Porus 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bamni Defeats Hephastian, but Spares Him; Puru Reaches Hasti

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Macedonian soldiers chant Alexandder’s name. Alexander says they will attack from front and Ambhi raj will attack from backside via land. He will destroy Puru and get back his mother soon. Macedonian soldiers shower arrows on Puru and Dasyu raj. They both jump into water and flips Macedonian boats, then with Dasyu team he kills all Macedonian soldiers, reaches near shore and says if Alexander is here, they all should be careful. Alexander rides his horse on shore and reminisces Hephastian informing Porus has hostaged Olympia. In Pourav rastra, Olympia reminisces how she prayed Zeus for a son, Alexander killing Philip, Oracle predicting Alexander should not go to Bharath and will not return if he goes there, Anusuya and Laachi challenging that her son cannot harm Puru at all, Puru will kick all intruders out of country. She thinks her son will come here soon and rescue her.

Puru reaches shore with soldiers and hopes there won’t be any more problems till he reaches his brother. Ambhi raj with his soldiers thinks he is there to create hurdles for Puru. Dasyu raj hopes Bamni drops Barsine and family safely and retuns soon. Bamni with a few soldiers takes Barsine and her family via jungle route. Hepashastian with a few Macedonian soldiers reaches there and stops them. Bamni tells Barsine she has to reach Faras safelly so that she can return with Farsi soldiers to support Pouravs fight against Alexander. He orders soldiers to surround protect Barsine’s family and protect them.

Puru kills Macedonian’s soldiers and searches Hasti, finds him lying unconscious injured on floor, rushes to Hasti and pleads to open his eyes, he had promised to guard him always and dreamt of becoming a senapati.

Hephastian attacks Bamni. Bamni kills Macedonian soldiers. Hephastian tricks and tries to stack Bamni, but Bamni escapes and slits his leg. He falls down.. Bamni orders him to go and inform his king that whoever tries to harm their country will meet a ruthless end. Alexander wit his team is seen riding horse on river shore. Ambhi raj enters Pourav rastra via back route. Anusuya orders Bhairav to get army ready to attack Alexander. Puru continues pleading Hasti to open eyes. Hasti shakes hand, opens eyes, and calls Puru. Puru relaxes.

Precap: Ambhi raj kills Anusuya. Puu returns and is shocked to see Anusuya’s dead body, he shouts Ambhi raj…

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