Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu Tiwari and prem on street laughing and discussing about a film. Tiwari and vibhu say man prem that movie was so nice and the name is also relatable, chulbuli pandey. Tiwari says yes that woman was so naughty and excited me so much. Vibhu laughs and says yes she as naughty and I am excited too. Prem says so Tiwari what do you think? Is anguri similar to her? Tiwari says no not at all, and she is a boredom woman. Prem asks vibhu too about anita and he says she is always naughty but I hate her naughtiness and she becomes boring. Tiwari says dare you say that about bhabhiji, vibhu says even you dare say anything about anguri. Prem says shut up both of you and you think about your own wives. They both go saying thank you to prem.
At home as vibhu comes in bedroom, he sits on bed and anita asks him where were you? vibhu says I went for a walk only but met Tiwari and prem and then prem took us to watch a movie named chulbuli pandey. Anita says what kind of a movie is this? Vibhu says nothing it’s a good movie and had a good message too. Anita says yeah what is good in it?
There Tiwari come sin bedroom talking with prem on phone saying prem that movie was so nice man and chulbuli pandey she is so beautiful and exciting and naughty and I loved her totally. Anguri is beside Tiwari and listens everything and thinks oh my god Tiwari has fallen in love with someone else.
There vibhu tells its about a girl who is very naughty and does mischief with all men in her village and it was fun to see her. But sadly such girls don’t exist in real lives. Anita says why? Am I not naughty? And what is so special in that girl which I don’t have. Vibhu says please don’t make me open my mouth. Anita says yeah? Tell me what? Right now. Vibhu says I am sorry but you are not at all naughty and I don’t get excited too so please. Vibhu sleeps. Anita is angry and says you said I am not naughty? And get lost from here now and how dare you compare me to someone. Vibhu says what did you say? Anita says read my lips and says get lost. vibhu goes with his pillow.
There Tiwari keeps phone when anguir hears him. Anguri says don’t you love me? And you have fallen in love with someone. Tiwari says no and I was talking about a movie with prem which he showed us today and it was actually amazing , the name was chulbuli pandey. Anguri says chulbuli pandey? Tiwari ays yes and that girl was so naughty and the movie was good. Anguri says so am I not naughty? Tiwari says no and sleep now. Anguri says tell me please. Tiwari says you are a boredom woman and don’t bore me sleep. Tiwari sleeps.
Next day anita is speaking to meenal on phone and she says vibhu has become so arrogant and he saw some stupid movie chulbuli pandey and is now saying I am not naughty and compared me to that woman in the movie. Anguri comes, anita says I will keep the phone and anguri has cone. Anguri says what do I do? And Tiwari said I am not naughty and I am boring. Anita says I knew it and yesterday they both went with prem to see this movie chulbuli pandey. Anita says I am sure my magazine meri chant saheli has a solution in that. Anita reads the magazine and its written that once my husband saw a movie chulbuli pandey and started comparing me to that woman and called me boring and not naughty. Anguri says yes its written same here. Anita says I have a solution and tells anguri in ear.
At night Tiwari and vibhu come home with prem after watching the movie chulbuli pandey the 2nd time. Prem says you both have enjoyed a lot and its because of me and I spent 1500 on each of you giving you drinks food and the movie so I need my money. Vibhu says you call us your friend and you are asking money? Tiwari says don’t worry I will give tomorrow. They both go.
At home vibhu goes and tells anita I saw the movie again as I love it. anita says I wont say anything to you and I have decided not to scold you from now. Vibhu says yes? That’s nice and sleeps on bed but suddenly something pinches him in his butt and he sees it’s a cactus. Anita starts laughing and says see I am naughty and you said I am not. Vibhu says are you mad? And this is not naughtiness and it hurts. Anita laughs. Vibhu is in pain.
There at home Tiwari come in room telling prem on phone that he seriously did enjoy the movie and watching it the 2nd time was more fun. Anguri is covered in her dupatta and is making some sound, Tiwari keeps phone and says anguri what happened? Anguri turns back and is wearing a ghost mask, Tiwari gets scared and falls down from the bed and hurts himself. anguri laughs heartily and says see I am naughty.
Next day at tea stall, tika malkhand and Tiwari and vibhu come. Vibhu and Tiwari both are in pain. Twiari says what happened? Vibhu says you say first what happened? Tiwari says yesterday I went home and this anguri wore a ghost mask and scared the shit out of me and I fell down from bed, and hurt myself. Vibhu says anita did the same and she put a cactus in my bed which pinched and ripped my butt. It was so bad and it hurt. Tiwari says yeah and then she said I am naughty too, vibhu says anita said too. Tiwari says who will tell them this is naughtiness and its stupidity. Vibhu says yeah. Tika and malkhan are laughing and happu comes and laughs too and says anita is naughty and laughs and says it must have been funny. Vibhu says aren’t you ashamed happu? Tiwari says ashamed? He is shameless man. Tiwari gets up and says lets go vibhu, vibhu says yes this place is not for decent people like us. Twiari goes, vibhu then comes and slaps tika malkhan and which also hits happu when they ask if he will give them tea. Vibhu goes.
At home anita says when will this Tiwari come and I will do this mischief with him and it will be so much fun. Happu comes saying bhabhiji are you there? Anita thinks I will do with happu instead.

Precap: vibhu catches hold of masterji and tells happu this man was teasing anguri.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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