Porus 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Spares Alexander, but Alexander Cowardly Traps Barsin in Mind Game

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Porus 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Laachi senses Puru is in danger. Hasti says nothing will happen to Puru, Alexander cannot harm him. Laachi asks to free horse and set fire. They do same. Laachi says she did what Puru told. Puru lies on ground with arrows pierced all over his body. Warrior boasts that he was pride of his Bharath, his Bharathwill be ruined like him. Puru angrily pulls arrows from his body and kills all warriors. He then warns Alexander that nobody should dare insult is mother land, else they will be smashed in soil. Alexander signals archers. Puru sees them and picking shield wards off all arrows. Soldiers attack him. He kills them all, picks sword runs and jumps and points sword on Alexander’s neck. He says he warned Alexander he is doing a mistake by organizing this competition.

Alexander asks Puru to kill him, else he will repent. Puru says he does not kill his enemy but spares them and shows that Bharati warriors don’t attack others, but don’t let any foreigner insult their motherland, they protect their people and others.. When he can destroy Alexander’s army alone imagine what other patriots can do. He reveals that he is his fate whom he wanted to meet eagerly, he s the one whom Oracle informed about, he is Purshottam. He asks Barsin to leave with her family. Barsin asks what about him. He says until he is pointing sword on Alexander, nothing will happen to him. Barsin leaves with her family. Alexander addresses Farsi citizen that he is pity on them that they were ruled by a traitor king Darius, he was protecting them till now as royal family was with him, but they are leaving, who will protect them from him. Barsin and family stops.

Kanishk’s coronation ceremony continues. Bamni looks at door and thinks Anusuya herself suggested Kanishk’s coronation, then where did she go. Anusuya with Malay rushes towards royal hall when Shivdutt enters and warns her to leave this child to him if she wants to be alive. Anusuya says she will take this boy to Bamni at any cost and inform truth to him. Shivdutt attacks. She kills Shivdutt’s puppets and injures Shivdutt’s leg and runs from there. Shivdutt runs behind her.

Alexander continues his mind game with Farsi citizens and says royal family is also Darius’s blood and are coward to leave them dying. Citizens plead Barsin and family not to leave them alone. Barsin and family say they will stay here and tells Puru he need to worry about them. Puru says he is more proud oof Barsin. Alexander says Puru he should submit himself now, he cannot escape now. Puru says he pities on Alexander to be so coward, Bharatis make their own way and are not cowards.

Bamni is about to give crown prince sword to Kanishk when Anusuya enters and stops him. He sees her holding blood stained sword and asks what happened. Shivdutt also reaches. Anusuya informs Bamni that Shivdutt was searching to kill her and this child.

Precap: Bamni pronounces Shivdutt as traitor and orders soldiers to arrest him and put him in jail. Soldiers disobey him. Shivdutt smirks and says Bamni’s sun has set now and orders soldiers to arrest ex-king and queen.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Your Comment I always liked this show this is my favorite show I liked porus dareness and Alexander’s witty I always loved porus show this episode was awesome this gives me goose bumps this show is awesome this is the no 1 show and best one only show on television right now.

  2. I like today episode … But how can Alexander attacks Puru with arrows …he should attack face to face not like that or instead he can fight with him at last …. In porav rasta precap all are obeying shivdatt how? … Worst thing …

  3. Yvonne Codner

    Wow, what an incredible episode…I can’t believe that Puru dodged all those arrows…He is really made of steel…my heart was in my mouth watching him, he is amazingly heroic. Alexander, the same thing that you accused the snake Darius about being a coward, we saw it in you today, sending your poor subjects to be beaten by Puru and you sat there drinking wine…tut tut!! Puru’s passion for his motherland is commendable, you could see it in his tears…You are truly your mother’s child. Bamini you have created a monster in Shivdutt who will do anything to achieve his end, he has brainwashed Kanishk so badly that he has now turned against his father
    because of greed and the desire to become King. Barsine, you are now worthy to be queen.

  4. I loved Puru’s words… I loved the fear though very little in Alexander’s eyes. Banani and Manusia are rocking?? Now that Shivdutt will trap them, Puru will come to their rescue. Soo happy he will return Pourav, and wear some good clothes?? He is too much injured…??

  5. I loved Puru’s words… And the fear, though little, in Alexander’s eyes. Puru acted heroically?? N Banani and Manushta are rocking. Now that Shivdutt will trap them, Puru will come to their rescue?? Soo happy he will return pourav rashtro n wear some respectable clothes?? Bit is badly injured??

  6. Anyone of you know the new timing of Porus??? As dus ka dum and crossroads will be aired , Porus’s timings will change… Please write the timing in the comment section of this page if you know?

  7. porus new timing will be 8:00 pm it will air half and hour earlier ganesh at 7:30 pm and sai at 7:00 pm but sai will air this early from may 28 and porus and ganesh will air on this time from june 4 2018 satisfied ok welcome.

  8. Your Comment porus new timing will be 8:00 pm from June 4 2018

    1. Thank yous o much

  9. Mellu

    Thank you kulsum

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