Porus 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dasyu’s Help Puru And Break Bridge

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Puru leaves with his army on war against Alexander. Anusuya gets worried for Anusuya. Laachi asks her not to worry as acharya Chanakya is trying his best to revive Olympia’s life. Chanakya does yagna and uses ayurveda to revive Olympia’s life. Laachi takes Anusuya there. Anusuya asks Chanakya’s student till when this havan will continue. Student says acharya did not want to take any chance, so he himself is doing havan till Olympia wakes up and it may continue for long. Anusuya orders to let anyone guard Acharya till his havan finishes and inform her news of each moment. Student agrees to inform her and queen Laachi. Anusya asks Laachi inform Puru about Olympia’s condition. Laachi says she will send messenger. Anusuya senses her tensed and says she can read her mind as a mother and knows she is tensed that she went against her parents for justice, hopes Dasyu raj and Mahanandini support Puru against Alexander. Puru reaches Jhelum’s shore and sees Dasyu’s building bridge on the other side of river. Bamni suggests they should wait here. On the other side, Alexander watches Dasyu raj guiding building bridge and asks how much time will it take. Dasyu raj says some more time. Alexander asks to hurry as she wants to attack Pourav rastra and rescue his mother. Once he leaves, Dasyu raj thinks he became traitor to prove his son innocent. He addresses his team that Alexander will kill them anyways, so it is better they prove their patriotism and destroy this bridge and try to get back Mahanandini’s dead body.

Puru looks at Jhelum shore. Alexander does same. Jhelum’s voiceover addresses that Puru is waiting for his fate and Alexander on the other side, they both will meet their fate tonight and create a new history. Puru picks soil and takes oath to kick out foreigners from his country. Alexander picks soil on the other side of river and smearing it on his forehead thinks Puru thinks he will kick them out, but he will destroy whole Pourav rastra and Bharath nnow.

Puru sees Dasyu’s heading towards shore and tells Hasti that Dasyu’s betrayed and took Alexander’s side even after his warning. Bamni says things did not go well as they thought. Puru says what is the use if they get what they want without any effort, he warned Dasyus to break bridge, but they did not listen, now he will do what he wants. He orders his soldiers to spread oil on shore and archers get ready to attack when enemy enters shore.

Dasyu raj informs Alexander that bridge is ready. Alexander asks if he is sure. Dasyu raj looking at Mahanandini’s dead body says yes. Alexander says Dasyu raj wants to finish his queen’s last rights, but cannot do that until he goes to the Pourav rastra and bring back his mother here, till then he will be hostaged with his team. Soldiers catch Dasyu raj. Dasyu raj says he betrayed and broke his promise. Alexander laughs that a looter will teach him loyalty and orders Cletius to take Dasyus away and free them only when he returns, says let him see what Puru has arranged for them.

Barsine thanks Puru for saving her and her family and says he raised a ray of hope in Faras. Puru says once mountain glacierr melts, they will find a clear route then and orders Hasti to make arrangements for Barsine’s travel. Bamni ho hopes Hasti will guard Puru. Hasti says he will not disappoint them. On the other side, Alexander addresses his soldiers that he is king Zeus’ son and they are under god’s protection, they will barge into Pourav rastra and destroy all enemies. He heads on bridge. Puru gets on bridge and sees Alexander heading already on bridge. He orders to attack, but Alexander’s soldiers shield themselves. Puru then sees Dasyus hiding in river and tells Hasti that Dasyus betrayed them. He then sees Dasyus attacking Alexander’s army and says Dasyus did not betray and realized their mistake. Hasti asks then why did they build bridge then. Puru says maybe to mislead Alexander. He orders his soldiers to rush back to shore. Alexander sees that and says Puru does not do anything without reason, Dasyus are also against them now. Dasyus reminisce Dasyu raj encouraging them to use knowledge and trap Alexander and his team and then thinks Alexander betrayed and kept Mahanandini’s body to force them to build bridge, now he will not betray his country. Alexander sees bridge breaking and shouts to jump into water…

Percap: Puru burns bridge and thinks fire on surface and water down, how will Alexander escape. Alexander jumps into water and gasps for air.

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