Shakti 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Lavneet stabs Raavi brutally

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Shakti 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veeran calling Shanno to do puja. Shanno comes and asks where is Raavi? She says if she has changed her mind because of preeto. Balwinder calls Veeran. Veeran says he is busy and asks him to call later. Balwinder comes there with Raavi while talking to him. Harak Singh gets angry and asks why did you come here? Balwinder says I have relation with you and this house. Veeran says you are divorced now. Raavi says how can you say that husband and wife can’t unite after divorce. Harak Singh asks what is this joke? Raavi says I have learnt this from you, to bend the relations for advantage. Preeto asks who is he? Raavi says he is my husband. Preeto asks them to do puja. Lavneet comes there holding aarti plate. Preeto says I won’t let her do puja here. Lavneet says I will go puja outside

and goes.

Saya tells kinnars that they will pray for Harman and Soumya. Sameer brings Soumya somewhere so that she can break her fast. Lavneet comes to Harman and tells that moon has come, we will do puja now. She asks him to break her fast after she does puja. Harman asks her to leave him. She asks him to keep quiet until she does her puja and sits down on floor. She lights the diya.

Harak Singh asks Preeto to do the programme of karwachauth. Preeto says why will I do this and says my husband went out to search my son and daughter in law. Soumya lights the diya to do puja. Harman manages to open the rope and free himself. He gets up silently and leaves from the house. Lavneet opens her eyes and runs behind him. Raavi does the puja with Balwinder and gets teary eyes. Preeto tells Harak Singh that her husband is not here and says he might be coming. Harak Singh feels bad. Soumya tries to look at Sameer from the mesh, but she sees Harman running as Sameer bends down to hold the diya. She shouts Jolly, but couldn’t see him. Sameer gets angry and asks where is Jolly? Soumya says he was there only. Harman runs for a while and gets tired. Lavneet comes behind him and makes him smell chloroform.

Sameer tells Soumya that today it is their karwachauth and she wants to see Jolly’s face. He asks her to tell him if she don’t want to marry him. He says I will bring him here, then get married to him. Lavneet takes back Harman from there. Balwinder gives water and sweets to Raavi. Shanno breaks her fast. They come inside. Harak Singh tells Preeto that you didn’t keep the fast for the first time and says your son eloped. Preeto says he went to bring Soumya. Shanno asks him to have food. Harak Singh refuses. Balwinder asks Raavi to make him have food. Veeran thinks he is not loyal to anyone.

Soumya tells Sameer that she thought Jolly is running from someone. Sameer says I was mad to hold your diya and you was calling jolly’s name. he says I will hope that you understand and believe my love. Soumya says sorry and says I saw him running from someone. Sameer asks her to forget everything and do the puja. Soumya does puja and breaks Sameer’s fast. He then makes her have water and clicks pics. Varun asks balwinder why did he come? Balwinder says I am son in law of the house. Veeran asks what did you do with Raavi? Balwinder sees Raavi and asks her to question them. Raavi tells that she is getting married to Balwinder and tells that Jeet is in jail and she has nothing to do with him. Balwinder warns Varun and Veeran. Veeran tells Varun that Balwinder might have done something to change Raavi’s mind. Varun says what he might have done? Lavneet brings Harman back to the captive place and breaks her fast looking at the moon and then at unconscious Harman. She smiles. She holds his hand and makes herself drink water with his hand. She then keeps his hand on her head and asks him to rest. She ties him again and leaves after switching off lights.

Sameer’s mum gets some pics and thinks to keep it under Soumya’s bed. She thinks then she will question Sameer and their relation will end. She hides seeing Sameer. He thinks if Harman came there or it is just Soumya’s misconception. His mum comes to Soumya’s room in the night and keeps the pics under her pillow.

In the morning, Raavi follows Lavneet and sees her coming to outhouse. Lavneet sees Raavi and closes the door. Raavi comes there and sees Harman kept captive. Lavneet takes her out holding the knife and stabs her. Harman asks her to leave Raavi and is shocked to hear the stab sound. Lavneet pushes Raavi and makes her fall on the ground.

Sameer’s mum tells Soumya that they shall bring some house stuff. They see crowd there and sees Raavi there. They get shocked. Sameer’s mum tries to make her gain consciousness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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