My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-12

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@next day
Sanskar drops ragini to her clz as parth goes with divya…
Ragini entered cls room nd sees parth nd divya r talking…she goes nd sits beside parth..
Parth:tum aagayi..i m waiting for u..
Ragini:really?but u r busy with ur new friend na..
Parth:she is not my friend
Parth:ha..i m not feeling her as a friend..bcz i love her..
Ragini:love!!! U!!!.. seriously telling yar..i loves her truly..
Ragini:finally my duffer finds his love..ha(she teases him)
Parth blushes
Ragini:u r blushing like girl..
Parth:stop it rags..
Divya who was noticed their ears biting,asks kya hua..
Ragini:i Will tell u
Parth signs her as no
Ragini signs as yes
Parth pleaded through eyes..ragini says k..
Ragini:nothing divya..normal talk..
Divya smiles..parth lost in her smiling face..rag pinches him to get his sense…

After classes got over ,parth about to speak to ragini..but she understand nd says its k go nd enjoy with ur love,u dont wry abiut me sanskar said he will come to pick up..parth gives her a hug nd leaves with divya…
Ragini was waiting for sanskar..ine boy came nd asks does she need lift..before she could say anything..someine punched on his was sanskar who punched that boy..san holds his coaller..ragini asks sanskar what r u doing..leave him..
Sanskar:what he was saying..was he mis behaving with u..
Ragini:nothing like that sanskar..he was my clsmate..he jst asked whether i want lift..
Sanskar looks at him who was gulping..nd says who d hell r u give letft..if i see u again around her..i will kill u..go…the boy left..
Ragini:itana possessiveness
Sanskar:ha..u r mine only..i will not give any chance to others..
Ragini smiles..they left

Days went on like this…
One day it was mid night..sanskar came to ragini room nd sees she was sleeping..he moves towards her nd slowly lifts her in his arms without disturbing her sleep..ragini encircled her both hands around his neck nd her head buried into his neck(in sleep)..sanskar smiles seeing her..he kissed her forehead..he takes her nd makes her sleep in his car..

After sometime..sanskar wakes her up..ragini slowly opend her eyes nd suprised seeing sanskar..she says what r u doing in my room..sanskar smiles..ragini looks around was beautifully decorated with lighting set up..ragini asks while yawning..why he decorated her room..sanskar makes her stand up nd says come out frm ur sleep baby…ragini rubbed her eyes nd looks then only she realized..they wr on boad in middle of sea..ragin got widened her eyes seeing d view..she looks at sanskar..sanskar turned her face up..I LOVE U RAGINI formed with burning crackers(hope u understand) in sky nd that reflected on sea water..ragini face lighten up..she turns nd looks at sanskar who was kneel down infront of her..he takes ring frm his pocket nd asks will u be forever with me…ragini smiles nd gives her hand..sanskar makes her wear ring nd kissed her hand..ragini blushes..sanskar gets up..ragini says thank u so much for this surprise..i love to travelling on boat..she stands one corner of boat nd enjoying cool breeze..sanskar comes nd back hugs her…nd whispered in her ear..dont u give reply…ragini turns at him..sanskar says i want ans..she looks at him..sanskar looks at her lovingly..both have intense eyelock…ragini brks d eyelock..she cupped his face nd pressed his lips with her’s..sanskar widened his eyes..she brk d kiss nd blushing..sanskar says i want hear ur answer again..ragini blushing hardly nd about to go..sanskar hold her wrist nd pulls her..ragini back hits his chest..sanskar kissed her back..ragini closed her eyes..he makes her turn nd slowly removed her hair which on her face..ragini looks at him intensly..he leaned to her..nd kissed her forehead..then eyes..then cheeks..finally her lips..both r kissing passionately..they brk d kiss due to lack of oxygen..both looks at eo nd Hugs…they spend some time nd return home..sanskar get down frm car..he asks ragini y she was still in car..

Ragini says how u got me here before a while..take me to my room like this only..sanskar smiles nd lifts her in his arms nd take her to room..he make her lie on bed ,covered with blanket..nd says good night..he turns to go..ragini hold his wrist..nd says i love u..sanskar says i love u too..he pecks her forehead nd leave to his room…

@next day
Ragini told about sanskar surprise to parth..
Parth:congrts my rags…i will also propose divya..
Ragini:dont be late..
Parth nodded..
Whole cls ragini was dreaming about sanskar nd blushing…parth noticed this..nd teased her..
Ragini:u r teasing me see..i will tell ur love matter to divya..
She called divya who was their beside only..
Divya:ha ragini
Parth closer her mouth..nd tells to divya nothing..ragini bites his hand..parth screams oochh..ragini whispererd do u want to tease me once again..parth folds his both hands..nd nodded as no..ragini says good boy…

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