Porus 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Queen Anusuya defeats King Bamni

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Soldiers greet Alexander. Alexander asks whether anyone returned from Jelum. Soldiers reply, no. One soldier of the gang remembers how Puru advised him to join Macedonian army and spy. Puru tells him to be careful as Alexander is very clever. He agrees. Flash back ends. Alexander asks his soldiers whether they are sure that none came. That soldier(Puru sent) says yes, very sure. Alexander gets doubt on him and comes to him. He gives a task to that soldier and asks others to leave. When that soldier whom was sent by Puru, walks away, Alexander shouts to stop. He turns towards Alexander. Alexander approaches him. Hehas recognized that soldier as a spy of Paurav Rastha. The soldier takes out his sword to fight. Sebastian too takes out his sword and walks to the soldier to fight. Alexander stops him and drops his sword, challenges the soldier to fight. The soldier too drops his sword. Alexander stabs him with a knife which he had hidden. He kills the soldier and takes his sword back. Sebastian takes an letter which the Porav soldier had and reads it. It was written by Farsis.

Puru informs King Bamni about Dasyus. He gets angry on Dasyus and questions Puru for not destroying them. Puru replies , saying that he don’t kill his own people and have trust on their motherland. Bamni says, you can’t neglect your duties just because they are parents of Laachi. Laachi says , even I told this to him. Puru talks about the importance of parents and says he won’t harm Laachi’s parents. He says I have faith that Dasyu king will realize truth. Puru says that this is a word to a father from a son and promises to save his motherland. King Bamni is proud to hear Puru’s words. He keeps his hand on Puru’s head and shows his trust. He says to gather army to work out his plans. Puru and Laachi gets happy. King Bamni leaves. Laachi hugs Puru.

Ambi Kumar sees the bird and says, a message from Paurav Rastha. He runs inside and shoots an arrow at the bird. Bird falls down, he runs to it and picks the bird. He is surprised as there wasn’t any letter. He gets thinking, where did that letter disappear? The letter is seen fallen on ground. Alexander along with Sebastian come on the way which the letter had fallen.

Ambi kumar is still searching the letter. Alexander walks passing the letter and stops suddenly. He steps back and looks at the direction of the letter. Then Alexander bends down, and picks up an badge. (Or something like that) . He walks away after that. Ambi Kumar comes searching the letter. He stops and turns only to find Ambi Raj behind him. Ambi Raj questions him. He doesn’t answer. He questions his father on supporting Alexander. Alexander is searching Ambi Raj and questions a soldier anout his whereabouts. Soldier replies that he is with his son, Ambji Kumar. Alexander sends Sebastian away and heads to meet Ambji Raj. Ambi Kumar tells his father that he won’t help him and turns to leave. Ambhi Raj shouts that you are talking to your father. He reveals that he is faking to be on Alexander’s side. Alexander is seen coming to meet Ambhi Raj. Ambhi Raj says that he won’t let Alexander rule Thakshila. Abhi Kumar questions, is this true? Just then Alexander arrives. Ambhi Raj and Ambhi Kumar look at each other.

Back in Paurav Rastha, Olympia watches Puru addressing his army. She fumes in anger and says, I won’t let you reach my son. She does black magic. Queen Anusuya comes to Put and says she will join them. Puru asks whether she doesn’t trust her son. She insists to go with them. King Bamni challenges Anusuya and says if she defeats him, she can join them. Anusuya accepts the challenge and says if king defeats then Puru has to fight with me. King Bamni and Queen Anusuya fight. Queen defeats King Bamni. She then turns to Puru and calls him for fight.

Precap: Alexander address his army and tortures Ambhi Kumar. Olympia continues her black magic. Queen Anusuya hurts Puru’s leg and stabs him.

Update credit to : Priya 

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