Hamari love story (trailer 2)

Hey guys this is netra. Happy to see you all again. Thanks for the comments. So ya today i am here with 2nd trailer of hamari love story.

So what are we waiting for lets start.

2nd trailer leading swasan

A small bedroom is seen which is not beautiful but ya not that bad as we say we can adjust. It is a room a hotel which is far away from the city. To that hotel our swasan has came due to destiny.

A girl is seen entering that room wearing a small handbag in her left hand & confusion & irritation is seen clearly in her face. She is wearing simple top & a jeans short.


She is swara & her dress can be seen by this link.

She is modern, beautiful & anyone can easily gets attract to her. Along with her another handsome & hot boy is seen wearing a black tshirt & a jeans. He is so perfect & adorable.

Both enters that room without even a single talk to him she silently went to washroom for face wash. As soon as she comes out the scene shocks her & she screams.

Swara: Ahhhhhhhhhhh

She screamed because our sanskaar is seenhalf naked just wearing his shorts.

By hearing her screams he gets up in one moment & closes his ears.

Sanskaar : Why the hell you are shouting?

Swara: What is this? Why you slept on my bed? That too naked? Look mister dnt try to show your flirtyness with me. You dnt know who i am.

Sanskaar : Excuse me first of all i am not a flirt. And ha i will sleep here only because this is not only your’s but also mine because i also paid the bill. So you please be quite & let me sleep.

Swara: No way either you must be out of this room or you will sleep on that couch. But not on bed that is mine.

San : are you giving order to me? I will sleep here only. Do what you can do.

Swara : Fine i won’t be here for one second also i am leaving.

Sanskaar : Ha ha go go. Its already 12.30 night. Now you can’t get any source to go & if incase you get it may be dangerous too. Go na go.

Swara stands numb thinking he is saying right.

“He is right. Why it always happens with me? This stupid phone also not working. God….. damn it. For this night i have to adjust.”

She turns back to him & he smiles with a smirk on his face.

Swara : Fine lets do one thing & she started to make pillow wall. He smiles seeing her expressions on her face.

Sanskaar : Do you really think that this wall can stop me?

He winks at her & she looks at him in shock.

Swara: Shut up you idiot. Don’t you dare to come near me other wise she takes a small knife in her bag & threaten him that she will kill him.

He smiles hard seeing her anger & she gets irritated & sleeps by covering herself under blanket.

Thats it guys. How is it? Please comment for sure i need them. And as usual wait for trailer 3. Love you all.

  1. Awesome

  2. omg???loved it??swasan r so crazy??

  3. Saumya_K

    loved it but are the trailers of 1 single story or they r different ffs?

    1. Ng18

      Thanq & i am writing only one ff & that is hamari love story starring these 4 couples

  4. Gayathri.visu

    Awesome…. And funny too!! Waiting for next part.

  5. Sus

    awesome dear

  6. Nice one plz add twinj only if u can but story line is awsm

  7. Fenil

    Cute one

    1. Ng18

      Thanq & your dp is cute

    2. Fenil


  8. Simi

    Good one dear

  9. loved it dear…continue soon

  10. Seebu_s

    loved it??

  11. loved it…

  12. Meera_s

    loved it so much

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