Hate or Love? – Part 12 – Men enter + meetings

aniri’s house:

gauri’s room:

gauri: no jhanvi ma, he doesn’t remember…

she was crying and jhanvi was consoling her.

jhanvi: beti, stay strong na. accha, don’t cry, please.

gauri: how? he treated me like junk jhanvi ma..

jhanvi: i know gauri, i know.

anika’s room:

anika: he doesn’t recall anything, pinky mum, he doesn’t!

she was also crying and pinky was trying to console her.

pinky: i knows. buts stays strong. whys you fallings weak?

anika: i don’t know pinky mum…

pinky: don’ts worries anika, don’ts worries.



two men exits the airport. they take off their sunglasses and their faces are revealed to advay and neil.

neil: bhai, finally! goa!

advay: yes, miss anika, get ready, your hero is here!

neil: and miss gauri, you too get ready, your knight in shining armour is here.

advay: and we will make these girls ours forever, right?

neil: yes!

they and continue to go from airport.

precap: neil-gauri meet+ anika-advay meet

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so think now what will happen exactly???

what are neil and advay up to?




the next day:

aniri’s house:

tej: ok, gauri, anika, wake up.

gauri: ji papa, what happened?

anika: yes papa.

tej: look at ansh and geetu happy with their grandparents.

aniri smiles at the sweet and cutest view.

anika: today i am so happy. seeing this view has made my day.

gauri: this is exactly what i dreamed about. our children playing with their grandparents.

shakti: you two, stop getting emotional and change.

aniri: ji.

they go to change:




jhanvi: wow, you two are looking so beautiful

jhanvi: wow, you two are looking so beautiful.

pinky: i agrees.

gauri: pinky aunty, jhanvi ma, me and anika di got work now so we’ll eat soething from work.

pinky: oks, but come backs in evening for my foods.

aniri nods and goes.

anika starts to walk from home. as she walks, she bumps into advay.

anika: arre sorry…..

advay was awestrucked by her beauty.

anika: hello sir???

advay: oops, sorry. hi, i’m advay. you?

anika: anika.

advay: beautiful name.

anika: look, i would love to stay and chat but i got to work.

advay: why is beautiful lady like you working???

anika: so i can earn money for my family.

advay: oh, well please may i come with you? you see, i am searching for a job.

anika: fine!

she takes advay with her.


madam: who is this man, anika?

anika: mr advay….. he wants a job here.

madam: fine, he looks alright, advay you stay with anika. she will help you.

advay: fine.

advay’s pov:

damn it!!!!!!!! i wanted to romance with anika not work but this is an opportunity to win anika’s heart!

his pov ends.


gauri reached her workplace and was about to start when her sir pointed to gauri. he was with neil.

sir: this is who will help you. gauri, neil. neil, gauri.

neil: hi

gauri: hi

sir: i’ll go now.

he goes.

neil: so, how do i work a sewing machine?

gauri: like this.

she shows neil.

neil: wow! let me try.

he tries and break the machine.

neil: oops!!!!!!

gauri: you………….

neil: sorry.

gauri: you better fix that.

neil: fine i will.

she goes.

neil’s pov:

shit!! this is going to be hard but i am neil. i don’t give up like that.

precap: shivom meet ansh and geetu

yes get ready for father bonding!

so now why are neil and advay aiming aniri?

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