Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita convinces Rajat

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking for water. Ruhi feeds her. Ishita asks where is Raman, I have to meet him. Ruhi says he is fine. Nurse says he is in other ward, have this juice, take rest, you can’t meet him. Ishita says I don’t want it. Mani says I spoke to doctor, he is out of Delhi. Mrs. Bhalla says what will happen to my Raman now. Nurse says I didn’t see any adamant patient, she isn’t taking medicines. Shagun says I know how to convince her. She tells Ruhi and sends her. Ruhi goes to Ishita and says don’t do this, don’t you want to get fine and come home. Ishita says I want to meet Raman. Ruhi says I will make you meet Papa, but you have to do as I say, have juice and medicines. Shagun looks on. Ruhi feeds Ishita. Mani says its an emergency, we have no time. Aaliya says Rajat is in Shimla, I checked this on social site, he is celebrating his anniversary. Mani says we need him, I will get him from Shimla, I will arrange a chartered flight. He calls his flight. Mrs. Bhalla cries seeing Raman. Aaliya says Mani has gone to get the doctor, Raman will be fine.

Nurse gets Ishita to Raman’s ward. Ishita sees him and says Raavan Kumar, look your Jhansi ki rani got fine and come, I have come first, you are losing, are you listening, you always do competition, this is not done. She says I know when you see me, you will commend on my weight, don’t get a gaudy necklace for me, you didn’t gift me a toothbrush too, I want a nice gift, wake up, I want a good vacation, we should spend some time together, come back for family’s sake, stop being Raavan Kumar. Ruhi and Aaliya smile. Ruhi says see Ishita’s magic.

Nurse says your fever is getting high, you should rest. Ishita says I m fine, let me be here, doctor isn’t here. Nurse says Rajat will be here any moment, come. Ishita says I m going, nurse is stubborn, you have to come to me. Ishita is taken back to her ward. A lady comes to meet her. She says I have come to thank you, I was there when you were talking to your husband, I got a hope hearing you, maybe my husband will respond soon, he is recovering from operation, Rajat did his operation. Ishita says don’t leave your hope, I m sure he will get fine soon, he has to get fine, you give him courage. The lady thanks her and asks do you have belief that your husband will get fine soon. Ishita says I believe that till my breath is running, I won’t let anything happen to him. The lady goes.

Shagun comes to Ishita. Ishita asks about Rajat. Mani calls Shagun and says Rajat is refusing to come along, he is celebrating his anniversary here. Ishita says make me talk to him once. Mani asks Rajat to talk to patient’s wife once. Ishita says sorry, Mani has come there to spoil your holiday, I m acting selfish, but I m asking for your time for my husband, he needs it more than your wife, you are Delhi’s top surgeon, my husband will get fine, surgery won’t matter to you, but my husband’s life matters a lot to me, his life depends on your one decision, he is battling with life and death, I don’t want to lose him, I want to spend many years with him, he deserves this chance, so sorry to be so unfair, this is your personal time, medical profession is such that others have more right on you, I m also a doctor, a dentist, I disappear from parties and my husband explains to people about my work, I know it will be difficult for your wife, you have sworn that you will be firstmost duty to save patient’s life, I beg you to save my husband’s life, can you please save his life. Shagun cries. Mani says Ishu, he agreed, don’t worry, we are coming. Ishita thanks him. Shagun says I will inform everyone outside. She goes.

Its morning, nurse asks Mr. Bhalla to sign consent form soon. The file falls. Nurse asks him to hurry. Rajat picks the file and gives him. He scolds the nurse. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine, I want to meet Ishita before the operation, I will just come. Mani says sure. Raman is taken to OT. Mani says this is Dr. Rajat, this is Raman’s family, his wife Ishita. Rajat says thanks to you, you reminded me my responsibilities, I will try my best to save your husband, though his condition is critical. He goes to OT.

Rajat does the surgery. He says calm down, operation is successful. Raman shouts Ishita. He says I want to meet my wife. Nurse calms him down. Ishita meets him. They smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think he did the operation on Raman because the file got mix up

  2. How come Mani become so RICH all of a sudden,

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