Porus 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Reaches Pourav Rastra

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Alexander’s army holds rope and crosses Jhelum river towards Pourav rastra. Alexander reminisces Dhananand warning him to dare not cross Jhelum river and reach Pourav rastra, he may have won most of the world, but he will find Dhananand in front of him if he reaches Pourav rastra. In Pourav rastra, Dhananand tells Mahamartya let us make Puru’s plan weak just like making tree roots weak if they want to make it fall, just by cutting its bark, they cannot remove it. Alexander with army reaches Pourav rastra.

Puru with Hasti and a few soldiers north shore and hears army sound. Puru climbs tree and sees Alexander and his army. Alexander sees Puru on tree and shows him to Selukus and says today should be Puru’s last day. Puru informs Hasti to go and inform Bamni and their army

while he handles Alexander and his army. Hasti says he will not leave him alone, he obeyed him as king, but now it is elder brother’s order, they both will destroy Alexander and his army in dasyu style.

Alexander and his army kills a few Pourav soldiers on north shore. On the other side, Chanakya tells Bamni that Puru should not have gone to north shore, what if Alexander attacks. Bamni says Hasti is with with Puru, when 2 brothers join, they can show stars in a day to Alexander and his army. Chanakya says he does not doubt their bravery, but they cannot be careless. A soldiers runs and informs Bamni that Alexander with his half army has reached north shore. Dhananand hears that and thinks Alexander reached north shore, now Puru is gone.

Puru with Hasti and soldiers uses dasyu war tactics and kills Alexander’s few soldiers. He even injures Alexander’s shoulder with knife. Alexander notices him on tree and throws knife. Puru’s hand injures and he jumps on ground in front of Alexander’s army. Alexander boasts he already reached his motherland, now he will kill Puru and destroy his motherland. Puru says nobody can dare to insult his motherland.

Bamni asks Dhananand to go to south shore with his army while he goes to north shore. Dhananand insists that Puru asked him to go to north shore, he will go there itself and if Bamni stops him, it is an insult. Chanakya says Bamni does not mean to insult him. Dhananand gets adamant and says he will return back with his army else.

Precap: Chanakya stops Dhananand. Dhananand warns him to move aside, else he will be crushed under chariot. Chanakya says if his death can stop Dhananand, he is ready. Alexander and Puru fight.

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  1. super episode.

  2. the war scene between Puru and Alexandar is nice.. Puru and Alexander expressions are so real.. Looks like they are really fighting..

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