Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi to kill Virat

Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says who are you? Turn off the lights. Se says its the same place where my parents where shot. Everything is closed. Arohi sees a pistol. She says this person knows my parents. He wants me to kill someone. He might have asked anjali to do the same. The voice says no one should know.

Nisha says please let me go. I told you everything. Tara stabs in the pillar and says run before I change my decision. Nisha runs but someone stabs her from back. Its Tara. She falls down.
Tara says deep fooled me again and you helped him. Deep is cheating on me. This is your turn deep.

Arohi comes back home. ;She checks the diary but it doesn’t discuss Malik. Surekha comes and says thank God you are home. Everyone is missing. They all disappeared. I told you don’t marry virat. He isn’t a nice man. Arohi says do you know Malik? Surekha says who malik? I don’t know any malik. She leaves.

Tara washes her knife and says deep you cheated on me again. Why do you cheat on me every time. she takes out poison. Deep comes home. Tara says where did you go? He says to meet the new agency for security. she says rest I will get you water.
Virat comes to Arohi. He asys someone planned this. They don’t want us together. Arohi says leave me alone.
Deep drinks the water and faints. Tara smiles. She says feeling better now? Tell me all the secrets you hide from me. Why did you stop the engagement. You sent nisa right? He says no and faints. Tara takes out the knife but stops. Deep says if they get married Anjali will get everything and give it to Virat and will kcik us out of this house. Tara says I knew you only love me. she hugs him. Tara says deep.. She says deep open your eyes. Tara says surekha.. She runs out. Deep wakes up and smiles. He sees the knife.
Tara gave Deep water. He switched it.

Tara says deep drink water you will feel better. Deep rushes in the washroom to puke.
Malik calls arohi an says your target is in home go and complete your target. Arohi wonders who is it.
Virat says to Tara where is deep? He did all this. Tara says go from here. He isn’t well. Virat says I will expose her. Malik texts Arohi I have an eye on you all the time. Virat punches Deep. Tara slaps him and says get out.
Tara takes deep to bed and says rest here. I will get you water. Malik aclls Arohi and says your target is downstairs. Go and kill him. Arohi says its either tara or viratt? How can I kill Virat? I need to know a lot of secrets from him.

Arohi gets text from inspector come out of the house i want to tell you something. Arohi comes out and meets the inspector. She says you gave me car’s number. A policeman let that car go and missed the file. It was virat. Malik calls Arohi and says why are you out. Go and complete your target. Arohi picks the gun and points it at Virat.
Precap-Virat turns back and puts gun on Arohi. He says I was waiting for you. He shoots Arohi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Confusing

  2. Hello friends.
    How r u all?
    I think deep and sureka in one team.
    Who is the Malik?
    Deep or someone idea.
    Tara and deep act just fabulous.
    Wt a expression.?????
    Precap is very interesting.
    Today am saw nia Instagram. She in Switzerland. That mean what?
    Is she quit the show or vacation idea.
    Nia play both role arohi and she busy Na.then how…….

    1. Satya127

      Wht really she is in Switzerland…. Or may a post of past.. If she is really in Switzerland then it is best fir immj and all of us…. … And most importantly it would be best if she could quit the show guys…..
      My mom was observing me few days that I am not watching immj and she asked me why? Because she know I won’t leave any arjun show and I even watch the repeat telecasts of his shows so she asked why did I stopped watching…. I just have only one answer that because of nia…. And my mom was like yes and had same opinion as me like nia acting is juat overacting and asked me in written who has given nia arohi role and she was telling how disgusting the dressing sense of nia is….
      The messages everywhere r only tells how much big flop was nia being arohi she does not for the role in any angle…. And coming to dress just not talk about it alisha is the best guys in whatever she does be it tara, arohi or the dressing style…. And most importantly acting I just really miss my arohi(alisha)….
      Today when I had listened to the title track in mobile which is of our ardeep it is so nice to see arsha as our ardeep and among best it suits arsha but these writers spoiled everything…. Brainless people…..

    2. Hi past present she in Switzerland.

    3. Satya127

      Wow rhivanya this is good news…. Let her stay wherever she want except in immj as AROHI
      I feel she may went to Switzerland because after coming she may go to big boss (I think)hope soo…. She best suits and can fit in big boss…. If I were to suggest nia I would suggest her to go to big boss and to quit immj…. If she really choose big boss then she has given all of us a great news I think all immj fans would be happy rather than nia fans

      Yes #wewantalishaasarohi…..

    4. I hope so satya.

  3. Interesting precap.

  4. I’m so confuse about every once role i just can’t figure out who is fake and who is real i have waited for 2 weeks thinking that they might bring some good new twist but it seems i have been watching same episode for the past 2 week seriously this is getting too much i feel like I’m watching Chinese movies with out subtitles

  5. Guys u just wanna say this I WAS an IMMJ fan I left as u all know the reason. And btw IMMJ shouldn’t be on the trp charts. Its sucks soooooo badly these days I changed into tu aashiqui. Guys I just wish Tu aashiqui was on the trp ratings. Its way better than IMMJ. #niasharmaalwayswillsuckforluge

  6. Sorry I meant#niasharmawillalwayssuck4lyf

  7. This show has become so trashy, last week I saw there was full on dragging and this week also they wont reach anywhere . Twist ke naam pe kuch bhi , matlab kuch bhi dikha dete hai . I wonder who gave the title to the show as ishq mein marjawan , where is ishq in the show only hate and revenge is there motto . I think the show s name should be tara or arohi ke beech piss jawan .

  8. Another murder waited 1 month, but Tara did it???.Deep again fooled tara?.

  9. #wewantaalishaasaarohi @yashpatnaikofficial @mamtayashpatnaik

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