal to get Bau ji and Veera in car, where is Harleen. Harleen comes and smiles. Sartaj gets glad seeing her. Sartaj and Harleen leave in tractor. They reach the petrol pump for inauguration ceremony. Harleen does aarti. Sartaj breaks coconut.

Sartaj welcomes Imaan and family. Sartaj gives the scissors to Harleen, asking her to do the inauguration. He says there is wife behind every successful man I want you to be ahead, not behind. She recalls his words. She cuts the ribbon.

Sartaj attends guests. Nazneen comes and hugs Imaan, complimenting him. Shaira takes her to meet Harleen. Satpal asks Sartaj and Imaan to take pic. Satpak tells about pictures right papers. Sartaj shuts his mouth. They laugh and take pic. Back to Singh house, Imaan gets Sartaj and says its big day for Sartaj, so he wants to tell us something. Everyone clap. Nazneen wishes all the best to Sartaj.

Sartaj goes to Harleen and says on marriage day, 17 years ago, I went on duty, leaving my bride alone, such loneliness which continued after 17 years, and when I returned from prison, I saw the bride waiting with tears in eyes, then started a story of staying with a stranger, I got all my bitterness on her, I cursed her for my bad fate and asked for divorce, I felt my sorrow is very big and her sorrow is nothing, but I was wrong, because Harleen was also a prisoner of war like me, Harleen kept loving and I just ….. I did not understand emotions, now I understood her value. He says I told my heart out, now I want to say a lot, Harleen asked me to prove love. I m expressing it, think its everything. He shows divorce papers and tears it. Everyone get glad and clap. Harleen says you took much time to understand, how much will you take to hug. Sartaj lifts her. They all clap. Sartaj says Imaan told to forget past and live in present, now my present starts. He takes Harleen to their room. They smile. They get close.

Siddhant tells about their team going across border. Vikram tells Imaan about the activity at LOC. Lala talks to Siddhant. Vikram says maybe Siddhant is alive. They check satellite images.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sally_blr

    I smiled through my tears when Harleen said how much time you will take to hug, Such emotional episode and still it is keeping me hooked and I know till last episode also it is gonna keep me hooked. I just love this like anything

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